the king of eden

“Noblesse oblige. I pray that you become a wonderful prince.”


Woohoo! More Eden of the East in our lives is a good thing, and The King of Eden didn’t disappoint. Loved how it started with Saki just completely overwhelmed by New York. I like how this anime can turn a pedestrian event like a little girl smuggling guns into America into a comedic situation. Bravo.

(Also enjoyed Saki’s attempt at speaking English. Wonderful. Saori Hayami did a pretty decent job at it… but I enjoyed the cab driver more. He drops an f-bomb a minute into the movie… you can only drop one f-bomb and still have a movie rated PG-13 in the US, so Kamiyama blew his wad early here. But it’s still awesome. We need more random f-bombs in anime. And definitely more overwhelmed Saki cab ride scenes.)

(Saori Hayami didn’t have any major roles before Eden of the East… and after? Yes… she voiced Sora no Otoshimono‘s Ikaros! Saki may look like she’s thirteen, but she’s very mature, capable, brave, and reliable. I can’t say the same about Ikaros.)

(Alright, I did enjoy Saki’s pink dress, but is that Taki’s original green shirt? My gosh, the sweetness of this couple just gave me two new cavities. If this show ends without the two of them hooking up, it will be more disappointing than seeing Greg Oden go down with yet another injury. At least Oden’s not going to become the Sam Bowie to Durant’s Jordan or anything like that… anyway, Saki’s a great character. It’s obvious she cares a lot about Taki, but she’s just unable to show more than her unyielding support. It’s a shame. She’s a great heroine. And he’s a dumb fuck who keeps getting his memory wiped.)


Except for the whole memory erasing fetish, Taki’s quite a gentleman and a charmer. I’m convinced that if Taki had his memory, the two of them would have been humping like rabbits in that movie theater. Though it’s nice to get some more background on the “real” Taki… why he’s into movies… why he liked the merry-go-around… but what did he have to gain by wiping his memory this second time?

(I thought about Taki when I listened to Radiolab’s episode about memory. They give a blueprint on how to erase memory, and, interestingly enough, this cutting edge research on memory wiping just so happens to be taking place at NYU. I wonder if Karim Nader’s work on selective memory wiping spawned not one but two movie ideas.)


Enjoyed the intro that just quickly recaps what happened at the conclusion of the final episode. So Taki did wipe his memory, but he left a love note for Saki before he did it. Japan went to hell, Mina Trepes was brought in to revive the economy, and Taki became the “Air King.” Mmm… noblesse oblige indeed.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit and was surprised it was so short. I really like the blend of this modern high tech thriller, yet there are some very human moments inside of it, especially this deep relationship between Saki and Taki. There’s also a lot of major forces at play, yet the cast still have their own small moments and charm. A wonderfully constructed anime.

(This is an optimistic skyline of New York. Seeing the Freedom Tower here is probably the most sci-fi aspect of this show.)

(Another consequence of Taki’s actions: all eyes are on him. He purposefully made himself the target of every Seleção… yet without his memory, how does he intend to defend himself? Or is it because he excels at pulling saves out from his ass that this is part of his plan?)


Juiz! By far the most awesome app, and I like how she develops a personality. I enjoyed how she seemed genuinely happy when she heard Taki’s voice… enjoyed how sarcastic she is towards other Seleção… loved how she feuds with VI, Taishi. By far, Sakiko Tamagawa’s greatest role, edging ahead of those previously cute tachikomas.


“Juiz… you were the best employee that I have ever worked with.”

Also enjoyed the revelation that it’s not one Juiz… but twelve separate modules. There’s twelve teams competing against each other. Though having the Seleção logo on top of the trucks is a bit much. But, you know what, I’m still not giving up on my fantasy that Juiz is actually Hayate‘s Maria. Maybe she’s suspended and plugged into one of those pods a la Yin in Gemini of the Meteor. Yeah, that’s the ticket… they’re harnessing the powers of Maria for Juiz! I’m honestly more excited to find out who Juiz is than finding out who Mr. Outside is. My somewhat new guess? Taki is Mr. Outside. Poor guy has had his memory wiped more than Tori Spelling has had nose jobs.


