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(Swiftly approved. Just when you thought Azu-nyan couldn’t be more cat-like moe.)


Loved Azu-nyan’s lyrics… but not as much as I loved Mugilicious’. Utterly fantastic. We need to get Mugi on 7th Expansion’s writing staff ASAP. And, yes, that’s not a compliment for 7th Expansion when I think that Mugi would be a huge upgrade for them.

(When Mugi and Lindsey Lohan finally have their same sex marriage in LA, I’m rooting for Mugi to write her own vows. Riveting wouldn’t even begin to describe it.)


Enjoyed how all the girls were too busy fixing their hair to practice (I can only imagine what the guy watching them on camera was thinking. But good to see that Kyoto actually pays attention to the unwritten rule that all girls need to fix their hair when presented with a mirror even if said hair doesn’t need fixing. More importantly, notice how Mugilicious was the only one who didn’t fix her hair? She was too busy preparing drinks! Mugi is awesome.


Mio… fist pumps and enjoys watching sports? Class C-ish zettai ryouiki, fear of barnacles, left-handed, plays the bass, and sports an awesome ponytail. Kyoto (and Kakifly), quit mining my dreams!

(Yes, Mio has overtaken Mugilicious in the grand prix going on in my mind. But we’re all winners here… wait, why am I sharing this out loud?)


Mr. Asbestos and Ms. Mold: We’re in your school, ruining your health! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

(Though if it revealed that Yui enjoys eating the lead paint chips in the classroom, it would explain a lot. A LOT.)


Kyoto dominates the fashion category. It would have been a shame if they worked on Mirai Nikki since Yukki and Yuno basically wear the same basic clothes the whole series (except the last few chapters when Yuno decided it’s a great idea to just run around in her lingerie). As greatly coordinated as their casual clothes are, Azu-nyan sports a double ponytail while Mugilicious does a standard. Ritsu, on the other hand, looks like an onion.

(Good thing or bad thing that I’ve added “Mugilicious” to my spell checker’s dictionary?)


You just knew they were going to waste their time and their money at the recording studio. More predictable than yet another Dan Quayle Stormin’ Norman Joe Biden Tony Hayward Sarah Palin gaffe.

(Though I am impressed they lugged all that equipment around. At this point, I’m positive Azu-nyan could enter competitive body-building if she took a few… uh… supplements.)


The rare nomadic all-girl band.

(I would love to see the VH1 Behind the Music special for Afterschool Tea Time, but, if I can’t get that, I would settle for a special NPR All Songs Considered episode for them. For some reason, picturing Bob Boilen trying to interview ADD-addled Yui cracks me up.)


They sit around… eat sweets… have dinner at fast food burger joints… and they stay as skinny as the plot for Strike Witches. Could it be that they’re burning all the calories by running from place to place with heavy instruments? Nah… can’t be, right? But it were true, I look forward to seeing “The Afternoon Tea Time Diet” on the NYT bestsellers list.

(What is the hell is it with all these survival shows on Discovery? Dual Survival? Man vs. Wild? Man, Woman, Wild? The Colony? Worst Case Scenario? And they had that one epic Alaska survival reality show that almost killed a contestant. I can’t wait for their next survival show: Light Music Club Survival, where they drop off various K-On! characters in harsh environments. Mugi would be dropped off at the electrical engineering department of Berkeley, Yui would be left alone in her house without Ui there, Mio would be trapped in a barnacle farm, Nodoka would be visiting the Palin Compound, and Ui would be re-enacting Simon’s quest to find Nia/Yui.)

(Also more survival show ideas for Discovery Channel… Zombie Survival, Anime Blogger Survival, Mike Tyson Survival, Sulu’s Survival Tactics, and my personal favorite Discovery Channel Producer Survival.)


Genius at work.


Ui reminds me of the devoted waifu of a wife beater. Just complete irrational love for Yui. In fact, it’s beyond creepy. I’m also positive that K-On! is a side-story for Mirai Nikki with Ui winning the previous game and wishing that she could be with Yui forever.

(And, yes, no doubt that Ui’s totem is small voodoo of Yui.)


“Is it weird to call my guitar ‘Gitah’?”

No. No it’s not. People name their guns, their rugby balls (see Panic, Full Metal), their giant mecha, their sex organs, their cars, their computers, their iPads… why not name a guitar? I feel like it should be even more widespread.


Lastly… ZERG RUSH!!!

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  1. Can I say “this post needed more Ritsu and Mio”?

  2. Waste of money? Perhaps, but at least they’re back on the subject of making music.
    By the way, while naming an iPad might not be that strange (mine is iRene), what about phones (iSaac IV)?

  3. I would love to see how Ui reacts if Yui ever got a boyfriend. If said boyfriend were to exist, I think he’d be missing some limbs when he wakes up.

  4. An Onion-Ritsu is fine too.

  5. So what is the name of your iPad, Ringo?

  6. The k-on crew finally had the chance to become infamous rock stars and smash up the whole school a la Rena/The Who but they get overruled by all the other students. What would Krauser II do (WWDMCD) when some innocent schoolgirls ask to turn down the music?

    Mugi is indeed awesome. She has already broken Mio during strawberry gate in front of all the other band members. Just imagine what she could/can do with just the 2 of them. It will surely involve hidden cameras…

  7. To Jason

    Mugilicious! O NOM NOM NOM
    Check out this prototype figurine;
    I’ll use “Mugilicious” as often as I can…

    Back to SCII


  8. afaik, that “Is it weird to call my guitar ‘Gitah’?” scene was more along the lines of:
    “Does the way I carry my guitar look sillly?”
    Hence why she asks it after looking in the mirror.
    Also, note that Mio and Azusa carry their guitar bags on one shoulder.

    I’d like to think that Yui would never question Gitah’s name or existence.
    At least not before questioning whether it’s weird that she spoons with Gitah, and that’s never gonna be a concern to her.

  9. What can come between Yui and Gitah? Ui? Maybe Azusa.
    However, I’m am preparing for a 50+ image post in the near future.

  10. I named my guitar.
    I named a lot of my things actually. Mostly my electronics : )

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