the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya

What did I think of the incidents Haruhi caused, and of the various crazy scenarios I was thrust into? To hell with this. Enough already. Are you an idiot? I’ve had enough of you.

Our long national nightmare is over. Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu is a damn fine movie. The adaptation is solid, the voice acting work is superb, the cinematography is the best I’ve seen in anime, the animation itself is unparalleled, and it makes three hours go swiftly by. Impressive feat by Kyoto Animation– they did an extraordinary job that sets the bar high for all animation studios.

The big development of this movie isn’t Kyon realizing and accepting his part of the SOS Brigade; I think it’s more of the other two girls accepting that Kyon won’t be theirs. One of the toughest things to deal with, especially at that age, is unrequited love, and both Mikuru (not so obviously) and Yuki (slightly obviously) have affections for Kyon. So what happens this movie? Mikuru Prime admits that Kyon was someone she probably didn’t want to be did have to leave behind. Yuki created this whole mess because Kyon unlocked her emotions. In the end, they both know they won’t win against Haruhi. Despite his sarcastic musings about Haruhi, guess which world Kyon chose? The one where he sits in front of a short-haired Haruhi.

More importantly, I think both Mikuru and Yuki realized by this stage that Kyon and Haruhi have something special. While Alternate Timeline Yuki may have developed some more basic emotions, she’s not real. She’s also not going to be able to stop Alternate Timeline Haruhi for eventually taking Kyon away as well. Plus, even if the universe didn’t get hacked, Yuki’s feelings and emotions will come out as well, maybe in a slightly healthier manner having realized that Haruhi is Kyon’s Nagisa and one day Yuki and Mikuru will be balling as Kyon carries off the tennis court.

(Big stretch? Maybe. But who cares? It’s light novel fiction! Trying to analyze this is like trying to analyze why Sarah Palin does Sarah Palin things.)

Maybe Haruhi and Kyon haven’t figured it out their relationship yet, but it’s a matter of time. And, well, with some esper, alien, and time traveler helpers, time is a resource that they have plenty of. (Plus, I refuse to believe they’ll take longer than K1 and Belldandy, the bellwether for all ridiculous relationships. Not even Shizuru and Natsuki took this long to realize their love for each other.)

sos brigade awesomeness index


Kotae wa itsumo watashi no mune ni“… I cheered a bit when Bouken Desho Desho came up. Much better than Tomare! and better impact than using a new song. Felt nostalgic for 2006… and the Haruhi Suzumiya we all know and love. Smiles all around.

(I did want Hare Hare Yukai featured somehow too, since, you know, it’s only the most iconic melody for this franchise. Also felt cheated we didn’t get to see the epic Christmas party where Haruhi forces everyone to sit on Santa Mikuru’s lap and ask for presents. “Dear Santa, I decided to give you a present this year kukuku.”)


“Hey, want to put up your hair in a ponytail?”


“No particular reason~~”

“I don’t mind. Though as easy as it looks, tying a nice one is pretty hard.”

Kyon is one shy and sneaky son of a bitch. God bless him. He’s just too clever. And an inspiration to us all.

(I’m not really sure why I started noticing girls in ponytails, but it must have been during Fumoffu when the ponytail bandit was at large and started going on about how it exposes the nape of the neck. Made me wonder what the fuss was about. I understood by the time Kyon kissed Haruhi the awesomeness of ponytails and sidetails. But… one thing I learned along the way? Best part of the ponytail is watching the girl tie her hair. Just a complete moe moment. You just play it cool and shyly ask for a ponytail… hehehe. Oh wait, am I thinking out loud again?)

(Needless to say, there’s a lot of ponytail fans working at Kyoto. If that moe mode is that studio’s idiosyncrasy, that’s probably the best random idiosyncrasy out there. Definitely better than Shaft’s Shaft being Shaft or Sunrise’s latent homophobic tendencies or Gonzo’s sucking. I just wish Kyoto did Minami-ke… Haruka in pigtails, Kana with a sidetail, and Hosaka sporting a ponytail.)


Ponytail… “It’s perfect! Your charm has increased by 36%.” “Baka.” Felt like a typical Haruhi/Kyon exchange, except with Haruhi blushing… which is definitely a sign that Kyon has entered the vanilla sky. I feel like Kyon and I should be judges on a reality TV show like Hot or Not except we just gawk at girls in ponytails. Like you wouldn’t watch this show.

