dance in the vampire bund 3

“Teen Wolf.”

(I’m sorry. Any episode that’s titled “Teen Wolf” but doesn’t feature either basketball or Michael J. Fox is an utter failure. That’s just the way it is. Utter. Failure.)


Well, technically it didn’t even feature a wolf either. But we do plenty of loli vampires sleeping with non-transforming non-basketball player werewolves. Even the cast of Twilight think this is poorly acted.

(A lot of people have been giving the “But the mangaka said it was okay to go a different direction!” excuse. It is what it is, and it is what it is based on the decisions of the production committee– be it bad as “Hey, let’s run Endless Eight eight times!” or good as “Hey, let’s run God Knows to its entirety.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that leaving it to the creative staff of Mai Hime and Code Geass R2 is going to be either a terrible or terribly awesome one. There’s no in-between. We’re either going to get a blood-drained corpse of a franchise or a Mina Prime of a franchise. Which, you know, would have been introduced already… if they didn’t skip 95% of the first few hundred pages of the manga.)

(Still doesn’t come close to Cross Game compressing one and a half volumes into like ten minutes. Come on, at least build up a reason to like Wakaba before having her self-destruct with Wing Gundam. Or am I getting my anime confused again?)


Candy railgun! I like how Meiren is doing her best to try to seduce poor Akira. But if you’re going to defile the corpse, at least properly defile the corpse. (Just to be clear, corpse = story in that analogy.) I’d sic both Hazuki and Shinobu on Akira as well. (That’s a great premise right there: harem anime where all the haremettes are loli vampires. This can’t miss! It’s at least up there “ridiculous over-the-top masked man as a meido” and “sad girl in snow.”)


That is one large TV.


Can someone explain to me how did they get so many posters of Akira up so quickly? Not even the shopped poster of Onizuka and the vice principal got spread around campus this fast.

(And the cost and environmental impact of these posters? These student council type sure like waste. Typical governmental waste. *shakes head*)


I wasn’t shocked by this development. Now I’m hoping for Mina to have twin grandchildren, so she can send the boy to the all-girls branch while sending the girl to the all-boys branch. Hey, wouldn’t that be a great premise for an anime? OH SHI-


Also not shocking: my favorite part of this anime involve meido. Vampire meido?! I feel like this is a costume Sawa-chan has yet (but should) unleash on poor Azu-nyan.

(Mmm… Azu-nyan as the DFC vampire queen with Mio in the Vera role? Mugi, Yui, and Ritsu as the vampire meido? I swiftly approve. Make it so.)

(At the very least, we deserve an Adventures of Mini-Goddesses-like spin-off for Dance with the Vampire Meido.)


Enjoyed Mina bulling the representatives from Area 11, but the parallel with Akira running around school is a bit forced. You knew Mina was going to get her way with the poor Elevens. You also knew that there’s no way in hell Akira was getting caught.


Damn, I was hoping that Mina’s reason for founding the school is because she wanted to wear cute school girl outfits.


And it does feel like a plot ripped out from GTO. Both Miyabi and Urumi would have been a nice upgrade.


Are they trying to turn Mina into a tsundere? Why? For the love of Omafuyu-sama, why?! Just like do we really need RPG-like qualities in all of our games, do we really need tsundere in all of our anime?

(Up next: 00 Gundam is tsundere for Setsuna.)

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  1. >“But the mangaka said it was okay to go a different direction!”
    Must be the Gonzo tagline. Remember Hellsing before Ultimate?

  2. I still say that Shinbo made that excuse up (“it’s not our fault! They said OK!”) and got someone to bribe the author into supporting it. It’d be nice to show Nella in that hot thief outfit during that politician incident which will result in Mina Prime naked time, but it’ll probably be passed over for more dancing naked Akira or something. ;)

  3. yes I do. it was horrible, but it came out more than once a year. I guess that’s the trade off.

  4. damn this episode didn’t have violent uncontrolled shaking either.

  5. It’s probably not a good sign when two episodes in they’re already (poorly) ripping off Tokimemo ~ Only Love. Only difference is that Akira ends up in an introductory encounter with another vamp, while Aoba ended up (I think) hanging out with Hiyoko… And I’d take the Code Geass “school chase” scene over both of those.

    Presumably the fate of the student council president is giving a taste of What Is To Come (I’ve not read the source material, not that it apparently matters…)

  6. (Mmm… Azu-nyan as the DFC vampire queen with Mio in the Vera role? Mugi, Yui, and Ritsu as the vampire meido? I swiftly approve. Make it so.)

    I am okay with this. Someone put a request on pixiv, asap.

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