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We might be out of yakisoba, but we have plenty of organic ice cream. And that’s what’s important.


A daydreaming Mio is fine too. I feel like there hasn’t been enough Mio in this blog lately. Just doesn’t feel right. The last time we saw this expression, it was…

A. … Haesslich watching Working 13,
B. … Jack Nicholson’s afterglow after the Lakers won the NBA championship this year.
C. … Yuno’s afterglow after she finally bags Yuki.
D. … Jun Maeda seeing the fruits of his hard labor turn into such a wonderful recent anime. Clannad.
E. … Fran after yet another successful Okanade-defying operation that will have zero social or emotional or moral impact afterward.
F. … Shizuru, after she brought Natsuki back to her place towards the end of Mai Hime
G. … me after finding out that Shaft plans a second season of Bakemonogatari… 13 episodes spread out from 2011 to 2024.


I like all the fashion changes this episode… is Kyoto the king of outfit swaps? They do more outfits per series than anyone else. Impressive. I like Ui’s outfit– definitely says flirty and summer-ish and not “I’m yandere for onee-sama.” Mugi looks classy, almost like she’s wearing heels. Mio looks too warm in a long-sleeve tee and jeans.

(If there’s ever a random strength for an anime studio, it’s “excelling in varying woman’s clothing.” This is like describing that an NBA player excels at cheering his teammates on from th sidelines, I think.)


Not sure what I enjoyed more from the first ever anime scene that takes place in a truck stop… Mio shivering with joy and anticipation a la LeBron James at free agency, Azu-nyan getting fed ice cream (too bad Yui didn’t miss and smear her… wait, am I thinking out loud again?), Mugi’s sudden craving for yakisoba, or how Ritsu is the sane one. Ritsu! This is like finding out that Orange-kun is the sane one in Code Geass R2.


A blossoming Mio is fine too. Andohbytheway, great T-shirt graphic…


After see her ability to manage the Light Music Club, there’s no doubt in my mind that Sawa-chan is Sumeragi’s grandmother. And definitely the matriarch of the family tree that eventually spawned Kamina many more years in the future.


An overstimulated Mio is fine too. Come on, it’s like 90 degrees outside today. What do you want from me? I’m getting a heatstroke just writing this post.

(Mio! I’m left-handed too…)


Sorely disappointed that we didn’t get a muzak version of Staple Stable in the background with Yui asking Azu-nyan what she likes the most about her. That would have been awesome.

(This episode kinda went by fast for me… the girls actually did something musically-related, yet not musically-related. And everyone was in character, except Mio and Ritsu, whom seemed to have roles reversed. Maybe that’s the fun of it. Mmm…)


The dream fictional anime band Summer Festival line-up? Mmm… Detroit Metal City, ENOZ, Girls Dead Monster, Death Devil, Firebomber, S-OK, T.L. Signal, and Afterschool Tea Time. I’m probably forgetting some.

(No, I didn’t forget Beck.)

(But I was very disappointed Kyoto didn’t sneak ENOZ on stage somehow. Shaft would have done that in a cocaine heartbeat.)


But out of all the bands listed above, the most Summer Festival ready ones… Detroit Metal City and Death Devil would be John Wall and Evan Turner respectively. ENOZ would be Derrick Favors, Girls Dead Monster would be DeMarcus Cousins… are they going to be the underachieving Yui-led version or the dominant Iwasawa-led version? Afterschool Tea Time would be Pape Sy.

Saying that Yui isn’t as good as Iwasawa is like saying that a Ford Focus isn’t as cool as a BMW 3 series. RT: @Hanners1979: @blogsuki Was listening to it in the car this morning… Yui’s versions of the songs aren’t as good as Iwasawa’s though. :(

(And, yes, I’m going mix things up between here and Twitter. I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t plan to incorporate it more into posts proper.)


There’s so many inappropriate things that I can write about, so let’s just leave it as, “Yui enjoys bullying all colors of Azu-nyan.” But if Azu-nyan were sunburned, I’d expect her to be writhing in pain as Yui bullies her… not just stand there and take the bullying.


A selfish Mio is fine too. But, seriously, is there anything better in the world that Mio being selfish? I can definitely imagine a slow metamorphosis from the Mickey Mouse Club Mio that we all love to a sweet yet growing up Baby One More Time / Sometimes Mio to a “Look at me! I’m a woman!” Lucky / I’m a Slave 4 U Mio to selfish, fallen, train wreck tabloid diva Mio and finally plateauing with Womanizer / Circus Mio.

