broken blade (break blade)

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Haha. Fooled ya. Kamiya has a role this summer that wasn’t listed previously and no one realized it… Broken Blade.

It’s an OVA. But this why you should care about Break Blade (coming out… today)… one, it’s best described as Gundam meets Escaflowne as animated by Production IG and XEBEC. This is enough for me. But then… toss in Kira Yamato as the lead (Arrow), Kamiya voicing the Suzaku-ish Zesu, and Chiwa Saito voicing eye candy engineer Sigyn… well, let’s just say anticipation is high.

(Just for fun, here’s the cute Yuka Saito cosplaying as Sigyn. Slightly NSFW for the wrong reasons.)

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  1. Wow, I’ll just have to watch this when I get home.

  2. I told you it’s awesome Jason in my comments and I even said Chiwa Saito was in it meh.
    In the last thin slicing post if I remember right and other times too.
    I knew I should have advertised it like you just did “gundam meets escaflowne” except most characters are 25 years old and married.

  3. It’s actually a set of 6 movies so the dvds aren’t out yet

  4. Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Still looking very hard for the NSFW part.

  5. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this one coz the designs were really nice from the pics. Saw it on the back of my mags, lol. Saw a trailer and wow animation was pretty nice. See how this mecha goes :D

  6. Why is there Rozen Maiden in my Broken Blade? :3

  7. Animation looks terrible

  8. I loved the manga ever since I accidentally stumbled across it once upon a time. Looking forward to Sigyn…I mean the mecha.

  9. Darn, the link is already dead.

  10. I told you last Spring that Break Blade was totally awesome. I can’t wait to see Dirfinge in action.

  11. Love the first ep. Can’t wait for more :D

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