mitsudomoe 2

So much bodily fluid… so much…

(Just epic face on Mitsuba. Epic.)


Mitsuba’s evil, but a comical evil where the evil backfires, much like Gargamel or Starscream. Kana Minami, on the other hand, is pure evil that succeeds. Kana’s plans more often than not accomplish their vile goals. In that sense, Mitsuba would be LeBron to Kana’s Kobe. (You guys can thank LeBron. Thanks to him, there’s going to be a lot less Code Geass penetration horse-beating and a lot more LeBron horse-beating. With a vuvuzela soundtrack.)


Hitoha is awesome. I want to adopt her. I think, for comedy’s sake, Marui family is on par with Minami family. But Minami has edge just due to Haruka’s amazingness. Total oversight that the three triplets don’t have an older sister. I nominate the biological older sister from Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki… that series doesn’t need two too cool for school older sister types just like how the Timberwolves don’t need six power forwards. I’m sure we can work out a trade.


“Don’t mind me. You can go read your pr0n.”

Yabe’s room consists of hastily-eaten quick-food, endless amounts of pr0n, and a floor covered with balled up toilet paper even though he’s not sick, coughing, or sneezing. Episode two is definitely the bodily fluid episode just like how Nipple is the greatest pet hamster name in the world.

(Also awesome name for a Pokemon. Nipple! I choose you! Nipple! Snatch attack!)


What the hell kind of game is this? I would imagine this would be something that the Sonozakis do, but here? Where was Yabe-sensei? Was he too busy jacking off to Akio to notice that these games of death were occurring? Or was he hoping that the girls would get injured so he could have an excuse to see Akio?


The urine arc… hilarious. Eye cringing… but hilarious. Predictable… but hilarious.

(My only question… why are they collecting urine samples? Drug testing? HGH? In elementary school? Japan’s meth problems run deeper than I thought.)


A good comedy can make you laugh even though you knew what was going to happen. Earlier, Akio said that there was another student sleeping… we instantly knew who it had to be. There weren’t a lot of choices. Lindsay Lohan is not walking through that door, fans. Justin Biever is not walking through that door, and Miley Cyrus is not walking through that door. And you know with so much urine bottled up, the writers just had to break the dam. That’s just a sign of a good comedy.

(Bad comedy? Seitokai Yakuindomo that has MPD. If you want to be a raunchy comedy, be a frickin’ raunchy comedy. Don’t half ass it. At one point, Tsuda claims that he doesn’t like walls or barriers, and the girls joke that he doesn’t want walls for the showers or bathrooms. What? Come on. A real raunchy comedy would have made a condom joke.)


Futaba has a bigger obsession with breasts than a fourteen year old boy. That’s saying something. I especially enjoyed her notebook filled with sketches of breasts and “I wanna eat boobies with wasabi and soy sauce.” I also enjoy how she owns a memory foam model of breasts that she sleeps with… and, again, why isn’t there an older sister type for this show? Gah. Poor Futaba only has the nurse to fantasize about.

(Disappointed Hitoha didn’t pwn anyone with her Death Note this episode. And after seeing Futuba’s notebook this episode, there must be some really, really bad Tiger Woods-level of sauciness in Hitoha’s Death Note to have an impact on Futaba.)


“I’m all sticky and wet.”

I fell out of my sofa watching this bodily fluid arc. Mitsudomoe delivers in spades. It’ll win a title before the Miami Heat. I like how Futaba manged to turn snot into Wonder Woman’s lasso. Impressive.


Hitoha’s blackmail… awesome. I would vote for her for president.

(My only question. What’s that black device she’s holding? I’m not familiar with it. Is it some sort of mp3 player or app phone from the future? Kidding.)

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  1. Another awesome episode and Ravesubs seems to be improving, I wonder, will you be blogging this over the summer?

  2. Mitsudomoe is delivering. It’s hilarious in every kind of way. Hitoha is the strongest triplet, Futaba is the middle, and Mitsuba is the weakest. She keeps getting owned and plans get backfired. Planning but no follow through, poor girl. Ayahime as Mitsuba is so very entertaining; the vocals she brings out are hilarious. Hitoha is an awesome blackmailer :]b

  3. I think I was too grossed out by the urine section to laugh but the Hitoha section just nailed everything I could wish for. I had to pause watching the episode because I was laughing so hard.

  4. Mitsuba is Cartman, only with a soul, and the inability to have even that fleeting moment of success before it all falls apart. She’s even a heavy eater (see the OP and ED)…

    Best show of the season so far…maybe the year if it keeps up. Can’t say it’s got a whole lot of competition…

  5. “Don’t half ass it. At one point, Tsuda claims that he doesn’t like walls or barriers, and the girls joke that he doesn’t want walls for the showers or bathrooms. What? Come on. A real raunchy comedy would have made a condom joke”

    Damn it, I was thinking the exact same thing, fearsome.

  6. Quigonkenny: “Mitsuba is Cartman…”
    I had some freinds over to see the new season’s shows. Between singing Linkin Park a capella whenever the male lead of Amagami SS went emo and cringing at Seitokai Yakuindomo, we realized that Mitsudomoe is Japanese South Park. It’s in the nascent bathroom-humor and shock-value phase, but give it six years or so and they’ll be lampooning whatever the Japansese equivalent of Scientology is.

    …or maybe they’ll just go thirteen episodes of this and call it done. But hey, I can hope, right?

  7. Hitoha is the best triplet. Period. Yuki Nagato and Hitoha would be a most fearsome duo.

  8. Dat armpit, hngggg

  9. I know this might sound pervert, but I think “ZOMG COWGIRL” when see the Mitsuba image

  10. Hitoha is the only reason I’d watch this tripe.

    Mitsudomoe as the Japanese South Park actually makes a lot of sense.

  11. the game with the helmet and bats is supposed to be played with paper fans, with rock paper scissors deciding who gets to whack the other. its surprisingly a lot of fun to play with your drunk friends. when someone messes up, the free shot the other guy gets is usually ruthless

  12. @momu: That’s a great idea for a drinking game. Will need to try it out one day…

    In other related things, this is fun. It’s kind of disturbing, and really, really embarrassing to have someone of your other non-anime family members walk into, and cringe-inducing (urine arc… oh my) but it’s like I’m poking myself with a stick, and I can’t stop.

  13. “Hitoha is awesome. I want to adopt her.”
    Clearly you haven’t been paying enough attention to Yabechi…

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