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It’s been over two years since I last updated it (honestly, just don’t have the time), but reader bluemonq stepped up to the plate. Yep, Harem Sabermetrics (v4, pdf) is back! Maybe next time, we’ll get a fangraphs-type level of analysis and detail. I want to know those pesky tsundere win shares.

(Two suggestions: needs more pie charts and needs a yandere/MPD/psycho category.)

(Update: Here’s the original post which explains some of the categories. Some of the fun is trying to guess a haremette is in a particular category. Why is that normal-ish character from Amagami in the yandere category? OH SHI-)

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  1. I’ll consider doing pie charts when they rename them cake charts. Or, you know, Sunday night. And I pondered adding categories, but I’m a little worried that 13 categories is already spreading it out a little thin.
    @everybody: This was knocked out over a period of four days. Since it’s physically impossible for me to have watched 50-something series in that timespan, odds are I probably misspelled something or did something else equally stupid. Let me know, except: “X is not a harem” is not a valid complaint. I harem’ed Lucky Star, all right? I’m not going to let “B-b-but he’s only supposed to be in a love triangle” stop me!

  2. what’s the difference between score and game over?

  3. I already found an error, this Kirishima Futaba person isn’t in Code Geass.

  4. @Limits: I believe Game Over is the other haremette don’t have a snowball’s chance. SCORE is similar, but the others can pull off a Hail Mary play to keep the game going.

  5. Anyone can explain to me what is this?

  6. Hey, a fangraphs reference! “Hey! You got anime in my advanced baseball analysis” “Hey! You got advanced baseball analysis in my anime” Wheeeee!!!! Everyone wins! Well, at least I do.

  7. Game Over needs to be properly defined. For Clannad, it seems to mean that it’s all over for those characters; for Love Hina, it seems to mean that Naru has won, period, and there’s nothing any other haremette can do about it, as cheezit suggests.
    Also, I would love if this data could be given some proper analysis. For this purpose, it would be awesome if we could attach a year made to each of these: I’d love to see how Japan’s nerdy tastes have changed.

  8. So what exactly constitutes replacement level for a haremette?

  9. @Joe4evr: I have absolutely no clue how Kirishima ended up there, considering that the show she should be in (and is in, now that I take a closer look) is halfway down the page. Anyhow, rolled into the next revision.
    @Yes_Cantaloupe: re earlier revisions – marriage is GAME OVER. Pregnancy is GAME OVER. Killing off every other haremette is GAME OVER.
    @ranggaw0636: Jason linked to Revision 3; in the post there should be a link to Revision 1/2 with more details.

  10. @bluemonq
    thanks i’m heading there right now

  11. Replacement level: most of the cast of Amagami.
    Miguel Cabrera: Tomoyo.

  12. OOOooooh. So many graphs and stuff. And I can see why it actually fits.

  13. Hmm…

    Nagato Yuki is a first year like Haruhi and Kyon, so she’s not an underclassman

    Considering the game, F/SN’s final girl is technically a 3 way with Rider and Sakura

    Also, this chart needs horizontal lines…

    A good list, though. I can’t wait to see what Keima’s looks like.

  14. Nice caricature :)

  15. Need to add a student column… seeing as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei should be prime show to have a harem from… there is only 2 characters listed. Other wise i am impressed… good job!

  16. Some additions for next edition:
    Evangelion: Maybe add Mari Makinami?
    Fate/Stay Night: In the film, it is Rin that wins the competition… Also, I would see Taiga as an Onee-chan, Seyla and Leysritt as Meidos, Rider as a Mysterious Girl, and Archer as Itsuki.

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