ore no imouto 2

Chatroulette with Kirino? Yes, please. Kekeke.

Explain to me again the point of this series? I mean, we have the perfect trappings of a typical tsundere female / overmatched male pairing a la “The JC Staff Triumvirate” of Shana, Zero, and Toradora… yet… it’s not about JC Staff, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll get a kissing scene between Kirino and Kyousuke, isn’t that where this is supposed to head? Or have I just watched one too many episodes of Sister Princess?

(They were only half-siblings in Sister Princess as their dad has got to be one of the most virile and pimpest men alive. He probably is a cross between Wilt Chamberlain and the Most Interesting Man in the World from those Dos Equis commercials to have fathered so many daughters with so many women spanning so many continents. And then– wow– all twelve daughters are madly in love with the poor male lead? What are the odds…)

(Honestly, Oreimo is the new Genshiken. Great one-liners. Who’d thought that the one-liner king of this season would be this show and not TWGOK? Damn you Manglobe.)


“If you can’t clear it now, you’re a dead man! The next game is waiting for you!”

Slavedriver tsundere imouto who likes playing eroges. Yet… seems strangely plausible. What’s not plausible? That hideous green nail color. Ewwww. No middle school girl would be caught dead with such hideous nail color.


“Let me tell you what people in the real world think, you post-Evangelion biter.”

The fight with Kuroneko? Epic. Epic. Epic. Love a good catfight over who likes what anime better, especially between underaged girls. It’s like seeing “Tastes great / Less filling” only with smaller melonpan involved.

(I really enjoyed the post-Evangelion biter. I wonder how many of my readers that would encompass, oh that’s right, I wrote a birth year post already.)


“Meruru doujinshis are all aimed at adult males. She’s simply a hole for their lust.”

I like how they’re browsing little girl pr0n in broad daylight as if they’re shopping for shampoo at Target. Gosh, Japan may just be superior to the US. Andohbytheway, if I went into any doujinshi shop in Akihabara right now, I doubt I’ll find three middle school girls shopping in it. This anime makes me suspend my belief system more than Star Driver.


“Art does not a ‘clothes off’ feature.”

Shut your pie hole! Of course it does! “Clothes off” feature improves everything. Except maybe church, any electrical engineering class, and Chatroulette.


Enjoyed how the dad was totally unconcerned about the son while the daughter was getting grilled. This is why gender equality is impossible– because the dad is thinking, “I used to troll around the mall when I was a kid trying to get girls to sext me pictures of their booty.” Now he has a daughter with an unlimited SMS plan. Ruh roh.



I think twintails occur in anime like fifty times more than in real life. It’s almost a fictional hairstyle for women over twelve.



“Saori Bajeena”… best pr0n name ever.



Twintailed meido whose default term of endearment is “onii-chan”? Yes, please. I’d like a side of that. If I had to pick what she’d call me… mmm… maybe “onii-chan” just to experience it once (a week).

(I’ll just leave this image here.)


Lulu! What are you doing here instead of Star Driver? I predicted at this point that Kirino would attack the BL aspect of this show. Yep, I was right. How can this not be so totally fabulous? I think much like modern politics, anime has splintered… there’s just a moe camp and a BL camp. The poor true moderates in the middle just get shafted.


“We’ll always be together.”

Wait, no h-scenes? Rip-off.

(How does Kirino cope with all the sex scenes in these eroges? Does she skip them? Does she enjoy them? Does she make fun of them? There’s some serious questions that this show isn’t answering…)


“Calm down, it’s just an anime.”

Along the lines of… “It’s just a flesh wound,” “It’s just herpes,” “It’s just Glenn Beck,” “It’s just my husband,” “It’s just Evangelion,” “It’s just a sex tape from my youth,” and “It’s just the rotting corpses of my dead parents and the me from this parallel world.”

(Best McDonald’s afterparty ever. For all you high school seniors… instead of going to your rich friend’s house for an afterparty, hit up In-and-Out instead.)


You know how zettai ryouiki has different grades? I think tsundere should have them too. Kirino is definitely an S-class.

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  1. Didn’t comment at all at the fact that GENDOU IKARI is their dad? It adds with the intimidation factor.

  2. Is it odd I find his frined from school entertaining? Its like she’s there to make sure he has a healthy relationship out in the world or something.

    I think this episode made me decide to move the show from, “2010 Autumn Show BatcH” to, “Own show’s folder batcH” like SOra no Otoshimono was at. Kind of a cliche show, but I’m liking it. And its apparent lack of trainwreckness like say, Yasugu no Sora (which I am calling the Trainwreck fo the Season myself).

    And stuff.

