it’s our bond from our previous life

“So people like that really do exist.”


Andohbytheway, I still have like 50 posts in my to do pile, including the mystical Akasaka Post, the Soma-Sucking Post, and Best of 00s. But let’s cross Denpa Teki no Kanojo off of that list… ‘cuz I’m doing it now. Be delighted.

Let’s start off with the dialogue. Wow. It’s fantastic. I love the way Kentarou Katayama uses the same lines of dialogue repeatedly, but in multitudes of ways in multitudes of situations… and always seeming… appropriate. The dialogue is a level higher than Bakemonogatari; always witty, always relevant, always interesting, always… dramatic. While the dialogue and the conversations are enough to make Denpa Teki no Kanojo watch-worthy, what really pushes it to the top… well… let me borrow a line from both Kentarou Katayama and Nishio Ishin: “So people like that really do exist.”

(Do I spoil it for you… or do I not spoil it for you… mmm… ah, screw it…)


Every character with a vagina in this anime is bat shit insane. Every. Single. Freakin’. One. They range from delusional insanity to pure insanity to yandere insanity to sexual insanity to Apple fanboy insanity. If there’s a sanity scale for most anime, it would go from 1 to Rena Ryuugu. For Denpa Teki na Kanojo, it would range from Rena Ryuugu to a gazillion… I mean… if you plucked Rena from Hinamizawa and dropped her in this franchise, Rena would be on Team Sane. That’s how fucked up all the female characters are in this anime. And Rena should never be on Team Sane. Except in this anime.


There’s only one male character in this show, and Juu is the tough guy in the school… except he’s constantly getting beaten up and getting saved by little schoolgirls. He’s even accused of being a tsundere. Every single plot point involves him getting his ass kicked– how am I supposed to take him seriously as the big man on campus? What kind of man is he? (Oh well, as a typical harem loser lead, he’s believable.) It’s like trying to take Lulu seriously as a ruler. “Him? He’s the leader? He’s not even a top.”


I’d say more about the characters, but I feel you should discover the insanity behind each girl for yourself. It’s just an impressive array of insanity… very… uh… impressive.

(Damn, telling you each and every one is insane… is a major spoiler. But I don’t feel like I can motivate you to watch this otherwise without giving away even more spoilers. At the very least, it took hair sex to get people to watch Katanagatari… and comparing that to this is like comparing Brook Lopez to Robin Lopez.)


I knew right away that Brains Base was doing the animation: they really nail American franchise logos. Just kidding. They gave it away by showing Kure-nai light novels earlier on… which makes me wonder why Horo~n wasn’t reading Denpa Teki light novels while riding with Craft-o. Brains Base shows off their impressive background work, but their scene composition is a bit awkward at times (especially the confrontational dialogue scenes… they should have used Phoenix Wright’s “OBJECTION!” instead for the prototype).

(I want Brains Base to remake Kanon now. Either with U1 as a traveling salesman or with Nayuki as a yandere. Or both. I mean… it’s been three years. We’re way overdue for another Kanon remake.)


At the very least, this show is making me rethink Kure-nai and may actually go watch it again.


Kentarou only wrote three novels of Denpa Teki since 2004? Wow, that’s like a 1/100,000th the output of Nishio Ishin. Needless to say, I want more. This is what a thriller genre entry should be. (I’m looking at you, Dan Brown.) The fun thing is that each episode gives more than enough clues to figure out what’s going to happen, but you’re always distracted by something else to notice.

(Kobayashi Yuu in her most feminine role yet!)


So is “denpa” referring to “transmission” or “electromagnetic/radio waves”? If it’s the latter, that makes three recently… who knew? Everything comes in threes! Even anime railgun girls…

(Is railgun a new moe mode? If it is, may Omafuyu-sama have mercy on our souls.)


There’s only two episodes thus far, and each episode has featured Juu taking a (crazy) wet girl home, watching her undress, get offered a sexual act, and then turning it down. What kind of big man on campus is he?! Besides little high schoolgirls overpowering him and kicking his ass, I find this least believable part of this anime.

(But congrats on joining the Reito All-Stars… along with Vampire Bund‘s Akira. I… I… what is it with anime males totally clamming it up when they’re trapped in a gym storage shed with a girl who likes them? I thought Tomoya’s behavior was ridiculous… and now Akira turns down a nakkid Yuki. Sigh.)


