the world god only knows ii 1

“I must get rid of weak things.”


Location, Location, Location!

We’re back in the swing of things with Kusunoki’s arc, and, again, Manglobe is playing it safe by following the manga and using slightly above average animation. The World God Only Knows is what we thought it was, and if you enjoyed the first season, you’ll enjoy this. What this anime is not is an over-the-top interpretation of the manga, which I suspect would have been more enjoyable. We really miss out on Keima’s galge mania. He’s even more obsessed than Kirino, and it’s just not brought out the same way. A pity. He is the Capturing God.

(Still impressed over this Mario x4 run with a single input. Keima would be proud.)


So adorable. At least 85% as adorable as Nichijou‘s Professor. We need a pantheon for “girls adorably crying such that they can get their way”. Elsie, Professor, Becky-sensei, Mikuru, and the Fujibayashi twins would be first ballot inductees.


After seeing this scene and the Virtual Boy in Nichijou, I think the current anime/manga industry is ruled people who grew up with me. Not a bad thing! Just don’t put is in charge of things like nuclear reactors… “Mmm… why can’t I just hit the reset button?”

(Like how one of the options is “Kiss”. Sadly, no fan favorite, “Put it in.”)


Loved the scene where Elsie taunted Keima’s drawing ability. It’s just not often Elsie can cut Keima down in something– this is basically seeing something Trinidad beat the US in FIBA basketball. Also noticed that Manglobe went to crappy backgrounds to, I guess, parallel Keima’s crappy drawings.


The OP, A Whole New World God Only Knows, is still a clusterfuck. I don’t like the overly-stylized designs (you are not Shaft, Manglobe), and the song is just too non-fitting for the series. Kind of wish they did something like Ore no Imouto where the OP had the characters in standard tropes. Or have a Keima pimp OP that’s just not true a la Madoka‘s OP.

(And why is “Nerd Core” mentioned? Keima’s not a nerd! Nerd != Dork != Geek != Otaku != Capturing God.)


Why hello there…

(You would think ample melonpan would hamper karate. But, no, anime thinks otherwise. The best martial artists also have the amplest melonpan.)


Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still gasped when Kusunoki almost threw the adorable cat off of the balcony. She would have been a horrible person if that had happened, even if cats always land on their feet.

(Andohbytheway, why does the cat have a bow? Does it belong to someone? Do people normally put huge bows on cats? Or are pets in anime just better accessorized than pets in real life?)


Emo facial distortion! Haven’t seen one in a while… gotta enjoy Keima’s “I need to save this dating sim’s game while getting away from this Amazonian woman.”

(I liked how Keima responded that he’s good at cleaning floors because he played a game once about cleaning floors. I would imagine a galge about floor cleaning to be very devoid of ideas and to be near the bottom of the scrap heap. That’s why he’s the Capturing God: he’ll play them all, even the uber duper crappy ones.)

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  1. Sakaki? Is that you? With a cat?
    Cat know’s where to purr.

  2. Ahh I have been looking forward to the second season of TWGOK, and I realy liked this episode. The only thing I missed was a firetruck :P

  3. Definitely would love to see Kusunoki throw away that cat, with said cat replaced with fucking QB, BWAHAHAHA~~!!!

  4. One of the reasons why I enjoy TWGOK so much is because Keima and his reactions to certain situations. More often than not, it made me laugh

  5. I’ve never tried wet rice crackers. Seems like it’d be weird. They might taste better if you just dry them out first though.

    I like Kusunoki – though at the rate they’re going at, she’s going to only get like 2 episodes. Still, the combination of melonpan and violence is always a winner.

  6. Yo Jason, you seem to be posting a lot these days. Is it just the start of a new season, or do you have more spare time? Not that I’m complaining :P

  7. I thought of this video when I saw karate captain about to toss the cat.

  8. I laughed out loud when he mentioned he played that floor scrubbing game… this episode was full of LOL moments.

  9. Seeing Elsie again reminded me… Here’s a manga I think you’d appreciate: The Secret Devil-chan. Guy summons a succubus to lose his virginity, guy chickens out at the last minute, succubus pretends to be the guy’s relative to live with him and attend his school, hijinks ensue.

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