(Track pants, which is kinda gross at being a week old, loose T-shirt barely concealing her melonpan, and ponytail Haruhi is, uh, quite appealing. Makes me wish she never cut her hair so short to begin with.)


Violence against women… is it just me, or is Kyon the world’s greatest creeper in this movie? He basically stalks Mikuru, Yuki, and Haruhi, and he gets violent with all three of them. It’s like watching Rizelmine all over again. Is there any scenario other than fiction where a guy doesn’t get in trouble after he is alone in a room with a girl, he shoves her, and makes threatening gestures towards her? That’s sexual harassment! This movie should have been named “The Sexual Harassment of Haruhi Suzumiya,” but I think that title has already been taken by a live action “parody.”


Backgrounds… um, took me a second to realize the background was drawn and not a Shaft being Shaft photograph. Just excellent. Disappearence is the standard bearer now. You can go hide in a corner, Paradise Lost.


Backgrounds… again! This shot from the hospital roof was awesome. The individual lights were moving like real traffic. Kyoto didn’t just bring their A-game, they brought Jordan’s game from game five of the 1997 NBA Finals. Yes, this movie’s animation is Flu Game good. I can imagine all NBA fans reading this item and quietly nodding.


Adorably cute and flustered Mikuru is cute and adorable… want! Want! WANT!!!


Adorably cute and flustered Santa Mikuru is cute and adorable to the nth degree… that expression… *head explodes*

(Notice how Haruhi didn’t care when the series first started about Kyon seeing Mikuru in her underwear, but she’s sure defensive about it now. Mmm… notice how Mikuru never wears a ponytail anymore? It’s like Haruhi forbade it. Or she only lets Mikuru wear one for their sleepovers. Haruhi. Mikuru. Yuki. Sleepover. Oh gosh, be right back… fifteen minute break.)

(“You’re 2,005,600 years too early to be peeping at Mikuru’s panties.” No problem! Easy obstacle to clear. We can just use her TPDD device and…)

(Costume raping? Mikuru? Oharuhi-sama is in her heaven; all’s right with the world. At least for the first ten minutes of the movie.)


Terrified Haruhi… uh… is fine too. Can we have a terrified Mikuru and terrified Haruhi together? Or will that be like crossing the beams in Ghostbusters? Best part of this scene is Haruhi cuddling up against Itsuki for support… and then Itsuki later offering that he likes Haruhi. We really are in an alternate version of the principle world. This is as disorienting than seeing Glenn Beck join the Democratic party, Mark Sanchez toasting Tom Brady in a playoff game (oh wait), Mahoro with D cups, Sunrise delivering a Gundam series with the quality of writing of The Wire, and Katy Perry coming out with a song I’d actually want to listen to.


Sad girl named “Snow”… I feel like I was cheated that Tomoyo’s route was just a 24 minute OVA instead of a full length movie. I demand more full movie’d sad girls in snow. Just something chillingly emotionally nakkid about them that makes you want to warm them up. And I’m not talking about offering them a cup of hot chocolate.


Awesome hat… slayed me. Dunno why. That expressionless Yuki dealing with whatever ridiculous accessory Haruhi slaps on her always slays me. Always. Can we get one of these hats on LeBron James? He seems like he could need one.


“Crabs are no good.”… what? Crabs are delicious! I think every plot of each filler chapter boils down to Haruhi proposing a ridiculous activity that the gang has to follow through and make happen. The main story is just nonsense time travel a la Natsu no Arashi, and really just deus ex machina after deus ex machina. I mean… I guess it’ll be 2014 before we see yet another Kyon save a previous Kyon’s ass. But I don’t think anyone watches for plot. It’s solid, entertaining, and funny franchise. More importantly, the characters are real characters. They seem one dimensional, but they end up quite complex with some growth. The characters are the plot. Also, cowering Mikuru fanservice.


Mikuru’s bow scarf… so awesome. I want to know how to tie a scarf like that. Plus, it suits Mikuru beautifully thus increasing her charm by 15,532%.

(Loved how LOL FANG-TAN protects Mikuru… LOL FANG-TAN is just an awesome character. Gosh, if only had a spin-off series where she’s a tragic miniature version of herself and was addicted to smoked cheese like how Charlie Sheen is addicted to cheap hookers. Nyoro~n!)




Mikuru Prime… her hawtness returns. I’m conflicted… do I prefer the cowering moe of Mikuru or the grown up sensibilities of Mikuru Prime? It’s like choosing between less filling and great taste. Just pictured Mikuru and Mikuru Prime wrestling like that catfight ad… mmm… need a fifteen minute break.