My favorite character? Has to be Yukihime. She has a 83cm bust, child-bearing hips, sports a ponytail, and works in a meido cafe… and can defeat Asakura in a knife fight. She also can probably tie Senjougahara in a draw to see who can stick a knife in the other’s mouth. What’s not to like?


So people like that really do exist? At least for our entertainment, our happiness, our escape, they exist in Denpa Teki na Kanojo.

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  1. Wow! How did I miss this gem?

    Must have been too busy listening for the weirdly dissonant hiss of Mio’s fingers playing that bass like a percussion instrument until her fingers began to bleed a bit….

    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  2. I don’t see how Juu is a “typical harem loser”. This is the guy who distracts serial killers by spitting HIS OWN TEETH in their face. And then punching them. While using his watch as brass knuckles.

    He is Juuzawa Juu. Fear him.

  3. It’s “denpa teki na kanojo”, not “denpa teki no kanojo”.

  4. Kurenai is great… up until the end.
    I’m really looking forward to the next ep of this show, if there’s only 3 novels though, does that mean there’s only 3 episodes?

  5. O hey! You watch this too? Awesome stuff!! They’re ALL batshit insane, but Yukihime is awesome. The best. Did you see that knife she pulled out? She need more screentime in episode 3. But alas, Meido Ame is greater. HOW CUTE IS SHE WITH HER FRINGE STYLED AND EYES SHOWN? It’s like Hiiragi in Hanamaru Kindergarten and you just crack with sheer omg this is the best. – full thoughts

  6. >>She need more screentime in episode 3

    WHOA. Back the fun bus up a second. Is that a “needs” or a “needed”? Because if the third one is out then I need to be watching it NOW, not posting here. Anywhoos Jason, thought you may have missed this one, but clearly anything with a yandere must be on your watch list.

    Also, we need some commentary on the winter olympics.

  7. I know your post to-do list is turning into a bottomless pit but I’d love to see a post about the Lucky Star in Budokan live event.

  8. I’m glad you picked this show up. I didn’t think you would resist the allure of crazy meido girls for very long.
    @Rei: I do agree. Cowering meido Ame SLAYED me.

  9. Spoiler-related commentary:

    I can’t agree on your feelings on Juu myself. I mean, in the first episode, he actually did kick that one guy’s ass pretty soundly, even lost a tooth over it! He also took a knife! The only reason he got his legs broken in that one was because she poisoned him! I think he deserves at least a buy on that. Not immediately going into a coma due to shock helps.

    And in episode two, he was dating that girl’s sister and seemed more in the, “Don’t stick it in teh crazy” mindset there. We don’t know much about his and Ame’s off-screen relationship, but I think assuming he’d have some guilt about sleeping with her sister would probably be something on his list of worries at that point.

    Pretty much agree on the rest though. Good writing, great animation, great direction. In fact, the director has been doing a lot to leave me impressed. The actual, “Wiat, what?” elements in Sora No Woto have been catching mye eye too. Elfen Lied wasn’t a falsh in the pan for him, apparently. <_<

    And stuff.

  10. Bat shit insane, that’s a given on this anime.

  11. > So is “denpa” referring to “transmission” or “electromagnetic/radio waves”? If it’s the latter, that makes three recently… who knew? Everything comes in threes! Even anime railgun girls…
    It’s referring to certain superstitions about (poisonous) electromagnetic waves making people insane. Seems it wasn’t just superstition in this world, eh?

  12. @ruffles
    “WHOA. Back the fun bus up a second. Is that a “needs” or a “needed”? Because if the third one is out then I need to be watching it NOW, not posting here.”
    ‘NEEDS’ Sorry about that :P No idea when episode 3 is coming :( bah!

  13. But I likes them Rena Ryuugu crazy.

  14. Kind of helps that Yukihime has the same VA as Rena, then…

  15. I so have to watch this. Bat-shit insane harem? Hell yeah bring it on.
    Also, Kanon remake. Yes after three years we deserve it. Made by Brains Base, A-1 or the ones behind Nyan Koi. But not just a remake. A Kanon NAYUKI ROUTE remake. With an ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL AKIKO ROUTE as a final OVA. Oh dear Omafuyu-sama please make it happen.

  16. It’s true that 1st episode he kicked the serial killer guy’s ass and all, but after watching episode 2, hmm.. i … really *facepalm* at how he’s kicked around by little girls… that’s one big man on campus for ya, Omafuyu-sama…

  17. Where’s my episode 3? Damn it!

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