kizumonogatari announced

Koyomi Vamp, coming not so soon, but coming nonetheless. So many questions… is this an OVA, movie, or TV series? Is Karen Bee involved? Will Aya Hirano actually say something? How could Shaft troll us? Will this come out first, or will Inception land on TNT (We Know Drama) first?

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  1. Looking forward to All-Woman Koyomi taking a season/OVA to herself. Or at least most of the story arcs. either way, it’ll be out before the next Duje Nukem.

  2. Shinobu even. Brainfart. But Myssa might want All Woman Araragi.

  3. Hopefully, this will be good.

  4. Aya Hirano have to speak… There’s seriously only 3 characters of any consequence in that novel, Araragi, Kiss-shot and the homeless priest.

  5. Karen Bee isn’t involved in Kizumonogatari. But earlier this year both Kizumonogatari and Nisemonogatari showed up on Amazon Japan so I think you can expect the sequel at some point as well. Especially considering how everyone and their mum’s seemed to buy this in Japan. Nisemonogatari has Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix (but you already knew that). Kizumonogatari is only about half the length of Bakemonogatari so I suppose they could lengthen it to be 12 episodes if they wanted, they’d make more money that way.

  6. YES!!! (that is all)

  7. Watch them do it silent movie style (maybe even just Shinobu’s lines), yet still prominently display Aya Hirano’s name in the credits.

  8. They can’t. One thing about all of these Monster stories is how talky it is. With only 3 characters (Araragi, Kiss-Shot and Oshino) and VERY LONG streams of dialogue, they simply cannot avoid Aya talking.

  9. It is SHAFT…they’ll find a way to keep her from talking (wall of text with batwing backgrounds).

  10. It’s useless expecting it now, Shaft won’t finish it before 2012 at best.

  11. The subliminal walls of text in Bakemonogatari were just a warm up. It’s not like Shaft has an aversion to trying to be avant garde.

  12. There has to be a catch.

  13. “Looking forward to All-Woman Koyomi”

    I realize this was a brainfart, but… Would watch.

  14. All-woman Koyomi? Tsk tsk, Haess, was that a Freudian slip there?

    Also… Why do I keep on coming up with the image of Kanbaru, except with Araragi’s hair?

  15. Looking forward to All-Woman Koyomi taking a season/OVA to herself.

    Why do I keep on coming up with the image of Kanbaru, except with Araragi’s hair?

    Not sure if I want.

  16. @carotte-chan: The catch is that Hirano Aya will have exactly one line at the very end of the show and will get cutoff a la Sopranos.
    @Myssa Rei: Truth: 4 koma gaijin homage.

  17. Myssa: no, but given Shinobu never says much, names slip my mind. I’d let her have donuts, though.

  18. What would be bad would be if they give her a line, but there is a television in the background showing an anime they Aya voiced…and the line matched the other anime perfectly…so you can’t tell if the voice was from the television or Shinobu.

  19. @ ithekro: Aya self-referencing her own voice acting when voice acting a different character? I think that’s happened before… It could happen.

    @chartsuki: This could also happen. Seems like something Shaft would do… Ah, Shaft.

  20. Re: Shaft-ism, I’m inclined to give them some leeway especially with a dialogue-heavy franchise like Bakemonogatari and its sequels/prequels, but I would not put it pass them to contrive a situation where Shinobu…doesn’t get to speak at all. Aya gets paid in the end anyway, so…

    Haess: Mmm, doughnuts…

  21. Wow. I hope it is awesome. Even with the Shaftizms.
    Im looking forward to it.

    From the Bakemonogatari wikipedia entry: “The anime series was announced in April 2008 and started broadcasting in July 3, 2009 ”

    So fall season next year if they keep on track and keep the same pattern.

  22. Myssa: this isn’t a Working!! post. Needs more Shinobu/Kiss-shot.

  23. I was reading Baka-Tsuki’s translations… and it’s not enough!

  24. Woot, more ararararagi vampire!

    Jason, have you seen Black Rock Shooter? Seems down your alley.

  25. Mute Shinobu-chan is cute.
    Not sure if Aya Hirano can match the kind of voice I’m imagining for well-endowed hawt pyscho Kiss-shot.Basically, a badass voice. For reference, I’m thinking oof someone like Junko Minagawa (Cornelia in Geass, Akira in Aria).
    But this is just a detail in what is otherwise awesome news. I’m betting (and hoping) for a movie so Shaft can count with more money.

  26. Rh: it can’t hurt to let her try. Kobayashi Yuu has a killer sexy voice too, though.

  27. I’m a big Kobayashi Yuu fan as well. She can do the crazy!

  28. In case anyone still don’t know, Also announce are new set of bakemonogatari novels:

    傾物語 まよいキョンシー 2010/12 –> Kabuki monogatari mayoi kyonshi (Chinese jumping vampire?)
    花物語 するがデビル 2011/3 –> Hana monogatari Suruga Devil
    囮物語 なでこメデューサ 2011/6 –> Otori (Lure, Decoy) monogatari Nadeko Medusa (Yep, she is upgrade)
    鬼物語 しのぶタイム 2011/9 –> Oni monogatari Shinobu Time
    恋物語 ひたぎエンド 2011/12 –> Koi monogatari Hitagi End (Holy Crab!)

    I hope shaft got half of Nisio Isin speed…

  29. Yay that Hanekawa will be in it ^_^

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