(Wondering what Mikuru Prime whispered to Kyon. So many possibilities. You’d think by being from the future, she knows the eventual outcome and fate of everyone involved… yet she looks worried about the events to come? She should already know! Unless she has the greatest poker face ever.)


BGM… great BGM throughout the movie, but I really enjoyed the haunting melody that accompanied this scene. Just felt like it was frozen in time. Though I do feel cheated we didn’t get a shot of Yuki biting into Mikuru Prime.


Ore no imouto… Imouto scores points for sidetail and for the “Nyan!” when Kyon hits her with the cattail, but loses points for not playing eroges with her onii-chwan. I guess question to my readers who have younger sisters or who are younger sisters… do younger sisters have a tendency to linger around her older brother’s bedroom when they’re kids? Like they rather hang around there? I’m just conducting an informal survey. Question two of my survey: do they have a secret closet filled with eroges?


Ghibli hair… come on Kyoto, you can do better than a Ghibli-like static cling hair raise to show surprise. It’s 2011 not 1991… how about some Bible Black faces instead? Mikuru… Bible Black face… uh, wow. Wow.

(I like how the computer boots up into Windows 95… when was this originally written? 2004-ish? Even it, the OS was about a decade old. Seeing it now… just makes me feel old. My first x86 computer? DOS 5.0 baby!)


Being honest with yourself… you’re not going to get what you want by lying to yourself. But I like Alternate Timeline Yuki being able to be somewhat honest with what she wants. And she definitely wants to jump Kyon’s bones. With Asakura watching and smiling while twirling around a knife.


I’m stuck in the middle with you… gotta like how Kyon scoots to the farthest inch away from the Canadian. Gotta like Asakura’s “Hehehe” pose with her mittens that sorta resemble melonpan. Gotta like how it took like two minutes for the elevator to go down a few floors. Gotta like how Kyon is so absolutely terrified of such a sweet, little, innocent, good-natured Canadian girl.


The Ballerina of Death… let’s just say slow motion, grand orchestral score, and bat shit crazy girl is as good as dark grainy filter, USO DA laughter, and bat shit crazy girl. Only this one is so much better animated. And the droplets of blood seemed to just linger in air as if gravity had no effect on them… maybe a possible candidate for a Modern Anime Law of Physics? Bat shit crazy girls can cause blood to ignore the effects of gravity. Temporarily.

(Oh wait, Kyon goes “USO DA!”… mmm… not the same if the victim is saying it rather than than the perpetrator.)


Major Creepiness… I can’t stress enough how big of a creeper Kyon is in this. He just seems like a total nutjob to those around him, but he isn’t… strangely, does this mean I should start believing all the bums around San Francisco who claim that the world is going to end soon and Barack Obama is actually born in the United States? (Kidding, kidding. I just wanted to get the hopes of the birthers up. But the world is going to end soon. I have foreseen it. The four horsemen are only figurative horsemen… the real horsemen are Snooki, The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and Gonzo getting green lit to make produce an anime for 2012.)


House Hunters Timeline… Yuki’s place is just ridiculous large for how little furniture she has. I think she has the one condo in Japan that you could play Kinect in.


You’re gonna get… dragged into a club populated with weirdos! Congrats! I enjoyed Haruhi kidnapping Mikuru the first time around. I still around it. It just doesn’t get old. Love that door lock click followed by Mikuru’s panicked expression. Delightful. If only a costume rape and ear nibbling followed.


Ramona’s handbag… that ridiculously big bag Haruhi had? The one that contained the implements of Christmas? And also exploded in a sea of Christmas commercialism? Reminds me of Ramona’s exploding after Gideon stabs it. My biggest fear is probably Michael Cera being cast as Kyon for a Hollywood version of Haruhi Suzumiya. I only want that a bit less than gonorrhea.


Yuki Nagato… for being the thankless power behind the SOS Brigade. I cannot blame her for snapping. I can blame Noizi Ito for basically ripping off an old TNG episode involving an alien (or was it Data, gosh my memory is bad) that accumulates error. Of course, Data grapples with this all the fucking time… which basically means Yuki is Data, Kyon is Picard (complete with facepalms!), Mikuru is Troi, Itsuki is Wesley Crusher, and Haruhi is Q. Glad we cleared this up.


