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(That’s one awesome blanket. Where can I buy one? Same with the pillow. I think it is eventually Kyoto Animation’s manifest destiny to open an indie clothing and linen store. If not for ridiculous K-On! and Haruhi sales, they might even make more cash that way.)

The elevator scene totally confused me. What happened? What is this about? Why do they think this would be funny? Basically, I had Endless Eight flashbacks… wait, why? Oh my Omadoka-chan, Why? WHY?!

(It also reminded me of Angel Beats when Otonashi got trapped and somehow was the only one to die out of everyone, including the children and elderly.)

(And I did wish she went, “balut” instead of “eggplant.”)

Though I guess the saving grace of this scene is that the seiyuu were just deadpanning their lines. Deadpanning lines for the sake of deadpanning lines (without cracking up) is tough.

I spit out popcorn.

I like how Professor just runs the gamut in trying to get out of snacking before bedtime. She denies it. She lies about it. She tries to shift the blame. She tries to change the subject. When she realizes she can’t win, she tries to negotiate the terms of surrender. And Nano handled her pretty well. It was like watching Kevin Durant trade baskets with Dirk Nowitzki.

(I predicted before the season that Miami would win the championship, and for the first few months, this looked like a terrible prediction. Not now! Though with my team not even making the playoffs, I’m rooting for the Mavs now. It’s too fun to hate the Heat, and Dirk got screwed over for the MVP award. Did I ever think I would root for the German over the three Americans? I guess not.)

Totally did not get the train scene too. I guess Yukko failed in trying to tell Mio and Mai a joke, they got on a train, and went somewhere else instead of school. Then they got trapped in an elevator… and… well… I have no fucking clue. Exactly like when Chiyo-chan’s dad showed up in Azumanga. Except I’m not sure they did this for laughs. I think they just did this to troll us.

(Aside from Kyoto trolling us, not a very eventual episode. It’s like any scene involving Fuyuki in Minami-ke.)

I know how you feel. I know how you feel.

Cute dog. Mai and Mio stonewalling Yukko is old news by now… seriously, why is Yukko still friends with them? At this point, start hanging around the other classmates. At least they won’t constantly troll you. Definitely a case of, “Doctor doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Then stop doing it.”

So this is what it is like to arm a tsundere with an RPG. I’m still waiting for some sort of climax to occur in the love triangle between goat boy, Mithril girl, and Mio. I hope exploding goats are involved.

(Seriously, goat boy should have called her out, “If you love me, just say so.” But, eh, this is anime, and we can’t have normal boy/girl relationships in anime. Just doesn’t happen. It’s like seeing realistic lawyer dramas on network TV… just totally not representative of their real worldness.)

I like the small touches like Nano chasing after her hand in the background. In the manga, Nano goes to school with everyone else and wears shorter skirts. She’s also built to kill. I do like this change as cakii-equipped robots are just so much more adorable than chaingun-equipped ones.

(Yes, Nano would be more awesome as a meido-bot.)

Tron parody?

“Oh man, this is too much fun!”

Oh Sakamoto-san. And then I do the cross-arms, head tilt like any good 70s sitcom skit as a laugh track plays in the background.

Three MVPs…

1. Jack Sparrow
2. Forrest Gump
3. Erin Brockovich

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  1. From what I could gather, they were trapped in the elevator because it broke down. So they were all ZETSUBOU SHITA and stuff, but yeah I agree it was very weird and unnecessarily long (5 minutes? really?) scene. So yeah KyoAni trolling: you know the deal.

    The train scene I think was about how Yukko kept trying to stop them to make a joke that they would find funny and so they ended up being late (note that they don’t look too pleased with Yukko and the scene right before showed the class starting while they were absent.)

    And so concludes my thesis on the “Post-Modern Influences of Nichijou 8”.

  2. Isn’t “eegplant” the same word Ritsu used when the girls went to Kyoto? The word that cracked them all up (save Mio), and then Mio busts up later because of the word due to her losing her resistance to the silliness?

  3. Is eggplant really that funny of a word?

  4. Not the best episode ever but still very fun! That elevator scene was a bit strange but ah well I still laughed! Not sure eggplant was that funny but it works. Best moments would have to be between Hakase and Nano as usual they are the most fun for me.

  5. @Hype: When you are in Zetsubou mode for quite a while, anything becomes funny.

  6. “It also reminded me of Angel Beats when Otonashi got trapped and somehow was the only one to die out of everyone, including the children and elderly.”

    What about the guy with the head wound?

  7. I wonder if Nano attending school would result in a big payoff. Kyoani’s holding this eventuality off for far too long now.


    I’m pretty sure he outlived the guy studying to be a doctor.

  8. Three MVPs…

    1. Jack Sparrow
    2. Forrest Gump
    3. Erin Brockovich


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