puella magi madoka magica 6

This Just Isn’t Right

(If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want to Be Right)

Gotta love how Homura can run/teleport and catch up with a truck chugging along on a highway. I’m not sure what I want to see more now… a beat down between Homura and Agent Smith or a new X-Men reboot featuring a female Professor X and an all high school girl team of X-Men consisting of Homura, Mami, Kyoko, Sayaka, and Madoka.

(So this is what Homura knows. At least her quick thinking let her catch up with the truck. Why couldn’t she tell Sakaya and Madoka this? “Hey, you let Kyubey fondle your bosom, he’ll crystallize your soul into a Faberge egg.)

Shaft’s animation is greatly improving. And… oh gosh yes… no Shaft being Shaft moments this episode. I can’t believe it! And it turned out well! Whodthunkit? Shaft makes a compelling episode by acting like a normal anime studio.

(I like how Kyoko keeps eating. She’s had waffles, Pocky, and now a churro, which begs the question: where do you buy churros in Japan outside of Costco? Can anyone suggest a churro shop to me? Also, why does it take her so long to eat anything? Like I devour a Costco churro in thirty seconds… she takes like thirty minutes.)

The three person DDR game is a bit Shaft being Shaft-ish, but, eh, it’s DDR. I guess the amazing thing to me is to see an arcade… makes me nostalgic for my youth… when arcades, newspapers, and CDs were relevant.

(Favorite arcade games: X-Men Arcade, Turtles in Time, Street Fighter II, and Time Crisis 2.)

Great job at animating ice cubes. Great job… also, wouldn’t you think that Madoka’s mom would keep long fingernails? She just seems like the type that would dig her fingernails into her lover as she whips him.

What we know: Kyubey is evil. He is like a drug pusher trying to convince the girls to try his crack cocaine and hook them so he can eventually get them to turn tricks for him. This series makes a lot more sense if you substituted “pimp” for “Kyubey,” “cocaine” for “grief seed,” “coke whore” for “puella magi,” and “cocaine-fueled orgasmic high” for “wish.”

We also know that the magical girls get their souls extracted from them when they become magical girls, much like how innocence is extracted from the coke whores once they start turning tricks for sweet, sweet powder. And, of course, Kyubey is the one egging everyone on. “Come on, try one, your friends are all doing it.”

We further know that the grief seeds “cleanse” the soul gems… obviously, this is like any good coke whore needing another hit. And, let me guess, eventually more and more grief seeds are needed to purify the gem much like how more and more cocaine is needed to reach a high and eventually just to stay normal.

(Gotta love Shaft’s interior decorator. I must hire him to help decorate my place. I like how the decor matches Sayaka’s hair color.)

Kyubey keeps saying that it is his job… well… who is controlling Kyubey? Is he Avon, Omar, Bubbles, or Marlo? More importantly, why? I think we can surmise by now that eventually the grief seed-addled magical girls turn into witches. So Kyubey recruits more girls… and they turn into witches… and the cycles keeps going. Hence how he can recycle the empty grief seed packages.

(Sigh, can we expect them to fight Mami soon? The anime production committee is named “Magica Quartet”… does this refer to Sayaka, Mami, Homura, and Kyoko? If Madoka ever becomes a magical girl, would it be “Quintet?” I think 20% odds Madoka never becomes a magical girl.)

Homura’s hair flip thing… in-joke? Because Senjougahara is the last Shaft character that consistently did this.

So cute. I am going to prose an interior decorating show to HGTV featuring Shinbo as the main interior decorator… my gosh, they really know how to coordinate prints. Also, this scene makes Madoka look like she’s seven years old.

“Then you need to make something so wrong.”

Sage advice from mom. First, she tells Madoka not to mix ammonia with bleach and now this. She is a woman to be reckoned with. I can definitely picture her taking Madoka out drinking and scaring the hell out of Madoka… while getting both of them plastered.

All the transformation sequences have been disappointing. You just expect more from Shaft, you know?

(Coming from a studio that just animated nakkid loli vampire nipples with some seriously sensual rubbing, I wonder why they are suddenly shying and doing very PG-related transformation sequences.)

What kind of sidewalk/pedestrian bridge is this?! SHAFT!!!

(Not even my local mall has this convoluted of a hanging walkway setup.)

Madoka tossing Sayaka’s soul gem over the railing, and her realization of what she done afterward is fantastic. She did stir the pot. It did cause Kyubey to start talking, after all, why can’t he just tell them the truth? Obviously, the fine print of being a magical girl is just horrible, horrible, horrible. He is like Comcast in that they don’t tell you except in extra tiny fine print how they jack up your prices after the first six months, how they cap your download speed after fifteen minutes, and how they limit your total data bandwidth.