Shinji Ikari… Kyon’s inner battle with himself on whether or not to shoot Yuki (and, really, he already made the decision when he decided to hit “enter” so felt redundant here) reminded me of Shinji Ikari wondering if he should pilot Eva still. All that’s missing is an S-DAT player… which just seems so ridiculously ancient. They really should have given Shinji a Zune for Rebuild… I think it fits him very well. Especially since Yuki was doing her best Ayanami impersonation.

(I think Shaft would have been perfect for this scene. If you want a trippy, angst-ridden scene about an internal battle of wills, they are your studio.)


Wild Animal Sex Hair… Haruhi’s best hairstyle is still that ponytail. Sigh. Grade A stuff. But do you know what I really want to see? A Haruhi sidetail. I think that would cause Kyon’s nutbladder to explode.


2014… hopefully we don’t need to wait this long for the next installment of Haruhi Suzumiya… I just wonder if I’ll still be blogging then… which was what I wondered back in 2006. OTL.



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  1. Ah this review makes me watch this for the nth times. Everything about this show is perfect. I couldn’t find any flaws except maybe one that I created because I’m such a Haruhi/Kyon fans. Kyon is one of the biggest reasons for the success of this movie I think. He’s so fucking good in this despite his creepiness.

  2. Finally. The movie was good. VERY good. Long-ponytail-tied-with-ribbons-good. Unfortunately it also moved with the pace of a Galapagos tortoise. But that is easily overlooked. Now if Kadokawa would stop trolling us and GIVE US THE 10th BOOK ALREADY. Okay, I know it’s supposed to be released this summer, and we’re supposedly getting two books (for timeline A and timeline B), but still…

  3. This is the best anime movie I have ever seen. It even beats out all the Ghibli movies.

  4. Regarding your survey, for some reason until less than a year ago, my sister loved to take naps on my bed. It’s prolly due to the fact that her bed is filled with stuffed toys and the like, and my room is for some reason the coolest (as in, fresh air and shadow) in the house.

    And no, she does not have a secret closed filled with erogames. She just has the Haruhi+Mikuru+Yuki pillow cover that came included with the Haruhi Boxset LE.

  5. I don’t know about “The Sexual Harassment of Haruhi Suzumiya”, but there certainly is a “Suzumiya Hahiru no Yuuutsu” from a few years back. Apparently they even include the # of hairties for each day of the week bit.

    As for the backgrounds, yes, Kyoto Animation had their moments, but go ahead and pause the video a few seconds before Bokuen Desho Desho starts, where the camera pulls away from the outside of the so you can see the overall townscape. It looks like Google Earth. And not the pretty Google Earth where you can see individual cars. No, the Google Earth you get when you zoom in on some tiny town that nobody cared enough for aerial photographs taken.

    Something else that I found interesting was that the layout of the condo seems different. The flooring, the walls, the location of the bedrooms – everything.

    Oh, btw Jason, sounds like you might be interested in some Picard/Q slashfic.

    PS: What, no “I’d let Nagato bite me any day”?

  6. Ponytails.

  7. No thumbs up for imouto pulling Kyon out of bed? There could be a movie recapping this event through a whole year and I’d probably watch that with glee!

  8. Honestly, ignoring the smexy animation throughout the film, I wasn’t all that big into this movie… then again, I saw it in LQ so I guess that’s enough to warrant a second chance.
    Also, completely agree with you on the Shinji/Kyon scene. Redundancy is redundant.

  9. You see, this is the way KyoAni needs to do more shows, rather than going the cheap K-ON route and making everyone look like they’re 10 years old…

    … and also, I have nothing to add to this post. Except it needed more Mikuru Prime and Yuki screenshots. They really made the movie for me.

  10. What a coincidence, I watched a bit of Rizelmine today.

    Gotta like how Crazy Killer Asakura appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, wearing her school uniform. She must have waited the whole day in a nearby bush, sharpening her knife. I would have liked to see how they managed to restrain her. While healing Kyon and shooting Yuki at the same time. That’s pretty much my only concern about the movie. And I would have liked to see a bit more action overall, and less Kyon being treated like the worst scumbag on earth. I guess we’ll see it all in 2014.
    Great movie overall, oh and great post too.

  11. Yuki + Asakura + Kyon should just stop all the craps…

    and have a big wild orgy !
    Now that’s what makes an interesting movie :))

  12. One point, you got Kyon’s introspection wrong – it’s not superfluous. Kyon already decided to return to the old world when he pressed the enter key; shooting Yuki was never up to debate as there was no point in time after that where Kyon felt pressed to think it over again. The only reason he hesitated was because he wanted Yuki herself to change everything back. But as future Mikuru points at, that option was not viable. In the SOS Brigade room, we see Kyon mulling the decision over (he even tells Haruhi to shut up so he can think which I don’t ever remember him doing before) but we never see what drove him to his decision. The introspection is THAT thought process; his reasons are provided to us after the fact.

