there’s no way my junior can be this rotten 13

“You’ve reeled in an absolutely terrifying pervert into our club!!!”

(Watches the president of the game club subsequently hide in his office for seven days as the club members vent radioactive fangirlisms.)


“Please tell the creator to go die.”

When did Kuroneko become Kirino? Because Kirino, in this reality, isn’t here, so Kuroneko gets the nod for the verbally abusive loli role? Kinda like if Papelbon goes down, Wheeler is most likely the new closer? Still kind of disorienting…

1. There’s no warning right off the bat that, yeah, this episode pretty much invalidates 12. The whole Kirino going to America to train as a track star still makes no sense in my opinion. American high school girls recruit high school girls from Japan to run track? Madness.

2. With the recent tragedies in Japan, I find myself not into the verbally abusive loli humor. I don’t know, but I do know I have watched more Pokemon Best Wishes than other anime the past few weeks.


My favorite part of the episode… Kyosuke dressed up like Zero. The ever-changing mid-segment of Ore Imo‘s OP is one of the nice touches AIC has made for this show.


“Like the ones…” oh just read the screenshot.

I like how she immediately proceeds to spew Kirino’s “They’re the worst” catchphrase. While I was watching this, I thought about the funniest thing she could have said after that “Like the ones…” line (outside of Kirino’s, since we all knew she was going to pull a Kirino)…

A. “Doh!”
B. “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”
C. “FRACK!!!”
D. “YES! And it counts!”
E. “Where’s the beef?”


“Last night, I had a dream where Makabe-senpai was gang raped by the other club members!”



Kuroneko is impressive in her handling of Akagi. Completely dominated her. Then again, she has trained against Kirino, so it is not surprising her wit and skill are high. More importantly, she seems so much more effective than Japanese politicians seem during the handling of the earthquake/tsunami/meltdown triple crisis. I was running through a list of “which anime character would do best during the crisis”… has to be Taki. He can save Japan, with Juiz’s help of course. Last on the list? Shinji Ikari.


Kyousuke is such a meddler… and he isn’t satisfied with just imouto ass. Obviously, he’s doing all this to help Kuroneko because he wants to have a threesome with her and Kirino thus forming verbally abusive lolis as the bread for a sandwich. You can tell since he’s not meddling in Manami or Saori’s lives… and tried to meddle in Ayase’s (who is just a tier below the double K’s in terms of being a verbally abusive loli).

(Definitely meddle in Saori’s life… she is hawt, reasonable, and well off… go go go!)


Damn right. All transactions between men and their cute juniors are consummated with sexual acts. Help carry books home? Some groping. Help study and ace that exam? Threesome with her best friend.

(At least this was my price scale…)


Why does this room remind me of the SOS Brigade HQ only with the whiteboard on the wrong side and the lack of awesome Mikuru cosplay? I’d much rather have Yuki as the background team member rather than the doublestuff twins.


Manami helps Kuroneko almost not become a complete asshole to her classmates… I was watching this and thinking, “They stole this ‘I am not making friends’ montage from Madoka and Homura!” Then I thought about playing Magicka. Then Magicka Vietnam. Then thinking about how awesome it would be if Paradox Interactive made a Magicka Madoka where you play as one of four mages– Madoka, Homura, Mami, and Sayaka– raining destruction around the world… only to realize in the end you’ve been destroying the earth and killing humans.

(Seriously, peeps, give me an anime studio and a game studio– the world would be a better place for it. Magicka Madoka and Angry Imoutos? You kidding me? Two billion yen ideas.)


Potato chips and orange Fanta… these guys know how to party!!! Charlie Sheen would approve. Who needs pr0n stars when you have fujoshis?


Conversation totally reminded me of Bakemonogatari where Ararararagi was talking to Nadeko and Hanekawa slithers up behind them.


“I’ve already given up.”

Someone is in love~

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  1. The lack of this shot in your post is disappoint:

  2. Wait, you’ve seen Eps 12 True route right? it’s the alternative eps 12 what follows before this. Your comment seems like you haven’t seen it. (and you didn’t make an eps review for it)

  3. Well already knew since the announcement of the True End who the heroine of the story would be right? My only hope is that, with only two more episodes to go, the writers won’t commit the stupidest thing to bring back Kirino from The States just to mess up with these two. If they took the decision, stay with it until the end

  4. Looks like someone missed 12.5…

  5. SOS Brigade HQ? more like genshiken HQ to me…

  6. Saori needs to hang out with Mugi and keep to Mugi’s clothing styles. Mugi would approve of just about anything entertaining and Saori would be looking really hot.

  7. Since you seem to have missed it:

  8. I think that clubroom looks like the Genshiken clubroom more than anything else.

  9. wait, what is this? I have not seen this…

  10. The Akagi scene was fantastic. Like Kuroneko, my expectations from that line of questioning were exceeded.

    And Kyousuke’s a smooth one this episode. He had Akagi going from silence to spilling her soul in practically no time.

  11. The lack of goth loli nekomimi in a Kuroneko centric episode is disappointing.
    Kuroneko has been a verbally abusive loli since her first scene. It’s why she and Kirno hit it off so well.

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