the world god only knows 5

“I’m busy, bitch. Don’t talk to me.”

Yes! Kaminomi zo Shiru Sekai is hitting its groove. Properly paced, well-executed– can’t wait for the next episode. Though my enthusiasm for Kanon is tempered knowing that later on, she’s going to be pene– err– bad choice of words. In any case, she’s one of my favorite heroines… just not my favorite. My favorite? Well, you can probably guess from my Twitter avatar.


Why do I like Kanon? She’s this perfectly generic, dolled up idol… except… “USO DA! USO DA!” Yep, she’s the yandere idol. Awesome. Unless you’re allergic to mild tasers. I couldn’t stop laughing during this scene… just too good. Keima completely obviously to the situation with Kanon becoming more and more emotionally desperate.

(Even better is Keima geting shocked but Elysee is too stupid to notice. They’re just a great couple.)

(And why is it because she’s an idol she gets to take off like three months from school? To be more realistic, she’d drop out of school and get knocked up by a backup dancer.)


“This is my secret place.”

“Your secret place is well-trimmed.”

*whistles innocently*


“A living idol is doomed to fall! Their skin begins to sag, they get wrinkles, they smoke, they retire over scandal, and, as they mature, you hear things you never wanted to hear about!’

Keima’s idol rant is 100% awesome. Except he completely forgot about how disposable idols are– today’s idol is tomorrow’s trash. And, yeah, both 2D and 3D idols suffer the same way. We once cared about Akari from To Heart to be replaced with To Heart 2‘s Tamaki-nee. We once cared about Yui, Mio, Mugilicious, Ritsu, and Ayu-nyan, and they’ll be replaced with another girl band (maybe not GalDeMo) someday. It happens. No different than Tim Duncan replace David Robinson or Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe. Moe is a tough job with a short self-life. Unless you’re Mikuru Prime and have access to a time machine.

(Why is it idol scandals like Sayaka Akimoto’s usually involve young hawt girls with creepy older men? He’s almost triple her age! And she’s 22!!! I dunno. And, yeah, Aya Hirano sparked a CD/DVD burning when it was revealed she was dating an older man who banged another idol or something. Idols are serious business. No, I’m serious.)

(It could be worse. Their idol could have one day been a pretty girl next door from Wasilla, Alaska… and twenty years later make George W. Bush seem like a genius by comparison.)


Why does the sample idol from Keima’s epic idol rant look like a character from Ookami-san? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Kanon duel-wields cat-tasers like how Ookami-san duel-wields cat-gloves?


It’s a trap!

(Adorable, but still a trap.)


“I want to touch everyone with my music!”

“I’ve already been touched!”

(Fifteen minute break guys… I’ll be back.)


(And I’m back.)

“Going to shoot everyone with my love cannon”

This is too easy… anyway…

I liked Kanon’s “I’m popular! I’m an idol! I’m a popular idol!” montage quite a bit. Enjoyed all the typical, sugary idol activities (except the “getting caught with creepy guy who is older than her dad”). The lyrics to her song are tremendous, as they use her name as an English noun. And you just know she’s doing all these activities while thinking of Keima much like how Tomoyo couldn’t not think of Tomoya during her OVA.

(Wow, can’t believe I wrote that post over two years ago. Time flies. It was one of my favorite posts… I’m just a sucker for Tomoyo and that ending. “In front of me, the girl who likes me stood.” Fantastic. And I am a complete pushover for sad girls in snow… mebbe this is why I live in snow-less California.)

(Okay, twenty-four minute break so I can go watch that damn episode again.)


(And… I’m back. Again.)

Enjoyed Kanon’s attempt to win Keima over with private one-on-one concerts. Didn’t take. Honestly, Kanon, not even Miley Cyrus Party in the USA-class stripper poles would have helped. What you should have done is made a harem visual novel where you’re the impossible final boss. That would have gotten his attention.

A few other notes about the concert…

… her outfit is tremendous. It’s flirty, sexy, and Christmas-y.

… how did she manage to get all this stage equipment on the roof? And why is there a garden on the roof? It was a funding and engineering feat for Cal Academy to get a green roof… can’t imagine they have this in a random Japanese high school. A roof that nice would attract a lot more students.

