hanasaku iroha 5

“A Tearful Chef Romance”

Just wondering how much potatoes do the Japanese actually eat. Does Renji have french fries, potato salad, and croquettes on the menu everyday? And can you imagine any 15 year old willing to spend their entire evening peeling potatoes? Only in rural, anime Japan.

“You’re always in the way even though none of the right parts are sticking out.”

Sorry, Tohru’s just an ass. No way to spin it. He can save a bunch of orphans from a burning church, but he would still be the asshole who rescued a bunch of orphans from a burning church. He’s like Rashard Mendenhall… just has an Omadoka-given ability to insert foot into mouth.

Ohana trails this season’s derby of “Most weird facial expressions” behind leader Yukko and close-in-second Kanako. Is it just me, or has the animation been just less peppy the last few episodes? There’s been no sweeping panoramas that were fairly commonly used for interstitials in the first two episodes. I guess the only modern studios that can keep up an anime budget consistently to the end are Kyoto and Shaft, with Shaft just being sloppy early on so sloppy later doesn’t seem that bad.

(A comparison between Madoka TV and BD. I think most of the changes, like the fencing, are just changes for changes sake.)

PERVERT! Tohru must have a nose fetish or something.

Speaking of perverts, how come I’m not surprised that the perverted author would bide his time “cleaning” a hot bath with three lovely inn girls? At least he didn’t get assigned to clean the hot bath with just Ohana… just seems like a bad idea.

(The rumor mongering plotline… weaksauce. Having seen way too many episodes of 90210, Melrose Place, The OC, and Alf, Hanasaku Iroha can’t hold a candle to them. Just cannot. Trying to compare a Razor scooter to a Volvo. Just not happening.)

The “everyone is fine, it’s all a big misunderstanding” ending is just totally anime. Of course, you can’t have a real love triangle in anime where the main character isn’t involved. (Chances Tohru will hit on Ohana is about fifty-fifty at this point, but that’s besides the point.) Anime… where the kid gloves don’t just not come off, they are glued on!

(I am really enjoying both Game of Thrones and the fans who watch the show without reading any of the Song of Fire and Ice books… love all the people upset at HBO because one of the ultra-cute dire wolves got killed by a bitch for no good reason. Um, they are just following the books. But the wolves are awesome, and they are probably the show’s best liked characters thus far. And it did make me sad that Sakamoto-san isn’t a dire wolf. That would have been awesome.)

(Also, the current Queen on Game of Thrones is the biggest bitch ever. Imagine Kyubey as a blonde, with ample melonpan, and is having an incestuous affair with her twin brother… that’s the Queen. Long live the Queen! She hates cute wolves, which makes me believe she hates Professor and Nano as well.)

It takes three grown men to hold back a girl who probably weights about one hundred pounds. I dunno about you, but I would just pick her up and toss her out of the inn a la…

… this kind of push out. Come on, it’s an one hundred pound girl. You’re not exactly going up against Ndamukong Suh.

Kept rooting for the door to close and lock them in… we need more locked in closet/gym storage sheds/lockers/tiny spaces scenes. Always welcome.

I’ll even refrain from a “Yuina rode Tohru’s bike all right” joke.

-_- eyes… I feel the same way about PA Work’s storytelling abilities.

True Tears: Terrible underdeveloped storyline culminating in a pairing that made me wonder, “It’s Shin and Lunamaria all over again.”

Canaan: A poor man’s Noir.

Angel Beats!: Way too short, rushed, poorly paced, and it had a nonsensical ending where it’s revealed Angel had Otonashi’s heart… but Angel is dead anyway so Otonashi’s heart was actually wasted.

Hanasaku Iroha: 26 episodes just screams “We need a lot of filler. A lot.”

(I understand the plot is driven by Ohana’s desire to make everything right, but she needs to step things up and do things… I don’t more, more interestingly. She needs to be less Nagisa and more Onizuka.)

Three MVPs…

1. Derrick Rose.
2. Yuina’s sequin abilities.
3. Yuina’s vibrating chair.

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  1. If only they’d improve the bg artwork!

  2. Why are you blogging this show instead of Denpa Onna?

  3. Those do not look like sequins. I am betting on rhinestones. I have a lot of experience with this. (Best not to ask.)

  4. Hyouge Mono is definitely the show that got the most weird and hilarious facial expressions this season. But I know you’re not into old men talking and drinking tea in Feudal Japan.

  5. Minko is actually 17. :)

  6. “It takes three grown men to hold back a girl who probably weights about one hundred pounds.”

    Correction: It takes three grown JAPANESE men to hold back a girl who probably weights about one hundred pounds.

    There’s your sizzle of the day.

  7. More importantly, why are you not blogging The World God Only Knows II ???

  8. Actually it looks like one man is holding her back, the second is making sure she doesn’t get lose, and the third is lonely and hugging the first man.

  9. more like one man is holding her back, the other 2 just wants to feel up a high school inn girl.

  10. we were all expecting posts for TWGOK, or denpa onna, or maria holic. but we only get hanasaku iroha. biggest -_- of the season.

  11. Just switch to Denpa Onna. No one will think less of you

  12. Ahem:

    “Also didn’t take long to realize we’re going to have a terrible love triangle between Tohru, Minko, and her since I can’t imagine Ohana developing a relationship with Tohru (this creating a love rectangle which is too advanced for anime but commonplace in 90210).”

    Guess not.

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