(Okay, okay, “A blog that doesn’t repeat the same meme is fine too!”)

16 Responses to “k-on!! 12”

  1. This was my favorite episode of the series so far, 1. Because it was related to music, 2. Mio and Ritsu out of character showed that they could be something more than what we’ve seen of them thus far, and Jungle Fever Asuza was just awesome, which also was an entertaining point in ep 13.

  2. I agree, Keep The Beats! is amazing. The rock versions of the OP, ED, and My Song are the highlights. I did like Iwasawa’s Alchemy and Crow Song better, too.

    You could try looping Mio’s t-shirt up and down up and down up and down again! up and down… oh a sweatdrop! up and down up and down…

  3. Jason: Pssh, Haess has been like that since Working!! episode 9. Kotori-chan Fascination, full-force.

  4. Haha, my name in a post here – Does this mean I’m on the Blogsuki pension scheme now? :D

  5. ‘Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari’ would have been way more appropriate than ‘Staple Stable’.

  6. Myssa: no, earlier. Poplar fascination along with Kyouko.

  7. Haess: Ooookay, are we sure this just isn’t a case of Anti-DFC and pro-Melonpan acting up Haess? :P I mean, everyone in Working!! except Inami iis ‘gifted’ to say the least.

    Re Episode 12: It’s amusing how KyoAni seems to be pushing Mugi’s quest for commoners’ delights a little too hard. Reminds me of how Mio’s phobias seemed to have grown out of proportion in the anime, when you compare it to the source material.

  8. Left-handers unite!

  9. Mio wouldn’t be too out-of-place in Lucky Star, really.

  10. You need a twitter feed plugin for the blog so people can get their daily dose of traps and bromances in 140 or 1400 word versions all in the same place.

    Myssa: It’s amusing how KyoAni seems to be pushing Mugi’s quest for commoners’ delights a little too hard

    It’s good, Mugi screentime is refreshing after a deluge of focus on Yui, Azusa, Ritsu and non-yandere Ui for most of the season (Yandere Ui on the other hand definitely needs more screentime. Isn’t Azu-nyan getting too close to that sister of yours? ).

  11. But if Azu-nyan were sunburned, I’d expect her to be writhing in pain as Yui bullies her… not just stand there and take the bullying.

    It’s not sunburn, Azunyan is actually a girl made entirely out of chocolate whose exposed parts of protective candy coating was licked off when Yui was slipped some XTC at one of the concerts.

  12. Myssa: I always liked Poplar. She was like a busty version of Yuno from Hidamari, which made it that much better to start, so I’m disappointed by how she wasn’t Poplar enough to get a full episode, or more of the series to herself versus Inami. And just LOOK at Kyouko in the OP – just gorgeous. Or when she fills out sweaters. My main beef with Inami is she took up most of the screentime towards the end, so the rest of the cast got neglected.

    As for Mugi, why does she remind me of Tamaki Suou and his commoner’s delights?

  13. This episode would have been considerably more comical, and assuredly more ironic, and definitely more unusual, if the girls would have gone to Summerfest, in Milwaukee, which IS (in case you didn’t know) the largest music festival in the world. But, as usual, when I get too much from anime, I tend to ASK too much of anime. I also somewhat disappointed, though not bitterly, that the girls left their instruments behind and thus were not asked to fill in for some J-Pop 15th pick in the NBA draft equivalent of Weezer or Cake.

    The dream fictional anime band Summer Festival line-up? Mmm… Detroit Metal City, ENOZ, Girls Dead Monster, Death Devil, Firebomber, S-OK, T.L. Signal, and Afterschool Tea Time. I’m probably forgetting some.

    You forgot The Crescendolls.

    And with that….War with the 15th pick in the NBA draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select Garry Shandling, Garry Shandling, and Garry Shandling. Rack me Jason, I’m out….

  14. Haesslich: At least there’s some extra Poplar Being Huggable in the DVDs, although it’s not not enough to tip the balance.

  15. GHR: if the story was the ensemble piece I was hoping for, rather than having Inami take over half the show after a while with the same joke..

  16. Haess: It gives an illusion of continuity, which is very rare for 4koma-derived shows like Working. Poplar, from what we’ve seen, doesn’t provide the same amount pseudo-movement that Inami’s problem had (which as we’ve seen snowballed into more than a few hilarious encounters).

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