get chance and luck!

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  1. lol

  2. I have a sudden urge to hack the website…

  3. That. is. fantastic.

  4. Tastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy candy!

  5. Pads?

  6. Goodbye Wild Heaven…

  7. I kiss you!

  8. This is exactly the image I was talking about and this is hotness.

  9. > Tagged: moe:broken

    broken, that’s exactly how I feel now …….

  10. I’d hit that~

  11. The broken continue.
    (Where’s Mako-chan and the Amazing Haruka?)

  12. I kiss you ~ ♪

  13. we definitely need to give TK his own spin off
    (now only if he just takes off that bandanna on his head he would be 10x more sexier)

  14. Why is he/she wearing the male uniform? That is my only complaint. I figured he would have eye lasers, like cyclops.

    Anyway. Zetsubou no Carnival!

  15. why why why, I was already reeling from gender swapped Shizuo and now this. :( Is there no specimen of manliness strong enough to defeat the brokenness?

  16. Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh–Wait, eyes? WHAT?

  17. Looks like Ritsu.

    Oh god what did I just say /hides

  18. … and people say I’m broken? Jason’s the most broken one of all. This TK-ette is proof.

  19. T-Ko delivers a T-K-O to your heart!

  20. The red eyes, they do nothing for the pic.

  21. TRAP

  22. Bring it on!

  23. Fucking crazy!

  24. Oh god, what kind of madness is this?

  25. Crazy Baby.

  26. I’ll be back!

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