nichijou 5

“Professor! What’s wrong with your stomach?”

“It’s Professor-nyan!”

I… I… I… *reduced to a puddle*

The first scene with Nano and Professor saying each others names in slightly differently intonations culminating in Professor appearing with cat ears and a tail going, “Hakase-nyan!” is ten steps beyond adorable. It is the Seal Team Six of adorableness.

(Anime, like anything else, is entertainment. Whether you’re entertained by it or not, that is its value to you. One thing anime is great for is– well, because of its sanitized view of life– escaping life. And Nichijou? A great example of the right show at the right time for post-triple disaster Japan.)

The whole medium scene confused me. The fact she was speaking with such a male voice made me focus on unimportant stuff like, “Is the Trap Directive in effect?” and “What are the Trap Rules of Engagement?” Still, poor Tsuyoshi… he’ll never know why he’s forever cursed with a mohawk. (Don’t worry, bro, I’m sure they’ll come back in fashion someday.)

(Starbucks… Tamogachi… iPod… McDonald’s fries… this begs a few questions. One, I understand the need to provide a contrast in terms of materialism, but three of the four material objects are American products. Couldn’t Keiichi Arawi used Japanese products to show materialism? Two, fries are all there. That’s just not happening. You leave a bountiful order of fries next to me for ten minutes, I assure you they will not appear so bountiful. Three, I understand the proliferation of Starbucks and McDonald’s, but if you were headed to McDonald’s to get fries, why not just get a coffee at McDonald’s? So many questions… so little explanation…)

At least it led to a great OTL moment… though I wished they did a full chase scene. Come on. Not often we get chase scenes in anime more thrilling than in Fast Five.

(The Fast and the Furious franchise is to Hollywood cinema what the Code Geass franchise is to anime… my eyes always get a twitchy in every scene involving Vin and Paul when they’re shirtless and sweaty. Just seems like it occurs more often in this franchise than the entirety of Brokeback Mountain. Just sayin’.)

Mai is such a troll. I cannot think of a better combination of anime’s greatest troll animated by the studio that did anime’s greatest trolling.

(Let’s just put it this way: Endless Eight is a lifelong wound.)

(Mai reminds me a lot of Hobbes when Calvin and Hobbes play Calvinball.)

Interstitial for this episode? Creeping into a girl’s bedroom! Swiftly approved.

Nichijou is a pure comedy and as such is likely to be love it or hate it for most people, with not much in-between. While comedy is always hit and miss, for me more often than not this series nails it and leaves me laughing out loud. The timing is really great, and some of the events are just hilarious. -AnimeOnDVD

There isn’t a single spot of angst or serious drama to be found in Nichijou, which instead opts to offer up awkward comic timing, deceptively clever characterization, and even a few moments of tranquil “back in the day” nostalgia for those of us who’ve moved beyond the whole high school experience. It’s fluff, and is very much an acquired taste that certainly won’t please everyone. However, its bizarre comic styling and memorable cast have already drawn in quite a following, and are sure to draw in more with this opening volume. -ANN

I replaced one word in both reviews. Guess which word I replaced for what? I think people forget Azumanga had a lot of haters back in the day. Fortunately, all those humorless people are dead now.

(This sequence was just so well-done and hilarious… well… I was wrong, Nichijou‘s comedy brilliance might even surpass Azumanga before it’s all said and done. I think people forgot that Azumanga was really dull at the beginning when it focused too much on Tomo and Chiyo… before things picked up with Osaka, the MVP of Azumanga Daioh.)

Bar none, my favorite scene of this episode. Professor is cutely mischievous… the best kind!

“No! I’m giving birth to your younger brother!”

Make sure you fully document that shit with a long form birth certificate, video footage from a Flip cam, a Canon cam, and a Red Epic cam, an embalmed placenta, ten Japanese magistrates as witnesses, Segata Sanshiro’s seal on the ultra long form birth certificate, Charlie Sheen tweet about it, a consul of leper oracles presiding over the birth, an Anderson Cooper special about the birth on CNN, and an iPhone 4 installed in the baby for location tracking. Even then, they’ll still be the birthers… “That baby wasn’t born in Nichijou!!! He was born in Tiger and Bunny…”

And, yes, covering shit up always leads to bad news. Why don’t companies (Tepco, BP, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Sony, etc) realize this by now? Oh right. Profits.