  13. Holy… bow scarves! Is that even physically possible? If I ever see that in real life, I will marry the girl that can tie it on the spot.

  14. Really loved this movie… definitely one of the best adaptations all-around. Hmmm, wonder why you didn’t feel like posting Yuki’s rare, brain stopping, breath taking smile…or her heart breaking teary eyed look (Definitely worth all those Up++ points and such).

    As for your survey: Yes, younger siblings do tend to loiter around jst cuz’…and fortunately, No, they don’t. Though I do find the make shift Shrine somewhat disturbing.

  15. Thank you. Thank you very much, for hearing our wish and blog about this awesome movie. But:
    >>> “Except it needed more Mikuru Prime and Yuki screenshots. They really made the movie for me”. By Haesslich
    >>> “Hmmm, wonder why you didn’t feel like posting Yuki’s rare, brain stopping, breath taking smile…or her heart breaking teary eyed look (Definitely worth all those Up++ points and such)”. By Apathy
    THIS. Please.
    I’m *really* dissapointed that there’s no Yuuki Nagato image flood in this blog entry.
    She deserves it. The goddess deserves it.
    Really, this is the only chance she got. The other chapters will only about Hahiru again =_=a
    It hurts you know… It hurts to see that little fragile thing tremble like that… *kicks Kyon’s @$$*

    Don’t know why, but below tracks really suit her…
    Corridor of Time – Zeal Love by Unipulator
    Corridor of Time – Stratosphere by Maya
    Corridor of Time – Remix by Mintjam

  16. Really, really good movie. I am biased, being KyoAni faithful, but I really enjoyed this. The height of the experience was the last battle between Kyon and Asakura, although the emotions were ruined due to one godhand pic roaming around the internets.

  17. I loved the movie, and I hated it. Loved it because this was one of my favorite arcs from the light novels, and because those “what-the-hell-is-happening” moments that Kyon has when the world changes without bothering to tell him recapture some of the mind-bending atmosphere that the first run of the show had. I hated it because it reminded me how terribly KyoAni squandered the second run. On its own Disappearance is masterful, but in the context of the last season of the show, it only resuscitates the franchise. Should they ever get around to making more Haruhi (though personally I think they should bang out another season of Full Metal Panic first), I hope to hell they do it right.

  18. To answer your survey, my imouto always comes into my room because she thinks it’s bigger than hers. But really it just has less stuff. And she forbade me to use her room so I always end up on the couch. Oh, and I gave her one of my old laptop with eroge hidden deep within sub folders. I don’t think she realized yet.

  19. I loved this movie. Not to the extent that I can forgive Season 2, but enough to realise KyoAni can still do it if they try. Lovely animation and fantastic adaptation. They captured the feel of the novel.

    Alternate Nagato is love. She fidgets and blushes and [i]smiles[/i], and even asserts herself a little, but she’s still a book loving oddball.

    Other fantastic scenes are Asakura’s attack, and the scene with Kyon and the real Yuki on the roof, though Kyon should definitely have hugged her during it.

    Give Kyon a bit of a break though. He’s suddenly been uprooted from his normal life and thrown into a place where suddenly all his best friends, who also happen to be the ones who’d normally deal with incidents like this no longer exist. I think a little hysteria is understandable, though Kyon’s wits do desert him somewhat. (…Or since this is blogsuki, maybe I should just say how would you be feeling if suddenly your personal meido didn’t exist any more? )

    I’m not sure if I want to see another season of Haruhi though. It’s better to go out on a high than on a low. More high budget movies like this would be nice, though the source material for this one is definitely the cream of the crop.

    @Rockmanshii:Gotta like how Crazy Killer Asakura appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, wearing her school uniform. She must have waited the whole day in a nearby bush, sharpening her knife.

    Well, no. Because she didn’t actually exist again until Yuki changed the world, maybe a couple of minutes before her attack.

  20. Watching this movie in a theater (last June) was a thing to behold. Also being with a crowd of Haruhi fans you’ve never seen before…you find out people laugh is odd places.

  21. >>> “I hated it because it reminded me how terribly KyoAni squandered the second run”. By Thrashy

    But now we know how Yuuki felt during all those century… The pain, boredom, fed-up by the witty melancholic god, etc…

  22. Wonderful movie, truly a great companion piece to the book (which I bought before the movie, which somehow did not really dampen the enjoyment).

