puella magi madoka magica 2

It Would Be Really Nice

(A fifty hour orgy with dozens and dozens of meido with varying hairstyles from the ponytail to the sidetail etc etc etc and varying leggings from tights to thigh highs to loose socks etc etc etc. I’m going to hell, ain’t I?)

I like all the geometric shapes in this show. Shaft, if anything, appeals to my inner (outer?) math nerd. Circular familiar cat-like creature, triangular table, square pudding, linear skirts, trapezoidal plates, square cushions, circular rugs, and round melonpan. 360 degrees of awesome.

(Thigh highs, crew, and tights… mmm… oh wait, am I thinking out loud again?)

Nice camera angle. What Shaft does well, part two: interesting camera angles to showcase heroines.

I won the anime blogger office pool of “when will a tentacle villain show up in Puelle Magi Madoka Magica” with episode two. Come on, easy money. You just knew Shaft wouldn’t be able to resist tentacles and cute, innocent little girls. Easier bet than “LeBron James will injure his knee right after ripping Cavalier fans on Twitter then denying he wrote said tweet.”

(Next up on the pool? How many tentacle villains will show up in this season of PMMM? My bet? Six.)

(Delicious striped leggings… almost… bacon-like… *Homer Simpson drool* Oh wait, am I thinking out loud again? Doh!)

ocswing: You know how you can say a word so much in a short time that it stops making any sense. It’s just some random combination of letters that you doubt make up a real word. You’ve reached that point with the phrase “Shaft being Shaft.” What I even wrote there I have trouble comprehending. What is “Shaft”?

Obviously not a regular reader. Shaft is an anime studio famous (infamous?) for doing wacky animation for the sake of animation. It is now a meme, “Shaft being Shaft” to describe since nonsense animation style for the sake of having a nonsense animation style. It was inspired by Manny Ramirez’s Manny being Manny to describe anything weird Manny did. I coined this phrase back in 2009 in the Maria+Holic post, and now is used by dozens of bloggers and is even a category at some image depots. I like how I have to write this every few months since people are too lazy to search for “Shaft being Shaft”.

Interestingly, the visuals for this Shaft being Shaft alternate loli battling world feature roses, butterflies, clovers, scissors, thorns, and mustaches. Obviously, it’s symbolism for the coming of age of a little girl. The mustaches represent the creepy men interested in said girls.

Madoka’s mom is one high quality MILF. I cannot wait for her to go up against Taki… we all know she’s one of the yet unrevealed Selacao. Is it sacrilegious to think she might save Japan better than Taki? Noblesse oblige. Please continue being a MILF messiah.

(I watch probably too much House Hunters International, and I just want to see the episode of how the Madoka clan settled in this house. This is the most ridiculous bathroom since the unisex one from Ally McBeal.)

So based off this panoramic of this urban Gotham-ish city in which the story takes place, please point out where there’s open space and trees for the beautiful park-like walkway that goes to the school and the forest that surrounds the ridiculous bathroom.

First comment I received about this episode? “How cute~~ It’s jason-ko!!!” OTL.

Ridiculous deus ex machina ending. I guess the big plot problem with magical girl genre is that every battle always seems to end with some magical girl whipping out a powerful spell out of her ass and viola. Why can’t we get a magical girl series that uses standard attacks in novel ways, kinda like how Link can use his boomerang in various ways or how Dirk Diggler can use his Johnny in various ways.

(I should really create a “Anime Laws of Physics”… Law 1? Humans are fast enough to dodge pew pew lasers. Law 2? Guns do not recoil, unless the recoil is intended to produce a cheap panty shot.)

“How could you become so intimate in just one day?”

That’s exactly what I thought too! This is what I felt Star Driver should have been about– lesbian misunderstandings, coming of age, and gar dueling. What I got instead? Uninteresting characters, no themes, and lol-win-button dueling. At least go train wreck at this point.

Almost feels like a scene from my upcoming light novel, Moe of the Dead. I have to say I enjoy Mami’s twin drills and Madoka’s twin tails quite a bit. DOUBLE PONYTAIL! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

Upon seeing the Grief Seed, I was disappointed Mami didn’t let out a little moan when she used it like some sort of magical heroin. (Okay, heroin is magical already, but this is more magical.) Of course, we should expect the plot to reveal that Mami is– gasp– not the good one (Homura is)… and she’s only trying to get Sayaka and Madoka to get addicted to said Grief Seeds so they would become her personal magical seed coke whores. First one is always free.

Interesting foreground, background, and character perspectives. Shaft obviously spikes the company chamomile tea with LSD.

So disappointed in Kyubey. Just seems like a generic cat with spacey rings tossed into be more exotic. Shaft, I’m disappointed in you. You should be sarcastic and spiteful or perverted and cheesy or rapey and tentacley. But it’s not too late to trade for a better mascot… they can get Carmelo Anthony, Mesousa, Mayoi Snail, or Onsakumaru still. I’m hoping for Onsakumaru. Nothing like a perverted circle-thingie to spice this show up.

(Why am I thinking Shaft overruled at the very last minute the idea to give Madoka “X” hair ornaments?)

I like Sayaka quite a bit. She’s cheery, she’s energetic, she’s skilled in baseball, and she possibly might have sexy time with Madoka if the conditions are right.

(No books, no pencils, and no paper… I would say this school is all iPad-based, but I have yet to see an iPad. There’s no storage space! And those desks seem really uncomfortable.)


Shaft being Shaft.

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  1. SHAFT being SHAFT in appropriate ways is fun. And Mami being evil should be expected, given how she was introduced and the drill hair. Ditto Kyube being evil.

    I can’t wait.