1. Lie.
2. Stonewall.
3. ???
4. Profit!

(Good news is that Professor is now more qualified to run a Fortune 500 company than most Fortune 500 CEOs. Who wouldn’t want an adorable seven year old banging her fists on the boardroom table asking for more roll cakii?)

Loved the scene where Mio and Yukko compete in drawing… and it’s striking to see Yukko not being the butt of the jokes (remember, the food chain goes Mai eats Yukko eats Mio). Not sure what I enjoyed more… Kyoto investing more animation budget into this scene than Shaft has for Maria+Holic Alive…. the fact that Mio made Goat-boy look like a cross between Keima and Lulu… how the image eventually ended up on an English quiz (what was the answer for this question?)… how neither Sensei nor Yukko picked up on Mio’s love for yaoi… Mio’s epic breakdown after finding it it was on the quiz.

(Keima x Lulu yaoi crossover? Worldbreaking.)

The doll Professor drew on… there’s another in the classroom! One change I kinda like from the manga is that Nano isn’t a student in this school as it separates the show’s two casts a la Animaniacs, which I’m convinced is the inspiration for this show. (Sakamoto-san can be Pinky. Mio/Mai/Yukko are obviously Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to some order.) Another change I approve of? Changing Daenerys to be slightly older than in the novel so HBO can show her bonking Khal Drogo in various positions. Let’s just say it would have been disturbing if they kept her novel age of, what? 12?

Adorable! Three MVPs…

1. Professor-nyan.
2. Mio’s fan art.
3. The Medium.

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  1. Hakase-nyan! Hakase-nyan!

    Way too adorable. Thanks for the swift review Jason!~

  2. Sakurai-sensei is still really cute being overwhelmed by everything.
    Mai’s trolling is beating Beatrice’s trolling.

  3. I like the Mio chase Yukko scene from episode 2 more than any of the Fast & Furious chase scenes…the cars don’t run on windows.

  4. This episode was a bit more hit & miss than the ones before it. Biggest letdown? That there was no janken match! I love those.

    Hahaha, I love that Sakamoto-san just went and made things worse, then runs away. Winner of the episode.

  5. @everyone: “Hakase da-nyan!” it is. Are you even listening?

    Anyway, funny ep, funnier than the last one. But still not as good as episode #3. Nichijou will hopefully pick up again.

  6. It looks like the animators are just having fun with this show.

  7. Hakase da nyan!

    Moe des!
    KyoAni has fun with everything they do.
    Sometimes that fun is at the viewers expense.
    Anyone else notice how Sakamoto-san looked at Professor-nyan? It’s obvious who Professor’s baby-daddy is.

    One change I kinda like from the manga is that Nano isn’t a student in this school as it separates the show’s two casts

    I’m not sure that’s a change as much as it’s KyoAni wanting to animate the ‘Nano enrolls in school’ arc as a mid season booster/filler without the continuity errors of already having her in class. Besides, they’ll be missing out on an entire Nano-moe-mode, and when has KyoAni been one to turn down a moe mode? Plus: Snickers.

  8. I believe Dany was 14. She’s at least as old as Sansa.

  9. Dany was thirteen. Also, I think Sansa was eleven at the start of the books and Arya nine.

    Really enjoying Thrones so far despite the start being the slowest part of the books. Good thing we aren’t a season ahead as George RR Martin’s take on the Royal Wedding probably would have gotten the series cancelled.

    Also loving Nichijou’s own brand of random-ness and cute humour. But… tried showing it to a co-worker who ‘likes anime’ (the only anime I know he’s a fan of are GitS and Dead Leaves). Apparently it only took a minute or so to overwhelm him and make him beg me to turn it off. ‘Hey, but it’s funny and really charming’, ‘I don’t like comedies’ (note: a bunch of his favourite films are comedies) and ‘the animation’s really well done in contrast to it’s simple style’, ‘I don’t like that kind of animation’. Of course, I’ve tried recommending all sorts of different shows without luck but this is the kind of stubbornness I’ve come to expect from self-proclaimed ‘anime fans’ here in England.

  10. You know what? The Professor is eerily similar to a certain Fran Madaraki.

  11. I didn’t finish this episode. Some of it I love but some of it goes way off the silly chart. The Hakase Da Nyan scene is pretty much burned into my memory now. I’m so going to do it at the next con xD.

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