She had me at Johnny snipping, but Kuroha is awesome. I like how she remade herself into Taki’s guardian angel and shielded him in New York… and handed him over to Saki at the end.

(And unlike Saki, she wears non-frumpy clothing.)


The scene of Hirasawa and the donuts slayed me. I don’t know why. When the camera cut to him with such a serious look on his face and a mountain of doughnuts in front of him… I just burst out laughing. I’m just glad he didn’t dive into the doughnuts like Tony Montana diving into a pile of cocaine in Scarface.


Most of the movie is set in NYC… and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Production IG did a nice job with the city as well as the building interiors. I also like their in-jokes… pay attention to the name of the airlines that Saki flies on.


Wait, Pants left not just his room but his city?! Taki has been changing the world for the better! Mononobe’s biggest fuck up so far must be not properly killing off Pants. Pants’ NEET culture will pull out a big save in the next movie. I’m positive.

(Not going to completely spoil it for those who haven’t watched the movie yet, but Kamiyama is very much like Sunrise. The dead don’t stay dead in his work. Remember the end of Stand Alone Complex when it seemed like the entire Section 9 team got gunned down? Well, they didn’t stay dead long there. And Kamiyama must really like the number “9”.)


So one of the major antagonists of this movie is a Seleção trying to get Taki and Saki to film a shower sex scene? And then blow them up while they’re in the shower? This is supposed to save Japan, how? The Kim Kardashian and Ray-J sex tape didn’t save America, that’s for sure. But I have to give Taishi props for creativeness.


But Saki and Taki’s date in the old amusement park? It’s like a scene from a movie.


Taki’s awesome dog! Good to see you too!


All of the computers look like Macs on the outside, but the taskbar’s on the bottom… and the three boxes for minimize, maximize, and close are on the right side. And they’re boxes! Not colored squares! Are they virtualizing Windows on their Macs? Why? Why?!

(Kinda disappointed that they didn’t set up headquarters in Taki’s mall. How could would that be? If I had my own startup company, I would definitely place it in my own shopping mall.)

(Though I like the twist where Eden of the East Inc. get this powerful computer and system… and they have to eventually go back and use the original computer and system to finish the game. Completely like Summer Wars where their supercomputer fails them and Kenji’s math skills eventually carries them to victory and also Gundam 00 where Setsuna goes back to Exia to finish the fight. Love this type of twist.)


And with Taki returning to Japan, this movie ends. It sets up the resolution with Mononobe’s, Tsuji’s, and Taki’s agendas all colliding. And there’s still numbers 3, 7, 8, and 12 yet to be revealed. Can’t wait for Paradise Lost.

(Not sure what I’m looking forward to more… Paradise Lost or Highschool of the Dead. Let’s just say Madhouse doesn’t disappoint in this early clip. Thanks cheezit!)

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  1. It’s a pity that Oden has been injured so much, because he is actually very productive when he plays, especially this season, however brief it was. Pretty much any of the advanced metrics back that up. Also since is the first comment I’ve ever posted here, I would like to note that this blog is fantastic. Seriously, when I stumbled here and found that it combined sports comments (among other things as well, but specifically sports) with anime reviews, I was ecstatic. “The Tracy McGrady of manga” post was amazing. I didn’t know anything about Nodame Cantabile at the, but comparing it to Tracy McGrady pretty much gave me a perfect image of what it might be like.

  2. >>Highschool of the Dead. Let’s just say Madhouse doesn’t disappoint in this early clip.

    Oh my fuck, you saw it too. I think I wet my pants when I saw how good it was. So much amazing quality in one show. Although going from the looks of it, do we really think that madhouse can maintain it? At the very least, now that we know it looks awesome, do we get some awesome VA’s? I’m praying for Maaya Sakamoto as Saeko.

  3. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve seen a completed One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) on TV, and it actually looks kinda nice. That being said, the movie is a little anachronistic, with the WTC complex being completed, but JFK airport out of date.

    Here’s a google view of 1 front street. Many of the other backgrounds also correspond to real places.

  4. >>Let’s just say Madhouse doesn’t disappoint in this early clip.
    Man, I’m so excited! I don’t think I’ve anticipated a show this much since TTGL. Glad to see everybody else is on board with this.