  2. Yeah, count me among those who’re getting uncomfortable vibes from both Mami and Kyubey. As in Bokurano-level uncomfortable. They’re not telling Sayaka and Madoka the whole truth about the Witch Hunt, just enough to get them interested really. And I wouldn’t put too much stock in the ‘wish’ Kyubey is apparently capable of granting. Don’t hope too much girls, because as they say Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

  3. I want one of those desks.
    Hell, I wish back in my day, we could carry iPads or netbooks or whatever to class, instead of having to grow out my hair and taping the headphone wire to the back of my skull to listen to music/cheat on geography.
    Then college happened, and it turns out that having a computer in class isn’t quite as helpful to cheat, because test websites come alt+tab blocked OTL.

  4. So glad you’re blogging this one.

    Love MILF messiah

  5. I can’t say I like this show. Shaft is just not fit for magical girl genre. They tried to make the background extraordinary, but the plot is mediocre. Too mediocre for the ridiculous background.

  6. I dunno, so far I like Shaft being Shaft Mahou Shoujo. And plot? It’s a magical girl anime, it’s not like you can give her a magical notebook that kills people and gambits, gambits everywhere.

  7. Shaft is a genius. They managed to make Shaft being Shaft part of the plot. Pure genius.

  8. IIRC, “X being X” is the surefire sign that person X is an asshole.

    he’s only trying to get Sayaka and Madoka to get addicted to said Grief Seeds so they would become her personal magical seed coke whores.

    I suspected that Mami was not pure, but this is on a whole new level. I liked Mami’s guns over the bows in the promo art, but this would easily put her on top for me.

    So what happens when you feed something to Kyubey? Does it look to others like the food is just masoujically disappearing?

  9. “Shaft obviously spikes the company chamomile tea with LSD.”
    Not that it’s any secret. What I think is that in the first half of the day, the animators do their job normally. Then, during lunch break, they’re allowed to trip their balls off (LSD/coke/whatever), so in the second half of the working day we get the visuals known as Shaft being Shaft.

    In exactly the same vein, becoming an employee at Gainax includes an education to become a professional troll.

  10. If you’re going on the magical girl tour this season you might as well grab ‘Kore wa Zombie desu ka’ aloing with you. I mean it has meido’s, trap’s… what’s not to like? Its perfect for this blog, and the hidden gem this season :P

  11. #correction: That would be “voilà”. I don’t want to be a part of anything that involves violins and pulling things out of asses.

  12. I don’t think Mami will turn out to be evil, because it’s way too obvious, Shaft is luring us thinking this thanks to her strange behavior and her boobs. I think the three of them will team up with Senjougahara.

  13. ^^ yes, because boobs can not be evil!!!

  14. Oh wow, I actually got quoted? Craziness!

    I’m not a regular reader but I do know who Shaft is and the meme “Shaft being Shaft”. (Didn’t know you started it though.) My point was just that it was being overused, especially only in one post. Jokes generally get stale when overused, and I felt like that previous post was hammering me over the head with it.

    On topic (or as an aside?) I’m generally digging the show. Not sure the “Shaft being Shaft” (:P) visuals really add much to it, but the pacing/story/characters are good enough to keep me watching.

  15. Rockmanshii: I have one name to refute your ‘way too obvious to be evil’ comment, from a show SHAFT has animated: “Mayo Mitama”.

    At this point, Mami’s actions are anything but pure… and she’s being way to charming and ‘helpful’ without providing answers to be completely innocent in whatever game Kyube’s playing. Whereas Homura, the taciturn and somewhat unfriendly girl, seems to be rather serious in trying to help Madoka with her warning about what sorts of things she stands to lose in this ‘game’. Don’t forget that Mami’s the one who casually delivered the delayed death-threat with a smile to Homura, rather than the reverse.

  16. At first I thought the girl dropping from the building was Madoka’s mom, I thought some awesome drama was gonna happen….. alas…..

  17. Am I the only one to find Kyubey oddly terrifying? Those vacant blood-shot eyes … shudder

  18. Haess:Your refutation is valid and I get what you mean. Still I want to cling up to my hope of all of them teaming up.
    @Air:What I actually meant when I said “her boobs makes us think she’s evil” is that flat chested female villains are uncommon.

  19. Rockmanshii: I expect that you’ll be disappointed in that regard, unless the writer’s gotten a lot of serious therapy (and pharmaceutical treatments) over the past few years. It’s like asking NGE-era Hideaki Anno not to rage against Evangelion fans or Kill-Em-All Tomino to have a happy ending where nobody dies, and everyone lives happily ever after with the villains being reformed into productive citizens.

  20. Ok, if it’s LSD that makes Shaft being Shaft, and an education on being a troll makes for Gainax being Gainax, can I get a job at (the original) Gonzo? Cause I can just imagine what makes for Gonzo being Gonzo.

  21. Since we’re all speculating on how this one will end, I’ll toss mine in: An all-girl orgy with all of the main cast. Yes, including the mom.


    In exactly the same vein, becoming an employee at Gainax includes an education to become a professional troll.

    No, you have it backward. You have to be an established troll before applying for Gainax.


    Kill-Em-All Tomino to have a happy ending where nobody dies, and everyone lives happily ever after with the villains being reformed into productive citizens.

    Overman King Gainer?

  22. Haha, this show really is magical girls being attacked by Shaft being Shaft XD

    The BGM is surprisingly good. Mami’s twin drills are kinda hypnotic too.

  23. That triangular table really stuck out for some reason. I guess it’s because I’m consciously keeping an eye out for Shinboisms, but I dunno, I’m a little surprised. I’ve never paid attention to table designs in anime before.

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