nichijou 2

“What sort of modifications have you been making?” “I got a roll cakii!”

Professor steals the show. Single funniest moment thus far this season. I loved how adorable Professor was when she pressed the button, how happy she hooked, and how terrified Nano looked. Just a great scene. We’re only two episodes in, and I’m already demanding a spin-off based on Professor, Nano, and Sakamoto-san (who is still MIA).

(Or should I call her “Hakase”? I think “Hakase” sounds cuter but “Professor” sounds more adorable. Mmm…)

(Professor also makes a lot of interesting and adorable noises. Just listen to the audio by itself… wow, Hiromi Konno does a really good job.)

I mean… just look at that adorableness! I can just imagine Kyubey licking his (her? its?) lips imaging what a wonderful magical girl Professor will eventually become.

(One thing that really stood out for me when watching this show: Nichijou does something very few anime do in that it is funny to both kids and adults. It just nails the right blend of humor whereas something like Mitsudomoe or Minami-ke might skew adultish, Nichijou is still fundamentally something kids can enjoy as well.)

Too adorable. I like all the quick side-gags that Nichijou employs… really helps the pacing. If only Kyoto did this for Lucky Star.

The vignettes are even used to great effect. I like how they show a different scene each episode with slightly different characters just going through it as part of an everyday world. Kyoto, hat is off. You have created the modern Azumanga with Nichijou. Yuko is the new Tomo, Mio is the new Chiyo, Mai (iPad) is the improved, modern Osaka (Newton), Nano is the new Yomi, and there’s just no analog for Professor.

(Yes, hell yeah I went there. Nichijou is going to be the Azumanga for the new decade. Deal with it.)

Kind of disappointed Kyoto didn’t work a K-On! CD into the background. But there’s just something hilarious about Nano refusing a mp3 upgrade yet wants to listen in a CD shop. I can’t wait to see what other upgrades Professor has in store for Nano. I am hoping for breast missiles, tea pot fingers, and a growing pot of flowers on head.

This game made no sense. It makes as much sense as:

A. Calvinball.
B. TEPCO’s management of Fukushima Daiichi.
C. America’s intervention in Libya.
D. Mai Otome.
E. Why people like soccer.

I was like… oh my gosh, is he going to take off Sasahara’s pants as well? And he did! Random moments like these are what makes Nichijou so damn good. I enjoyed watching the English magistrate zip up Sasahara later as well. I still want to know how he can afford an English magistrate butler (which, by the way if I get a butler, would be the kind I would get) on a farmer’s salary. Reminds me of last season of Skins where Alo gets all these computers and monitors for his ultra-wank, yet doesn’t explain how he can afford it being the son of a poor farming family.

Orchestral BGM? Yes, please. You have spoiled me. I really liked the ominous BGM of when Mio tried to get her notebook back… properly conveyed her fear, anxiety, panic, and immediacy. Good job, Kyoto.

So cute and adorable. I really like the bunny blanket. Nano’s hoodie is cute too. But Professor… too adorable. I like the look of that oversized lab coat. Also like the small touches like how she is reading a picture book about robots and how Nano was throwing away magazines featuring items featured last episode.

(I completely forgot to mention Helvetica Standard the previous episode. Love how they call it “Helvetica” yet do not use the font during that segment. I was hoping they would use Comic Sans and Papyrus for full type rage effect.)

A drill that will pierce the heavens!

“What a spectacular corkscrew we’re seeing this morning.”

Nothing like dapper gentlemen (with beards!) commenting on how wonder of a spiral punch a little girl throws. Simon would be proud.

A Gameboy and a Virtual Boy? Who does he think he is? Keima? More importantly, seeing a school girl with guns makes me think of a remake of Desperado except with school girls.

Andohbytheway, I get the feeling that the mangaka, Keiichi Arawi, is about my age since we both have fond memories of our Famicoms and our Gameboys… not so much of our Virtual Boys. I still have my Famicom, except it looks terrible connected to a HDTV through an RF port. I still have my 900-in-1 game cartridge too. Also still have my NES and SNES as well. Ah, nostalgia.

“Everything is better with Mio-chan.”

Damn right. Also, that seems like one interesting childhood.

I want this as my background wallpaper.

When I first saw this, I was wondering if it was Mio giving Keima head… then I realized it was another guy. Strangely, this is more detailed than the gay sex scene in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. Well, except for this, this episode isn’t bad for little kids. Sigh, leave it to the boys love to screw things up.

(More disturbing? This is the most fanservice Kyoto has shown in a while. They brought us the Tess OVA as well as Mikuru costume rape… and now… this… OTL.)

Enjoyed Professor’s face here. Enjoyed how panicked Nano was when she was wondering where Professor hid the ribbon cakii. Enjoyed Professor’s “Yadda.”


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  1. I love how she always fails at playing rock paper scissors
    And I totally think “professor” sounds better. It adds a level of silliness to her character that makes her cuter…

  2. Wait what? This episode had the most epic chase scene in anime history and yet you talk only about some kid being adorable?

    Nuts to your cute

  3. Would this be healing for the broken mind? Naw, Maria+holic is on.

    This does hav elements of madness though…delicious madness.

    I want a Chocolate Swiss Roll.

  4. KyoAni must have had a mind-blowing budget to animate this show. The over the top chase scene was amazing!

  5. As much as I enjoy nichijou… I cant help but want to scream. WHERE IS MY FMP KYOANI!

    Other than that professors face made me giggle.

  6. FMP might be too high risk to make.
    How many novels are left to animate?
    How easy is it to find a break point to end a season without it being a total cliffhanger that might never be resolved if the following seasion isn’t picked up due to a lack of sales?
    How many season or episodes would it theoretically take to complete all of the FMP main storyline?
    I would accept a Fumoffu 2 season though. There aren’t many animes that are funnier than Fumoffu.

  7. I agree with you Jason, this may well be this decade’s Azumanga.

    (ohshit where’d i put my flame retardant shield)

    Bringing on the crazy a little early (my recollection; Azumanga didn’t get too crazy until we got to Osaka’s dream sequences) but hey, it’s working.

    Funny thing is that I wouldn’t even give this a second glance if this was done by SHAFT.

    (oh shit where’d i put my flame retardant shield)

  8. wait, you watch seikai ichi hatsukoi? -_-

  9. The Professor looks like she has an old rotory phone…or maybe it is just shaped like one.

  10. “Everything is better with Mio-chan.”

    She needs a tiny top hat.
    Every blog好き Nichijou post in a nutshell:

  11. lol

  12. Earliest known use of corkscrew punch was by Jose Mendoza in Ashita no Joe. That’s why such an elderly gentleman is commenting on the punch.

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