(Madoka tossing the soul gem is kinda like the Magic trading for Gilbert Arenas… probably not smart, but it does shake things up.)

(Up until this point, I was going to make a “Puella Magi Madoka Magica? More like ‘Puella Magi Marina Ismail’, amirite?” joke.)

I like how even though Kamijou kinda knew that Sayaka was behind his healing and how Sayaka was so fiercely loyal in visiting him and cheering him up, he does not even send her a text message to let her know that he’s leaving the hospital. Just a huge fuckwad move.

(At the very least, even if he doesn’t suspect Sayaka was behind his healing, he must at least acknowledge how she visited him all the time. Dude might be able to play the violin, but he sure can’t be nice and considerate to a girl.)

Anyone else get the sense that Kyubey is trying to turn them all against each other? He’s such a rabble rouser. I can only imagine the damage he can do if he had Facebook.

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  1. Kyubey is a dick.

  2. Mahou Lich Madoka Magica

    not much to say, except READ THE DAMN FINE PRINT is a must when dealing with suspicious looking characters who is looking to grant you a wish.

  3. Someone likes crack whore jokes even more than Norm McDonald.

    I think your X-Men idea would work, or at least work better than the last 10 years of X-Men ideas. Although if I had my druthers, it’d be called “K-X”, and they’d spend most of their time sitting around eating snacks.

    As for the 6-player X-Men arcade game, I loved it, primarily for killing my college buddies with a well-placed robot toss.

    Not sure if I should pick up this show or not… if Gen Urobuchi is a one-trick pony, I don’t think I’m interested in the trick.

  4. “Homura’s hair flip thing… in-joke? Because Senjougahara is the last Shaft character that consistently did this.”

    Indeed, Homura and Senjougahara have the same seiyu. I won’t be surprised if it was later revealed that Homura’s teleportation was possible due to her “weightlessness”.

  5. “I can only imagine the damage he can do if he had Facebook.”
    He has a Twitter, though.

    Also, it’s amazing how this show is named Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, yet we’re halfway through the show’s run, and the title character is anything but a Mahou Shoujo.

    Also also, have you noticed that the song that plays in the DDR machine was a remix of the show’s OP? I’d like that to be released on the soundtrack.

  6. we need more kyoko’s arm socks…

  7. My prediction: Sayaka tries to visit violin boy, gets told to fuck off. She goes berserk and turns into a witch. Madoka turns into a puella magi to kill her with Homura’s help. This will make anime of the year.

  8. Finally, a good episode again.

    So Kyubey eats grief seeds and rips girls souls out. That’s gonna turn out well, right?

    Madoka’s mum’s a fantastic role model. None of that responsible drinking message, then she tells Madoka to go out and be bad. So what does she do? Kill her best friend. OTL

    I enjoyed Kyoko’s DDR scene. Every psychotic magical girl should have a hobby.

    And as normal, Homura was all over the place with regard to her actions. Like you say, it really is manufactured drama when she knows about the whole setup, but hates giving things away, even if it would have prevented more magical girls being born.

  9. Kyubey’s got 99 problems, but a witch ain’t one of them.

  10. My theory is that Madoka will become a Mahou Shoujo in the final episode, but use her wish to remake the world into a non magical one, or reverse time to save all the girl’s souls.

    Also, you have to check out this game: THROW THE GEM


  11. “All the transformation sequences have been disappointing. You just expect more from Shaft, you know?”

    At this point I think we’ll need an Ayumu cameo, to show them how its done… ORZ

    Although I’d love a Homura emo facial distortion at the sight of this.

  12. Magica Quartet refers to Studio SHAFT/Shinbo + Aoki Umei + Yuki Kaijura + Gen Urobuchi.

  13. I reckon the probability that Madoka not becomes a drug whore is roughly equivalent to the probability that Albert Pujols not playing for the Cardinals in a couple of years, or Greece not needing another round of European refinancing, or Homura and Madoka not enjoying some quality bonding time in the shadow of glorious SHAFTitecture before the end of the world as we know it.

  14. Favorite arcade games: X-Men Arcade, Turtles in Time, Street Fighter II, and Time Crisis 2.

    Feh. Try Tempest, Star Wars (the sit-down version only) and Pole Position. Now those are true arcade games.

  15. Fuck yes Time Crisis2. Virtua Cop2 was nice too.
    I just love how Madoka keep snatching stuff away from people and throw things

  16. Speaking of crack, did anyone noticed that Dog Drug Reinforcement?

  17. Anyone noticed the Hidamari Sketch similarities?

  18. So… what do I get for being right?

  19. Likely abuse of some kind.

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