  3. that meido was friggin amazing

  4. I thought Saori Bajeena was a Gundam Z reference…(I mean it’s just a psydoneum not her real name right?)

  5. I agree – Oreimo is the new Genshiken…at least that’s what it looks like…at least that’s what I hope.

  6. Megaman0: Yeah, I assumed that (at least the surname Saori used) was an online handle as well that referenced Zeta, in the same way KuroNeko’s referenced the (in-series) anime Maschera.

  7. >I doubt I’ll find three middle school girls shopping in it

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was only 2 middle school girls. I haven’t read that far into the manga, or read the light novels, but “Saori Bajeena” doesn’t strike me as a middle schooler. Also, the lack of men in that (or any) doujinshi shop in Akihabara disturbs me.

  8. Kyousuke needs hints turned on in order to complete eroges? Keima’s turning in the grave Manglobe has dug for him.

    As soon as Kuroneko spoke I knew I recognised her voice from somewhere – she’s Tenshi! She says “Handle-name” just like “Guardo-skill”!

    Overall, another surprisingly funny episode, lots of good scenes.

  9. Saori Bajeena? I heard “Sorry Vagina” ….

  10. Didn’t he ask for a clean version because the thought of a bro-sis h-scene was too traumatic for him?

  11. Kirino a S-Class Tsundere? Would that make Kyou GODLIKE then?

  12. /a/ is right, this show is totally about them… if 4chan were filled with über-cute middle schoolers. Moe Genshiken much? Also, Saori Bajiina would be so perfect as Madarame’s girlfriend.
    Ohandbytheway, you’re right, Jason, twintails are so much scarce IRL than in anime. Same with sidetails. On the other hand, if they were as common as in anime, the percentage of men in jail would be so much higher, if you know what I mean.

  13. It may be a Midwest thing, but I do see the occasional pigtails on a 3D post-college gal (twintails shorter sister, so to speak). [Yesterday in fact!] Unfortunately, it tends to be a situational hairstyle, versus a stylistic one.

    If I ever happen to see sidetails outside of Japan, or a anime convention, I may have to check my totem to make sure I’m not dreaming.

    What does it say about anyone that enjoyed the level of detail of the Akiba shops that were shown (Comic Toranoana, Animate, etc.)? What does it say, if you happen to think that you recognize the cafe the IRL happened at? Um, just asking.

  14. Got a kick out of the Toranoana, Animate, and Gamers shops cameo in Akiba, since I was there just last month. Didn’t see any middle-school girls though: it was mostly middle-age guys instead crowding around the h-doujins. :(

  15. >Along the lines of… “It’s just a flesh wound,” “It’s just herpes,” “It’s just Glenn Beck,” “It’s just my husband,” “It’s just Evangelion,” “It’s just a sex tape from my youth,” and “It’s just the rotting corpses of my dead parents and the me from this parallel world.”

    You forgot the all important “It’s just a game.”

  16. >Got a kick out of the Toranoana, Animate, and Gamers shops cameo in Akiba, since I was there just last month. Didn’t see any middle-school girls though: it was mostly middle-age guys instead crowding around the h-doujins. :(

    This is creepy and slightly disappointing.

  17. Aside from what other people already told you you forgot, you also neglected to mention that Kuroneko was weirded out by the XXL Men’s dress from her own show (my favorite part this episode).

  18. (I’ll just leave this image here.)

    Wait… jason… is that you?

  19. >Moe Genshiken much?
    The people have spoken. Viva la resistance.
    After the sales of K-On and Lucky Star, why wouldn’t you want to try a series with cute girls?

  20. Gendou Ikari should be Japan’s official father voice actor. Why is there a censorship law and no law enforcing the father role?

    I’ll say this: Gendou Ikari is the most Gar father ever. Proof? If he has a daughter, she’s Pantheon-Level hot (Senjougahara, Kirino), and has “interesting personality” to boot. If he has a son, that son will attract the hottest women (Misato, Asuka, Rei, etc.) in a given environment, even though his son can be Shinji Ikari: S-class wimp. Which boy growing up wouldn’t want a father like that?

    Of course, if he has both a son and daughter, we end up with Ore No Imouto types of trainwreck… WOW! Feels like I solved an E=mc^2-type equation of anime!

    I bet Belldandy/Urd/Skuld’s father is probably voiced by Gendou Ikari. Does the voice actor have any daughters IRL?

  21. >It’s just the rotting corpses of my dead parents and the me from this parallel world.
    Damn it Jason!

  22. This cat fight can be converted into Aya Hirano(tsundere sister) vs Nana Kitade (goth-loli). I really wish I was born in the 90’s instead to enjoy the new generation of children.

  23. the father of the sisters in sister princess is Tomaru Sawagoe who is also the father of Makoto Ituo and Youko Inou (mother of sekai) of school days, so that explains why all of them have a different mother.

  24. That isn’t a Dojinshi shop… I think it’s Gamer’s (normal anime shop with Dojinshi) or another one of the anime-mega stores in Akihabara.. I recall seeing lots of girls there when I was there.

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