… Elysee was hiding behind a tree about three sizes too small for her. Kanon never notices? Love is blind.


Even though I knew the gag was coming, still hilarious. Kanon’s epic O_O face is epic.


Another thing I enjoyed about this episode? Elysee gushing over Kanon swimsuit photos. How awkward and surreal would a Keima-Elysee-Kanon threesome be? Would this be more or less improbably than a Lulu-Shirley-Kallen threesome?


Manglobe’s eyecatches continue to be deliciously good. I like how this episode all centered around Elysee wearing idol garb.

(Great idea for an RPG– Idol Warrior! Basically, you win fans by “battling” them with music. You level up and allocate stats like appearance, vocals, dancing, and melonpan. You find armor like “sailor fuku” or “nekomini hairband” in “dungeons.”)


An SD Elysee is fine too.

(Also, I’m surprised that Keima’s mom has yet to notice that both her son and her “new” daughter wear matching purple collars. Though I completely forgot about them about sixty chapters ago in the manga since they’ve pretty much disappeared as a plot point. Keima now seems like he’s looking forward to conquering 3D girls… and might be disappointed when he fails. OH GEASS NO!!!)


Why does Kanon’s manager remind me of Grace from Macross Frontier? That would be awesome if she sold out Kanon to the Vajra, and Keima had to go save her. And then, of course, we’d have a Minmay ending, except Elysee would trip and unplug the speakers thus dooming the human race.


“I don’t have anyone I can rely on besides you, Keima… I… haven’t forgotten you, Keima-kun. I remember everything.”

Gotta love when yandere turn into deredere. Even if we might not see it until season five.


… bedroom eyes. <3

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  1. Yeah, definitely can’t wait till Elysee turns into the final obstacle. Her manga to anime translation went over very well. She’s much cuter in the anime when she’s not SD.

  2. Having caught up with the manga just in time for the anime premier, I have to say that Kanon in her introductory arc didn’t do anything for me. The “Love me!” angle fueled by insecurity made me roll my eyes, but when she finally returned many many chapters later she became… I don’t know, likeable? Must be because she was less yandere and more mellow.

    Bring on the Goddess Candidates!

  3. don’t taze me bro!

  4. Are you going to change how you spell Elysee’s name for every episode?

    I’m enjoying the non-anime references in this show, like the Charlie Brown faces a few eps ago and this one’s Pac-Man noises. (Keima imagines himself as a ghost and Kanon as Pac-Man. So in his games does he see the girls as the protagonists and himself as an NPC in their story?)

  5. When Elsee is alone, she humps tables while looking at Kanon’s swimsuit pictures.

  6. Manglobe’s been doing better for the last 2 episodes, and I enjoy seeing the manga being animated – but it could have been so much better in another studio’s hands.

    Kanon’s songs were lame – KyoAni (preferably their A Team, if it didn’t disband after Clannad AS) or P.A. Works would have done far better on that front (though P.A. Works probably shouldn’t be trusted with adaptation duties).

    Keima’s voice (and the personality it implies) is still wrong, and that’s not gonna change – but his ranting tone is getting a little better.

    The manga on the other hand has leapt to new levels of awesomeness ever since Kanon’s re-emergence.

  7. >(Great idea for an RPG– Idol Warrior! Basically, you win fans by “battling” them with music.
    Isn’t this what a bard is?

  8. I was under the impression that bards are supposed to annoy people with their music.

  9. Dammit Jason! Every time you refer to a characters Super Deformity as SD, I think Standard Definition. I do a double take EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    That aside, I’m falling in love with Keima’s mom all over again. She is both awesome and fearsome with her kids. Loved when she caught Elsee practicing idol moves.

  10. (Great idea for an RPG– Idol Warrior! Basically, you win fans by “battling” them with music. You level up and allocate stats like appearance, vocals, dancing, and melonpan. You find armor like “sailor fuku” or “nekomini hairband” in “dungeons.”)

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Nippon Ichi or Gust already had one. Ar Tonelico is practically 2/3 of the way there.

  11. >I was under the impression that bards are supposed to annoy people with their music.
    I fail to see how that’s any different from an idol.

    See also: Bieber.

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