k-on!! 15

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“Why must we run 42.195 kilometers?”

(Why must I watch a filler episode for an anime without any plot?)


Best part of this episode? Mio’s and Mugi’s ponytails… plus a virtual Baskins-Robbins variety of ponytails fluttering in the background. Delicioso!

(Come on. It cannot be a coincidence that Kyoto’s first independent work featured a ponytail molester… their first big hit featured a male lead who justified kissing the female lead because of her ponytail… and now… ponytails galore in their biggest BD success story. Cannot be a coincidence. If my Japanese were any better, I’d go search for newspaper articles from the 80s after a man who wore a horse’s head costume stalking girls in ponytails… and that man must be Kyoto’s founder.)



(Sawa-chan in that jogging suit… not attractive at all. She looks like Peg Bundy.)


I did enjoy her suggestion of wearing the meido outfit as their running outfit… I like how costume rack there has a school uniform, a nurse’s outfit, something that looks like a red bunnygirl outfit, and a meido outfit… did she buy it from the set of a pr0n video shoot? Because those outfits sure look suspiciously like the starting line-up of any respectable JAV DVD. Or so I heard.


I enjoyed the sprint to the finish… it ended the only way I knew it would, with Mio tripping and exposing herself except not exposing herself as per Kyoto Animation company policy. I do greatly enjoy Mugilicious’ pufferfish face at the end. Epic. And the speedlines… can’t do without them speedlines… except this would probably be the last show I would expect speedlines in.


Mugilicious is building stamina by eating eel bentos? I thought that they build a different type of stamina. Huh. I must be mistaken. What happened to training by actually running a bit? If only I could train for a real marathon by eating delicious eel bentos.

(I went to the gym tonight, and I put in a good workout on the elliptical and then hit the weights. After I got home… I ate two scoops of ice cream. Yep, this is my diet.)


The weather forecaster is cute. I feel like you should know these things. I was disappointed she didn’t control the weather board with a Wiimote instead of that weird arrow thingie… what happened to high-tech Japan?

(Yui making the teru teru bozu reminded me of the Minami family. Good times! You know, if she had all this time to make those charms, she probably would have had time to go job around the block a bit.)


It’s supposed to be summer, yet Yui’s wearing a sweater outside. I’m not sure what to make of the sweater over T-shirt on a hot day look. Or Ui’s short sleeve hoodie combined with a mini-skirt. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a hoodie? IANAFE (I Am Not a Fashion Expert) but that just seems downright weird.


Was I the only one thinking, “If AIC animated this, Mio’s sweatpants would be flying off faster than Lindsay Lohan’s”?

(I’m enjoying Twitter, and it’s really forcing me to write differently. 140 characters are just so damn restrictive. For example, for “#Futurama, the anime, produced by Production IG. Planet Express now secret anti-terrorism force. Zapp is Mr. Outside. #iwouldsowatchthis” I had to trim characters… how? “anti-terrorism organization” became “anti-terrorism force” and “Zapp Brannigan” became “Zapp”. If I had more characters, I probably would have tossed in “more frumpy outfits for Leela” and “GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY.” Hell with it, this is what that tweet should have looked like:)

(“GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! #Futurama, the anime, produced by Production IG. Planet Express now secret anti-terrorism organization slash iPhone antenna repair shop. Zapp Brannigan is Mr. Outside, and the Brain Slugs replace Maria… err… Juiz. And frumpier outfits for Leela.”)

(I was listening to Billy West’s interview on Fresh Air when I wrote that. I was disappointed that his “normal” voice is his Fry voice and not the Zapp Brannigan voice. Who wouldn’t want to walk around town or snoo-snoo sounding like Zapp Brannigan? That would be so awesome.)


So uncute, so unKyoto. What the hell? Looks like Yui is passing a kidney stone.


Mio looks like the Dutch team at the end of the Vuvuzela World Cup finale.


She looks great in single and double ponytails, cooks weird black gelatin things, enjoys S&M, and knows her way around Finland. Mugilicious is awesome. She so needs to become the Pig of Capitalism to Mio’s Krauser after Afterschool Tea Time becomes Detroit Metal Tea Time.


“And if you keep rubbing them, they’ll grow bigger!”



This reminds me of the woman who took the rail instead of properly finishing the Boston Marathon… only the exact opposite.

(This episode brought back memories of Michigan’s Naked Mile. Melonpan, Johnnies, and miles upon miles of plastic wrap. Just quite possibly the greatest campus tradition until the perverts ruined it… I will be telling my great-grand children about it.)

10 Responses to “k-on!! 15”

  1. First Himeko and now the weather forecaster. Dammit, KyoAni, stop teasing us with cute one-shot characters that will never get character development!

  2. ;_; Manga sites got hit hard, and most series got taken down. Sad day. So I went and looked for my Mugivision show, and it turned out to be kind of…iffy. It lacked something, but I can’t quite put my finger onit. Damn it, it’s only 11:05 AM, and I already want the day to be over.

  3. Lulz, Sawa’s collection is the entire Asahina Mikuru collection. When she takes off her glasses… hmmmmmmm…. I see a bit of a resemblance (though admittedly it’d be after some reduction surgery)

    May need to check for a particularly shaped mole on Sawa.

  4. Wow, there wasn’t a single basketball reference. I’m proud of you. Did it end or something? (You know, Basketball. Forever. No no, I’m not really THAT stupid)

  5. Wowww… great story :)

  6. Damn, I was hoping that when Jun told Azusa/Ui that Yui had gone missing, Ui would have a much more horrified expression on her face than the little gasp that she ended up doing. Oh well.

  7. Hmm…
    – Mikuru has a costume rack. Sawa-chan has a costume rack.
    – The Sos-dan is regularly served tea during meetings. HTT is regularly served tea and snacks during meetings.
    – Shamisen is a talking cat. Azunyan is a talking catgirl.
    – 15,532 reboots lasted for eight episodes resulting in ~1941 reboots per episode. Yui ran 42.195 km (in her mind) about 46% of an episode resulting in ~1941 decameters per episode.
    – Yui + Houkago Tea Time + K On = Ku-Hee! I’m Yuki Nagato too!
    How deep does the rabbit hole go, KyoAni? HOW DEEP?

  8. Ritsu must have gotten some off screen Mugi time last episode, and apparently Mugi couldn’t keep up with Ritsu in the bedroom lol

  9. Jun, jumping on the HTT bandwagon after 4/5th have jumped off…

    But because I do not like Jun very much, that is okay, KyoAni.

  10. @Giant Humanoid Robot: I actually got a theory about that. All KyoAni shows take place in the same universe, because Haruhi remakes said unierse whenever she gets bored. First she got bored with her original world, so she recreated it as the world of Lucky Star. Once she got bored of that, she created the world of K-ON!, simple as that.

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