there’s something about mary

“I feel empty.”

(“There she goes / There she goes again / Pulsing through my veins / And I just can’t contain / This feeling that remains”)

It’s been almost a relief not thin slicing this season as I don’t have to watch as much bad anime as I would do for that post. Except, sometimes, as we all know, anime can be so bad that it’s so good. When I saw that Yosuga no Sora was tag-teamed by Gansis and Feel (the Rex Grossman and Donovon McNabb of anime studios), I put it on the back burner for a rainy day. And, guess what, it’s raining neko-tachi and inu-tachi in California today. Unfortunately, Yosuga no Sora isn’t in that category. It’s more of a it’s so bad, it’s almost mediocre because of the melonpan.

First off, when Amagami took the high road with the omnibus harem format, Yosuga no Sora went the low, apple-bottom jeans route. Every episode seems to feature plenty of topless haremette shots (even more so than Princess Lover) as well as a segment where a haremette would, uh, pleasure herself. And not in a subtle table-humping way.

(I tried to resist writing this post. Really did. This show doesn’t deserve a post. But the pathetic meido… I’m a sucker for meido.)


Recycling from my Twitter: “Is Yosuga no Sora the prequel for Black Lagoon‘s Hansel and Gretel?” Absolutely no doubt. Either that or they’ll go on to become Brad Childress and Wade Phillips.


“Make me come…”


“… to school with you tomorrow.”

I hate cliffhangers that get resolved within the first five seconds of the next episode. Star Trek TNG was infamous for pulling this crap.


When a cute haremette plays her violin for me, I always fantasize about:

A. How the music takes me back to 1850 France.
B. My fantasy football team. Oh Adrian Peterson, you stuff it in well~~
C. Eating a Five Guys cheeseburger.
D. Bonking said haremette a la Ray J and Kim Kardashian.
E. Threesome with said haremette and Adrian Peterson back in 1850 France while enjoying a Five Guys cheeseburger.


The sister? Creepy as heck. All she does is text her brother all day long. Creepiest part? She’s using a Treo! Damn, what sane person uses a stylus anymore? Reminded me of a discussion I got into with a coworker a few weeks ago when he was complaining that an iPad is so inferior to his Windows 7 tablet because the iPad doesn’t have a stylus. I was like, “Right, the same percentage of people who want to use a stylus with their tablet is the same as the same percentage of people who enjoy prostate exams.” Most hilarious part was that he lost his stylus the next day.

(I use my iPad now more than any other computer I own. People always ask me about Office for the iPad… seriously, how often do I use Office outside of work? Never. Hasn’t been anything I need more than PlainText for iPad to do in the past six months.)

(And I laughed when people were worried about some DST bug with iPhones… uh, iPhone time is synced to your cell provider so they can proper overcharge you for calls and texts. Even when I was using an unlocked iPhone with T-Mobile, it still synced time properly. The carrier sets the time. Not Apple. You’d think these tech blogs would be a bit smarter.)


FYI, this is as flat as you’ll find in this anime. Basically, all the haremettes make the Amagami and Baywatch casts look chobo.

(Since her name is “Sora,” I figure she would be the end-girl. It’s not like we don’t have enough anime about sea creature haremettes and little sister end-girls this season. Why not combine the two?)


“He’s a pretty boy with a clingy little sister, no personality, and no money– I THINK I’M IN LOVE!!!”

At least in Amagami, the haremettes play somewhat hard to get. Not here. They’re all drippin– err– gaga for the typical loser male. Let’s just say Haruka is amazing at playing Tiger Woods.

(And, yeah, I tried not to write his name, but it’s “Haruka.” I feel dirty.)


This anime features an OP, an ED, and a second ED. Holy fillers, Batman!

16 Responses to “there’s something about mary”

  1. A really good soft pr0n.

  2. At least in Amagami, the haremettes play somewhat hard to get

    Wow. I’m lost for words about how easy these girls must be if you can type that with a straight face.

  3. They’re easier then ‘You had me at hello!’

  4. I’ll have to admit, desperate idiot meido had me in ep 1.

  5. Eh, Ill just watch it for the sake of having something to do.

  6. For a typical looser male lead, see Fortune Arterial. Also see that show for horribly generic VN adaptation. Haruka? Straight up alpha male manliness. Sees a chick emotionally open? He kisses her. Hawt naked miko climbs into the bath with him? Boom, they go at it till they both pass out. Manly men doing manly things with the haremettes aside, the directing, composition and flow of Yosuga no Sora impresses me. As of ep 5 at least. They have a story, they know which parts they want to tell and they are telling it.

  7. I guess I could complain that is it heavy on the melodrama and cliché , but that’s like going to a football game and complaining about the lines, numbers and all that damn grass-like substance on the field. That’s how this game is played.

  8. Not a typical loser male lead anymore men ….
    This time he can actually BANG the girls ^^. He must be god blessed or whatever (yeah, consider that he is indeed a loser)

  9. @Coyote: I was going to skip this show, but your comment is tempting me. Totally unrelated, are you a fan of snakes and apples?

  10. @Coyote: Most male leads in VNs are actually like that, though. They just get toned down for adaptations because we usually don’t get any sex.

  11. @coyote: This. He’s not your typical loser. Being a goddamn chick magnet sure helps, but at least with Kazuha he played the Casanova allmost flawlessly. The “ojou-sama get” was clean and elegant, he said and did what was needed exactly when it was needed; Keima would be proud. And to boot, he banged her in a kimono. Just delicious. Clichéd to hell, I know, but delicious.
    Also, class inchou is so cute, and seems like she’ll have a parody arc just like the meido. Yayfications!

  12. @cheezit: Snakes and apples? Not particularly, unless badgers are involved.

  13. Kotomi-chan. And bullying. Excuse me a moment…
    I think the guy’s popularity has more to do with his ability to sparkle like a Twilight vampire whenever he’s looked at than anything else. Just goes to show that every Haruka is amazing to somebody. (Speaking of which, does this post mean you’ll finish blogging Minami-ke if we send you pics of Mako-cakes pleasuring herself?)

  14. Woops, should be a

    When a cute haremette plays her violin for me, I always fantasize about

    at the beginning there. Proofreading, my age old nemesis! We meet once more…

  15. > They’re all drippin– err– gaga
    Nah, dripping alright. He must have stolen the goddamn Tohno Gland.

    > This anime features an OP, an ED, and a second ED. Holy fillers, Batman!
    To compensate, it’s also longer than a regular episode. About 26min total.

  16. I had this hallucinogenic and pollyanna-ish misgueided notion that this show would be MUCH better than it actually is. I was counting on it being the stuff of epic literature….the JUDE THE OBSCURE of anime. So much for THAT bright focking blotter acid idea.

    But fock it all….I’ll keep watching it anyway, since I can watch it for free and thus it’s cheaper than watching/playing a visual novel/dating sim. AND I don’t have to make any DECISIONS other than firing up VLC Media Player 1.1.4 The Luggage.

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