somewhere out there

I don’t know what to post today. Major writer’s block. I was listening to an old This American Life podcast (#374)… you know what it was about? The boy who wanted to be a girl. I smiled. But I still have writer’s block.

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  1. I guess it’s the time of the year, didn’t you have the same problem last year? Just take it easy, it’s an average anime season aniway without any real series that pierce the heavens. Im still glad you’re still posting to show some signs of live :D

  2. Yep, this is our blogger.

  3. You could always blog about how the Cavs are doing since the all star break.

  4. Mako-cakes, I’ve missed you so much. ;_;

  5. A slightly older Mako-chan is your response to writers’ block? At least it’s not Hideyoshi, which is going to land Shin in jail now he’s back in Australia. You could also have posted about Yamamoto-sensei’s or A-tan’s hopes and dreams though; theIrs are larger than most of the cast’s combined for both their mangair shows.

  6. Manga or shows even

  7. march is coming up. and you’ve skipped the tourney for a while now. just say’n.

  8. Lol, when I saw this title in my reader, This American Life podcast #374 was the first thing that came to mind.

  9. Gundam Unicorn ep 1 is out. Probably not your cup of tea (not too much trainwreck potential) but should be checked out none the less.

  10. Let your writers block cease! 9 chapters of TWGOK and some startling developments. I think we need a blog on some Capturing God post haste.

  11. Minami-Ke: Third Servings?

  12. “9 chapters of TWGOK and some startling developments.”

    Startling indeed… I look forward to their dissection here. Also, a delicious plate of fire trucks.

  13. Gotta agree with the above posts… the most recent TWGOK chapters demand a post.

  14. Needs more Minami. Haruka perferred.

  15. Geh. Thought it was Mika from Durara (the original, not the body with Celty’s head). How times change.

  16. Myssa Rei: So you confused a young boy with hairclips for a hoodie-wearing girl?

  17. Also… Mako-chan is the apprentice trap, with Hideyoshi from Baka to Test being the next level up (insists he’s a boy, but doesn’t protest about wearing girls’ clothing). Watarase Jun is the Journeyman Trap.

    And Shidou Mariya is the Master Trap.

    I don’t see how you’d confuse Mika from Durarara with Mako-chan, Myssa. :D


    volume 5. No words. School uniform with skirt.

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