  5. The movie was pretty awesome. Production I.G. really delivers on Eden of the East…. except with their CG characters. For the love of God stop it with those CG renditions of people walking when it’s not a close-up shot. Saki and Takizawa were so ugly ugly UGLY on the zoomed out shot when they’re on the carousel. Especially Takizawa was as boxy as 10 year old CG can get.

    Highschool of the Dead looks like all shades of fuck awesome rolled into 1 show. It looks like Madhouse is putting their high-tier animation team on it from the look of the preview so I think we can expect the quality to stay pretty high for that show.

  6. noblesse obliege, may production ig continue epicness in the next movie

  7. But, you know what, I’m still not giving up on my fantasy that Juiz is actually Hayate’s Maria. Maybe she’s suspended and plugged into one of those pods a la Yin in Gemini of the Meteor. Yeah, that’s the ticket… they’re harnessing the powers of Maria for Juiz!

    Haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but now when I do won’t be able to keep from seeing Nagi as Mr. Outside , Hinagiku as Kuroha, Nishizawa as Saki, and bunnygirl Hayate as Taki. Thanks a lot, jason.

  8. >>When the camera cut to him with such a serious look on his face and a mountain of doughnuts in front of him… I just burst out laughing.
    That reminded me of the interrogation scene from the original Transformers, crossed with my own internal dialog “Well, everybody has their coping methods…”
    I am mildly curious how Kuroha and the other Seleção knew that Juiz was not only a bunch of tanker trucks, but exactly where they were and what order they drove in. Considering the last part of the original TV series, why would Juiz/Mr. Outside make the tankers known to the Seleção?

  9. I love Juiz’s personality upgrade. She’s gone from awesome ending remarks to awesome conversations, especially those with No 6.

    And there’s still numbers 3, 7, 8, and 12 yet to be revealed.

    3, 7, 8 are down on Pantsu’s diagram near the start of the film as being harmless. 3 and 8 even have an image. But that’s not to say they won’t be used in the next.

    The film was good. Lots of unexpected laughs as well. But the scene with the trucks, and the ease with which competitors could be taken out of the game was really off. Sure you don’t want too many Selecao running around in the next movie, but that was a really…manufactured way to do it. Should all the lorries have been travelling in convoy with convenient logo identification? Should they have been travelling at all? Does it not matter that none of the hardware on the trucks was plugged in, but Juiz was still functioning? If Yuuki’s requests to assassinate Taki were denied then why was Mononobe allowed to terminate 2 Juiz connections? Would a system like Juiz not have hot-swappable redundant spares in multiple locations to prevent this sort of thing? Why did Mononobe only order 2 missiles if he knew he’d be able to do this? Uuugh, the bad logic hurts! I hope Paradise Lost explains or lampshades it.

  10. I’ve some wallpaper here. It’s snapshot from the movie..

  11. Maybe Number I used the Eden system to find those trucks, though there’s problems with that theory too. What I’m more concerned with is that XII and Kuroha were taken out… But not the other two that were riding with Kuroha’s truck. Maybe number 1 thought he could destroy all three with one missile if Kuroha’s truck stuck with the pack like planned. One of the other trucks was Taki’s. Whose was the last one?

    And I agree that there are just a TON of stuff that needs some serious explanation. I wish there was like annotations on the video (a la nico) from someone who understands the plot that I can watch. I can think of one some other problems… Why was there a functional flame thrower at the amusement park? Who were those agents? They didn’t seem to know VI. Why did VI try to attack Taki and Saki with a flamethrower anyways? He wanted some original footage? Dude is insane.

    How did the wife of the new PM get in contact with Kuroha of all people? Isn’t she the president of some commercial company? Or does the PM’s wife know about Selecao? And why her among the Selecao anyways?

    And I STILL don’t know how Juiz made the old PM say Uncle with 60 cents. She sent the opposition an email with the truth, from the PM’s wife’s email address? The old PM thought it was a domestic threat from his wife? Wha? And why was he on the phone with Number 1? Why did he imply it was Number 1 who made him say Uncle? But Taki made the request… What…

    Also hoping the next movie explains, though I doubt it.

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