nichijou 7

“Where is your arm?”

The pillars of comedy have always been: slapstick (Muteki Kanban Musume), character driven (Fumoffu), train wreck (Fast Five), or some combination of them. Note I don’t count random (Shaft being Shaft) since it’s as much comedy as modern art is enjoyable art. With Nichijou, I think we need a new category: the troll. Sure, it’s popular in forums and blogs (this blog nurses quite a few trolls), and it was only a given before we see it in full anime form. Just we didn’t expect it to show up so adorably in Nichijou… which I’m convinced is just about Za Walurdo trying to make Yukko’s and Nano’s lives as trolled as possible.

(In before, “I want to turn her screw.”)

(Mio’s sister wears a long skirt. Seems so out of place in anime.)

Other characters get trolled as well, as Mio gets trolled as does Sakamoto-san, but they’re like collateral damage compared to what Yukko and Nano get. I almost feel sorry for them. Keyword: almost.

“Your face is too close.”

Come on, Kyoto, you knew you wanna. A few thoughts about Mio’s wooden cubes’ origin story:

1. Great origin story. I want origin stories for everything except superheroes (seriously, do we need to reboot Tomb Raider or Spiderman?). I want origin stories for Erio’s futon, Ohana’s flower hair clips, Kotomi-chan’s violin, Simon’s drill, Shinji’s SDAT player, Kogarashi’s bonnet, and, most importantly, Akiko’s jam-mu.

2. Faceless guys with numbers on their ballcaps and quotes on the inner lids? Is this some terrible pr0n audition tape?

3. We need more zeppelins in anime.

4. We need more bad guys named “Dolph”. Bonus points if they kill themselves while perpetrating their evil act. (No seriously, tripping? And then the underlings clamming up? And failing to capture a small girl? Is this patterned after Home Alone?)

5. I thought I was watching the wrong show.

6. Wooden blocks remind me of… Terraria!

I haven’t had a lot of time to play it (as my pitiful abode shows), but it is additively fun. It’s Minecraft meets Castlevania with 16-bit Final Fantasy graphics. You basically start off in a world, build shelter, dig, dig, and dig for better gear. And pray you survive some of the unfortunate events that will come your way like Walpargis Night. (Kidding. Only zombies, no witches.) There’s just a lot to do and discover. Plus multiplayer. The game is a bit rough around the edges (no widescreen support? wtf?), and Windows-only, but it’s not a bad diversion for $10. You can do worse.

Octopus wasabi? Reminds me of Nodame when Chiaki would troll Nodame by buying her canned goods like reindeer, bear, snake, etc. Do they even sell those in Japan?

“I’m sparkling!”

Thank you, Hanasaku Iroha. Thank you. Heroines sparkle so much brighter because of you.

So cute. I want to play baseball with Professor, Nano, and Sakamoto-san. In fact, I want to be Nano’s agent as I try to get a $150 million contract with the Yankees. What an arm. Though I like how their baseball game is so typical of them… their own rules with a “Wait, that’s not how you do it” face on Sakamoto-san.

Had a discussion about cats recently where a friend told me his cat was a natural born killer even after being declawed. I then presented my idea of cats… with lasers! They will be unstoppable. We can call them “Laser Cats.”

(At the very least, we need an anime about giant, robot cats… oooooh… these cats would be able to merge into a super humanoid robot! What an awesome idea! Quick, let’s get someone on this project ASAP.)

Are office romances between teachers common in Japan? HanamaruGTOMitsudomoe… just some that quickly come to mind that feature them.

(And now we finally get the bamboo sprouts in the OP.)

So adorable. Love that ^_^ face on Professor and O_O face on Nano pairing. They just go great together, like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, Mr Pibb and Red Vine, chicken and waffles, and melonpan and slow drizzled fudge.

(If Kyoto had Professor change the TV to a channel that said, “Mi-mi-mi-Mikuru Beam-u!” I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Or “Fuwa fuwa time!” There’s just tons of possibilities.)

Where’s Nelson Muntz when you need him? Ha-ha.

That candle holder… I could have sworn I saw it at Ikea for $29.99 and named “Dolphster”.

“Oh… gentlemen.”

Dapper old man with a huge top hat and the mascot bird… weird. Weirder? How the line “Oh… gentlemen” was said. I… I… just don’t know.

(Must like how I don’t know how Joel Anthony or Mario Chalmers could possibly start for an NBA championship team… I… I… just don’t konw.)

Acappella version of Zzzz? Want! Want! Want!

Three MVPs…

1. Mio’s onee-chama
2. Dolph
3. Octopus wasabi

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  1. Wouldn’t Gintama be considered a troll genre? They pioneered it years before this came.

    >>(At the very least, we need an anime about giant, robot cats… oooooh… these cats would be able to merge into a super humanoid robot! What an awesome idea! Quick, let’s get someone on this project ASAP.)

    I think there’s one done by Makoto Shinkai, it’s just a short film though. Not as epic as mentioned but still entertaining. XD (

  2. “At the very least, we need an anime about giant, robot cats… oooooh… these cats would be able to merge into a super humanoid robot! What an awesome idea! Quick, let’s get someone on this project ASAP.”

    Umm, ZOIDS? I also think there was a Power Rangers in which they did this… Maybe my memory is wrong. Zoids didn’t make a humanoid when put together though. And they were technically tigers (ligers?). Though I’d definitely pay good money for a “Giant Robot House Cats Crush Tokyo” anime.

  3. No lie, I only watched this episode because I heard that Wakamoto Norio was going to be in it. And it was worth it.

  4. @Armman

    Voltron, sir.

  5. Nano is still not in school yet? I don’t know anymore what Kyoto is up to with this.

    Definitely loving the Voltron shoutout in the review.

    Hoping that the upcoming Voltron TV series won’t be a letdown.

  6. thumbs up for evil masterminds tripping to death while being just one step away from fulfilling his ambition. i want more screen time for the vulgar princess.

  7. We need more Muska (Laputa) parodies.

  8. Sorry, the Master Troll Anime of all times is still LEVEL E.

  9. Is that some bullying of Nano from Mio’s sister?

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