puella magi madoka magica 7

Can You Face Your True Feelings?

(Not If You’re Shinji Ikari)

Yamete… mo… yamete…

Enjoyed Sayaka turning bat-shit insane as the battle with the witch continued. Chances she will end up killing Kamijou after she finds out that he has been bonking her friend has now been taken off of the books in Vegas.

(Watching Sayaka go bat-shit insane makes me clamor for Shaft remaking Higurashi. Can you imagine Shaft doing Shaft being Shaft stylized bat-shit insane killer loli murders? Want!)

(Note: I started writing this post like five days ago, but events kept conspiring against me to finish it. And now I’ve watched episode eight before it is done… so episode eight post will be up shortly. Have some patience! You’ll get to discuss everything I was right about soon enough.)

Kyubey is such a bitch and a pimp at the same time. Still cannot figure out what Kyubey gets out of this, are there more Kyubeys out there, and why does this mechanic exist in this world. Seems like a lot of questions we probably won’t get answers for. Grrrrr.

(Kyubey just seems like a business-oriented pimp. He’s efficient, gets the job done, and doesn’t take anything personally. In fact, I think he/she/it would be great running the CIA or some sinister far-far-too secret organiza–OH SHI–)

Shaft being Shaft at its finest. I wonder if the sad sack stories of the girls becoming magical girls will rival the (limited) backstories of Angel Beats in terms of heart-tugging ridiculousness. Kyoko’s was pretty ridiculous… though I did mutter a “Wait, is this the cult Senjougahara’s mom joined?” comment when I watched this scene.

I can’t wait for Travel Network’s new hit series, Puella Mahou Shoujo vs. Food. I want to see Kyoko go city by city fighting witches while exploring the cheap culinary delights of every city. Or I just want to see various foods sticking out of her mouth at all times…

(After watching episode six, I developed a craving for churros. After this episode? I had some brambleberry crisp ice cream, even though it was freezing cold outside.)

All’s fair in love and war… except Hitomi is being too fair. I was rooting for Madoka to have a 90210-swerve where we get a love triangle between Hitomi, Sayaka, and Kamijou that results in Sayaka crashing a date between Hitomi and Kamijou hissing, “My best guy… my best gal… together… like a bad TV drama!” and eventually Kamijou telling both of them, “I choose me” right before Suzaku pounces out of the shadows and penetrates him.

Or, we can modernize it, a Skins (UK)-swerve where Sayaka confesses to Kamijou first, he accepts (except he only accepts because he’s horny and wants to play with Sayaka’s melonpan), and immediately starts pushing her for sex… only Sayaka is reluctant because it’s just a zombie body. (Honestly, like Kamijou would notice? Don’t think so.) And she’s so self-conscious. This leads to a drug-fueled part where Sayaka sees Madoka make out with Hitomi and decides to sleep with Kamijou, except she pukes on Kamijou’s chest and passes while. While passed out, Kamijou enjoys a threesome with Madoka and Hitomi… Sayaka eventually finds out after discovering Hitomi’s lacy thong in Kamijou’s pocket. She pretends Kamijou is still “pure” and has some of the most regretful sex with him ever while this song plays in the background.

Translator for gg’s subs pointed out on his Twitter feed that the title, because of the way it is written, can be interpreted as “the wavering” of Madoka. Which, basically, confirms our theories all along: this show isn’t about magical girls but about the consequences of our actions when we solely base them on emotion. Or, better yet, don’t trust bastards like Kyubey.

Love the design of the room, especially the cat print near the window. Also, the shades for her shelf.

Shaft’s animation is just getting better and better. They have a flair. Except, well, I am disappointed in the lack of outfit changes. Only really Madoka has shown off more than one casual outfit. Also disappointed the ED is so terrible… kinda wish they did a happy girl band parody. They could out-hip Kyoto by doing a lo-fi song a la Best Coast with Kyoko, Homura, Sayaka, and Madoka as the band members… and Mami as their manager. ;) Kyubey can be the sleezy hang-on who keeps trying to get Madoka to do a Playboy spread.

And they are really good at drawing industrial backgrounds, especially for oil refineries. Want them to make an anime series around the BP gulf oil spill, which seems like a billion years ago now with how civil unrest in the Middle East, Wisconsin, and the Detroit Pistons taking up almost all of our news mindshare.

“Because I’m dead! I’m a zombie! I can’t hug him with this body. I can’t kiss him!”

Hoping Madoka would comfort her by saying, “Well, at least Kamijou now has magic fingers…”

(And, really, is it too much to ask for a magical girl series cross with zombie survival? Wouldn’t you love to see the puella mahou shoujo battle the throngs from High School of the Dead?)

(Episode eight post soon. Hours away. Need to grab lunch.)

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  1. Keep watching.

  2. I like how you wrote, “Keep watching” when I wrote “I’ve watched episode 8 already.” Good job!

  3. I thought about Senjougahara’s mom’s cult, too, during Kyouko’s story.

    There’s room for a Bakemonogatari/Madoka Magica cross-over, only this time it’s Shinobu that eats marshmallow-Kyuubey at the critical moment.

  4. Well, my theories are right… and yes, Jason, this IS a Mahou Shoujo Zombie Show. No chainsaws (yet), but they’ve gotten Unlimited Rifle Works, beheadings, and now Ep 8.

  5. >>Or, we can modernize it,……..
    Some kind of amazing creativity in this paragraph, where do you think of this.
    Anyways, I really love this show, it’s definitely grown on me more than any show I can remember over the course of what’s been shown so far. I like how the OP is so happy, ’cause it’s a magical girl show, and then you watch the show and realize how dark it is, so the ED comes and it’s a dark ED. I agree the animation for the ED isn’t top tier but maybe it’s ok because it fits the theme of the show well, and god knows a kawaii dance wouldn’t really fit at the end of this show.
    Also, part of me hopes that this show is meant to troll us by calling it Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and then she is the only one that never actually becomes a mahou shoujo herself. back in episode 4 when I first thought of this I thought that there’s no way that they’d do this but now I really wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that way.
    And I think it would be brilliant.

  6. My favourite line from this episode was Kyubey’s at the start: “You did ask me to make you a magical girl”.

  7. Jason:
    You got me. I skimmed the first part. After waking up from a Friday night out (holy shit, socializing), I didn’t read it all. ._.

  8. Chumara echoed my thoughts. Somewhere around episode 3 or 4, I thought that if Madoka didn’t become a magical girl by the end of the episode, she would either never become one, or not become one until the final episode where she would proceed to unleash hell on Kyubey and whatever he/she/it is up to.

  9. Kyouko’s eating disorder makes her so moe~

  10. i predict Sayaka will turn into a witch in Ep8.

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