best of 2009: #3

#3: K-fucking-On!

“Moe~ moe~ kyun!”

Also wins for 2009:

  • Best Girl Band
  • Best Bassist
  • Best Guitar Name
  • Most Reliable Little Sister
  • Most Delicious Mugi Snacks™
  • Most Particular Lyrics
  • The Kuze Memorial Best Costume Designer Award
  • Best YouTube Fodder

Damn right K-On! makes the top three. It’s the social media show of 2009– K-On! has just generated more fan art and more YouTube clips than any other series of the year. Things really got kicked off with the first airing of Don’t say “lazy”, which just flooded the web with mini-top hat Mio images (not a bad thing)… and things really then got crazy with the infamous “Moe~ moe~ kyun!” and Azu-nyan. Great music, great slice-of-life mechanics, great cast, and great subtle moments, like Ayu-nyan not realizing that costume raping has become the norm, Mio being terrified of barnacles, Ritsu’s forehead, Mugi’s “leanings”, and Yui naming her guitar… Gitah!. There’s just a lot to like.

Since I’ve already written like 25,000 words on K-On!, I don’t have much more to add so… moar YouTube clips!

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  1. yes.

  2. I love how San is riding a Sedgeway in that stop-motion one

  3. No, please…
    No more awards to this big pile of mediocrity LOL

  4. I can tell if I’m amazed or disturbed…

  5. Oh god, the Famicom one sounds like it came straight out of the old pokemon games. xD

  6. Tissue-hime! The guy in the skull outfit is awesome. lol

  7. Word

    People criticize this series way too much because they are expecting something. But just a heads up to you haters, K-ON! wasn’t intended to have a serious plot. It’s slice-of-life plus comedy.

  8. “K-On! has just generated more fan art and more YouTube clips than any other series of the year.”

    good marketing background and production + plus every other show being underwhelming as well

  9. The only use of the word ‘fuck’ in this series belongs to Krauser II. :D

  10. I’m not much of a fan of the moe genre, and oftentimes the cuteness overload annoyed me, but I loved K-ON because it reminded me so much of my experience of learning guitar and playing in a band back in high school. The finger callus thing? Been there, done that. Yui’s struggle to play and sing at the same time sure rings a bell (I can do it.. but only in French. Not sure why). Lusting after a Gibson I couldn’t possibly afford? Uh-huh. I never named my guitar, but our lead guitarist named all of his.

    We ever didn’t have tea and cake before practice.

    Every time I watch this show, it reminds me of something from back then, and I can’t help but smile. They’re living the dream! Also, Sawa-sensei in Krauser mode is awesome.

  11. Decent overall, but wouldn’t be my pick for a top show last year. Although this is probably just my bias, since I watched it shortly after playing through the Visual Novel KiraKira that did a great job with a group of girls (and trap protag) in school making a band, with the focused on the music, and I watched K-ON hoping the same.

  12. FINALLY. Proof that ogling the Nagato-cosplaying bassist isn’t gay.
    Not that I was really searching all that hard for proof that Tissue-hime was a girl.

    That sounds wrong.

  13. … At least, it *looks* like proof. I could be wrong.

  14. Just thought I’d throw this out there@ K-ON wasn’t the anime that generated the most amount of fan material in 2009. That award goes to Hetalia. It’s just your average otaku wasn’t paying attention to that show

  15. @scamp: Except, Hetalia didn’t start off as an anime, it was a web comic, while K-On was a 4-koma. Hetalia had a much bigger audience before either anime started.
    And, the fan material “award” didn’t go to Hetalia, it went to Touhou.

    What about 「Dont say “indy”」? One of my favorite remixes.

  16. Can’t say I agree on this one (not that anyone cares). I was so looking forward to a slice of life music show but I found it to be unfunny, with far less music than I’d hoped, and boring characters. Meh.

  17. I loved K-On!, but wished KyoAni would pick up a Key show soon and return to its roots so that they can stop ruining franchises.
    K-On!! is great and all (because you can never have enough HTT) but I want Haruhi back to wherever it was and not be taken over by some lookalike (Angel Beats, I’m looking at you) or a Full Metal Panic, ffs.
    Little Busters! Bring on Little Busters!!

  18. Famicon Don’t Say Lazy = AWESOME!

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