durarara!! update

I wonder if the Chicken Bread inspired this Colonel cameo. It’s 32 grams of fat in a fried chicken on bacon on cheese on fried chicken combo… no wonder the Taliban hates us.

I was marathoning the previous three episodes when I thought that everything would build towards a crescendo for episode twelve, the final episode. I mean, Mikado has been outed as the mastermind behind Dollars, he hit on the cute girl, and Celty almost got head. To top it off, everyone’s favorite Issac and Mirai made cameos during the Dollars flash mob. What I forgot… it’s a twenty-four-ish episode series. OTL. Great. That spoiled it, since there’s no way Celty was going to get her head back so soon.


Nonetheless, it was a great setup for such a fracas. Really enjoyed it. Great show that delivering in spades… except one thing has me worried… no one seems to be dying. People are coming back to life, and Celty’s scythe doesn’t kill.


Loved the twist that denied Celty head… and, of course, Brains Base teased by removing the name in the OP for a certain character.

(Who is more screwed up? Namie for being so creepily devoted to her little brother? Seiji for falling in love with a severed head? Mika for pretending to be said severed head so she can continue stalking Seiji? It’s a toss-up really, but the winner? Us. That’s who. We’re the winners in this mess.)


Password: “bacano”… mmm…


Would have been a great emo facial distortion… if she had a face…


Out-maneuvered Kida for the girl and scored time with fake Celty? Well done!


Izaya is in the Cult of Mac… excellent… except no iPad! I’d expect any Apple loyalist genius to be sporting an iPad. But Izaya is a good final boss… Kamiya needs more roles like this and less overmatched harem leads.

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  1. “I’d expect any Apple loyalist genius to be sporting an iPad.”
    Izaya scored an iphone even though it hasn’t been invented yet in his timeline. I think that’s good enough. You are demanding that he time-travel AGAIN to get an ipad?

  2. Still need to see who the Sword girl is :3c

  3. See, Brains Base knows how to secretly implant messages in their anime, KyoAni needs to take a page out of their book for the Lucky Star S2.

  4. “…and Celty almost got head.”
    took me a couple of seconds to digest this and then I rolled on floor.

  5. …and Celty almost got head.

    But she did get penetrated.

    Out-maneuvered Kida for the girl and scored time with fake Celty? Well done!

    He’s a regular Durarararagai.
    …sorry, I stuttered.

  6. I was surprised too to know this thing gets 24 motherfuckin episodes!!!!!

  7. perhaps 24 too short, i hope they get a season two with all the durarara books currently out.

  8. YES! Our overlord bassist has returned today!!

  9. It felt like a season finale though, didn’t it? Half time.

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