what are you watching this weekend?

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Yea! Long weekend. Long lazy weekend.

Taking a cue from another blog, I’m asking what is everyone watching this weekend. Me? Pic related. Also, going to catch up on some Meido-sama, Seikon, Araragi Under the Bridge… and reading Break Blade. Sigyn <3.

(Too shamed to admit I’m going to catch up on Giant Killing as well… soccer?! Studio Deen?! Horribly generic plot and animation?! Must be World Cup fever. Catch it!)

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  1. Please don’t say LAZY..

  2. Some combination of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 7-8, Kaichou wa Maid-sama 8, Arakawa Under the Bridge 7, The Tatami Galaxy 6, K-On 8, Angel Beats 9, House of Five Leaves 6, and whatever older stuff is lying around unwatched (Eva sounds good, still haven’t seen 1.xx). I generally don’t know what (if anything) I’ll be in the mood for until right before I start watching. If not five minutes after.
    I’ll also probably watch my loli cousin kick my ass in *ario Kart, but that’s neither here nor there.

  3. My niece asked for “Trigun,” so probably that.

    I’ll try to introduce her and her husband to “Sgt. Frog” and “School Rumble” while I’m there.

    Time permitting, I’ll catch up on “Katanagatari,” “B Gata H Kei” and “Mayoi Neko Overrun.”

    Let’s not forget to give a moment of thanks to soldiers past and present, though.

  4. I’ll be watching how wrong the puppets were, and how right the old rivalry is

  5. K-ON 8, UraBoku 3-4, Mayoi 5+, Koihime 5+, FT 31, B Gata 7-8, Awakawa 6-7, Ichiban 7, Angel Beats 9, Qwaser 15+, Saint Seiya 11-13 [end], tonna movies inc camrips, uni lectures. Oh dear, where has my time gone? Already half way into the weekend and so much to do.

  6. Plenty of stuff, but the only one that’s important for me to mention is ANGEL BEATS 9.
    On that note I have already watched the aforementioned and I wanna dream about it while it’s still fresh in memory, so Cheerio!

  7. ARAKAWA under the bridge not Arakagi

  8. DL’ed Mai-HiME, Otome, Zwei and .Sifr in Blue Rayz. 67.8 gb. Gonna hook up moms projector and rewatch that. If there’s any time left afterwards, coffee at the mental hospital with my girlfriend.

  9. Mayoi Neko 8, and I’ll finish catching up with Rainbow.

  10. What I am watching? Exactly what is on the top of this webpage. Eva 2.22.

    Interesting that Asuka is now technically a European rather than American. It never made much sense before, and with the Pacific Fleet cut from the story it made sense for her to be from the German branch.

    The thing with the ocean water was interesting. And everyone is made more powerful in Rebuild; the base defences were stronger, the Evas were stronger, and of course the angels were stronger. It made the fights far more satisfying.

    How would the next movie go? Who knows. I just hope they can cut back on the death count. The bloodbath was already done once, there is no point repeating it as the shock value would be lost.

  11. Gotta catch up with this weeks selected ongoings, besides that, gonna watch few episodes of Kamichu and Kujibiki Unbalance. Thats about it, since i dont have to much time to spare this weekend.

  12. What am I watching? The Grand Prix of Turkey Sunday morning, the Indianapolis 500 around noon on Sunday, and the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday afternoon/evening.

    And Eva 2.2.

  13. New Doctor Who
    Latest K-On!! and Angel Beats

  14. Already watched the usual Friday Foursome of BH/AB/Daimaoh/DRRR. Still left is Mayoi. Got Princess Tutu DVDs waiting at the library, and working through the English dub of Ouran (I have to switch back to JP for the OP, as the dubbed version is awful, but the ED is not so bad).

  15. Just watched the latest Angel Beats. Could have watched K-ON! but I didn’t delay it for the weekend. Otherwise I’d play some games or get started on the many series I have had on my computer for months but not even touched.

  16. I’ll be watching Umisho, the latest Angel Beats! and I’m going to try Tatami Galaxy, it seems interesting…Other than that though, I’m open to suggestions…though if I find myself getting bored I’ll definitely rewatch some Sgt. Frog

  17. Maybe Kekkaishi on Adult Swim too.

  18. Nothing, though perhaps I might watch the latest K-ON if I can be bothered.

  19. is the pic an eva pic or?

  20. Gonna try and find a better version and re-watch eva 2.22. I could get use to spiral power Shinji, but if Kawru asks him to can him aniki I will flip the fuck out. Also by some fluke of nature I have Maria Holic available on demand so I might re-watch some of that when I’m not out biking.

    p.s. Yes that is the alpha tsun in the top picture. I’m surprised Jason didn’t go with the straw screen shot. Or at the very least the inazuma kick.

  21. I have enough time between part-time work and college to keep track of anime and still burn through old ones (recently Kemeko DX! [where’s mah sequel?]), and play some video games (league of legends).

    And also train my 9 years old brother to like anime by exposing him to Dragonball Z Kai on nicktoons every weekday.

  22. I have to catch up on my lite musical snack, and the next Eva. I don’t know when I’m going to do this though, since I’ll be moving this weekend, and the beach is calling my name hardcore.

  23. I’m caught up on all the anime i’ve been going with this season. I may try another show. But I’m going to finish Criminal Minds season 3 and most likely watch 4 and 5.

    Also Lakers at Suns, and the UFC fight tonight.

  24. Catching up on K-ON!!(1 episode and I’m caught up), Angel Beats!(4 episodes I need to watch), Working!(2 episodes), Fma Brotherhood(3 if I don’t watch it tonight), and Heroman(I think 1 episode possibly 2).

    K-On!! and Angel Beats! are top priority as I’ve been lazy blogging em’ recently.

  25. Asuka! I’ve missed you. Though I’ve heard mutterings about her entry being different (which is a shame, since I enjoyed the original episode). Synchronised DDR training has probably been chopped too. Still I’m looking forward to watching it, and seeing how it diverges from the original series.

  26. If I get my way, The Dissapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya in a theater.

  27. Some Araragi, K-ON, Angel Beats, and if there’s time left some Casshern Sins.

  28. Went on my first anime convention ever. Was great. Saw Noizi Ito.

  29. I was at Anime North in Toronto, so now I gotta catch up on all the Friday/Saturday/Sunday anime I’ve missed.

  30. Angel Beats definitely! Gotta catch up on a few series cause of exams.

  31. Mission accomplished. Soul stolen by Yuki. Happy about it.

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