    On a completely and pointlessly unrelated note, the computer was noted in the light novel to be “at least 3 generations older. It was like comparing a carriage with a high-speed rail”. So +points to Kyoto for fidelity to the book.

  23. >>>I’m conflicted… do I prefer the cowering moe of Mikuru or the grown up sensibilities of Mikuru Prime?
    Huh? Why choose? Pick the smaller cake and you’ll still get Mikuru Prime Cake eventually (Or are you saying you want both cakes coexisting at the same time? Well, my 1st 2 question still stands).

    Speaking of cake…If both Mikuru & Yuki can’t have some Kyon cake, I say they might as well “have a taste” at least. (yes, I’m somewhat hungry for cake for some reason tonight)

    Some random thoughts:
    – Maybe because of the artwork, Imouto makes me think of a younger Nagisa or older Ushio
    – Kyon probably caught a glimpse of some fine Haruhi cleavage as she took her ribbon
    – Also loved Asakura’s cute look and random teasing…”Girl’s damn fine but she’s crrraaazzzyyy!”
    – Rooftop scenes we’re awesome…now even the viewers can see those small subtle hints of emotions from Nagato. Good job Kyoto.
    – Mikuri Prime actually whispered “Yaranaika?”…but Kyon didn’t hear her. *facepalm*
    – Because of Kyon’s random ponytail related mishaps, Haruhi was so pissed she accidentally cursed him for a few days and he turned into:

    …he got better….kinda’…

  24. Whoa, didn’t realize the ponytail bandit was so ripped.

  25. >>Question two of my survey: do they have a secret closet filled with eroges?

  26. what a quality movie, Yuki is so cute i’d let her send me to an alternete universe completely destroying my current reality and everything I thought I knew of my current world anytime.

  27. >Yuki is Data, Kyon is Picard (complete with facepalms!), Mikuru is Troi, Itsuki is Wesley Crusher, and Haruhi is Q. Glad we cleared this up.

    Whoa whoa whoa, Itsuki would clearly be Beverly Crusher if you’re going to cast Kyon as Picard.

  28. ….
    So that makes Tsuruya to be Worf?

  29. No! If anything Tsuruya would be Lwaxana Troi

  30. Well, at least we all know who would be Lore.

  31. Caterpillar Haruhi wins the internets.

  32. You should have did an up for Windows 95 (with snapshot) just for the hell of it :)

  33. Good know that KyotoAni has done more haruhi can I please, PLEASE get more full metal panic?

  34. I agree that KyoAni should do some more FMP! at this point. They have a LOT of catch-up to do. If they end up making more Haruhi stuff, they should create at least a 20-episode season focusing on all of the crazy shit between novel 6 and 9. The plot of the series only really starts kicking in around that point. And, in all truth, I want more Tsuruya-san. At least an OVA.

    Also, not having a little sister, I can’t say anything personal about imouto-related things. However, I do have a twin-sister, and the main reason I didn’t watch Oreimo was because the sister tries to boink the brother. That shit disturbs me to no end. I could care less if it was a good show.

  35. Wow, DOS 5. You ARE old.
    Got you beat, though, but not by much. C/PM and Apple IIc, ca 1983.
    I’m REALLY old.

  36. Sheesh, forgot to change my name back.

    Old, and Alzheimer’s.

  37. Apple IIe here..with an Atari 2600 on the side…only console system I’ve ever owned. Not that I play it any more…It works still though. I think we gutted the 486 computer some time ago when it was no longer viable to upgrade it (from the Tandy made 286 it had been).

    Ever wonder hoiw Minami-ke would look with this level of quality work? Plus Bible Black faces?

  38. As far as your survey goes, I am 4 years older than my sister. Till the day I moved out, she would hang out in my room more than on her own, as long as I was there. If I was elsewhere, she would just come and play with my hair (Back then, I used to have my hear just above my shoulders) and leave after annoying me.
    She has no eroge games, but she has a hidden stack of K-ON!, Evangelion, Lucky Star, Macross Frontier, Solty Rei posters among others (All of which she was exposed to in one way or another by me[I’m a responsable onii-san, so I made sure not to show any of my 18+ stuff to her, nor keep it in a way to be easilly found {hidden drives and stuf like that}]).
    I will admit i might have sinned saw her cosplaying as a meido. The effect was mostly moe, but I guess that the fact that she is my sister kind of killed it.

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