nichijou 9

“Where’s my strawberry?!”

“It’s over! It’s finally over!”

I felt the same way when I was done watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Also, I felt like the scene should have parodied V-E Day with a re-enactment of the Times Square kissing moment instead of a random announcement of marriage.

Not sure what I enjoy more, the -_- face on Professor or the >_< face on Sakamono-san or his tier one, politician-class hypocrisy. Nah. None of those. Best part of this scene is imaging Chris Bosh going, "Wow, I got a point!" a la Sakamoto-san's "I got a crab!" every time he makes a basket.

“A shortcake without a strawberry is just bread! It’s just sweet bread!”

Mio going to pieces over a cakii…

A. Cakii are srsbznz.
B. Fanboys destroying Aya Hirano CDs after she admitted she likes dating older men.
C. Republicans foaming at the mouth over Obama Care.
D. Ron Artest charging up the stands of the Palace of Auburn Hills.

(I am now waiting for the next episode preview where the K-On! seiyuu sing Fuwa Fuwa Time. Who hasn’t Kyoto brought in it?)

Best way to deal with trolls? Ignore them and read a newspaper. Except newspapers don’t exist anymore. They’re like figments of our collective imagination along with VHS tapes, horse and buggies, DOS memory extenders (to play Dune 2, of course), polio, and good Sunrise anime.

Beginning to think that Mio has a cakii addiction problem. Just like how I have a major Puccho addition problem now. And what bakery only makes 5 or 10 of anything? A fail bakery. Not even the cast of Cakii Boss are this inept at producing cakii.

I always like being the guy at the table who has the tastiest looking meal. I hate being the guy whose food comes last… just awkward waiting. Though nowadays it’s not as bad. I can use that time to write nasty Yelp reviews. Ah, internets, the great democratization time-waster.

(Everyone trolls Yukko. Even the waitress. This show could easily have been called, “Everybody Trolls Yukko.)

Winner, winner… sausage dinner?

One thing I like about living in California? No mosquitoes! Besides the great sunshine and the food, we also have no flies or mosquitoes. Still, for Yukko to have so many bugs in her room, her family should really invest in some screen doors or maybe even a mosquito net for the bed. My gosh, it’s like the First Battle of Manassas in there.

It’s child abuse! In easy to understand Ikea instructions! TOFTERYD! KARLSTAD!

I like how the kendo jokes carried over from Mio and her sister to Yukko and her mosquito hunting. Watching these action sequences makes me pine for Kyoto Animation to work on… Gundam! It’s about time for a new Gundam franchise, and Sunrise needs to break out of their rut and give the fans something truly innovative. Can Kyoto deliver? I don’t know, but at least we’ll have four cute schoolgirl mobile suit pilots instead of yet another (subtly homoerotic) sausage fest. (It’ll be like when Nintendo gave Retro the Metroid franchise to work with… wait, first person Metroid? Madness!) At least it’ll get fans talking again.

(Oh who am I kidding? I’ll just settle for more Full Metal Panic. Fumoffu!)

Omelette rice should be called “om nom nom rice”.

I think Nano is like 95% of a good parent, just she caves in on the last 5%, and one day Professor will become an evil mad scientist because of her in-effectual parenting. I still wonder why Professor would invent a parent-like robot? She misses her parents? What happened to them? Why is she so smart? Why doesn’t she go to school? So much potential backstory for Professor and Nano. This is the real shame of Nichijou… three schoolgirls who get into misadventures? They’re everywhere. A pint-sized Professor? How? When? Tell me!

“Your right hand is a loser.”

Bar none, best line of the episode.

If dangos can have eyes, why can’t daifuku? Are they _that_ different? Also, Mameshiba!

Why does this remind me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Why did I think a boulder would come flying out of the shoe locker?

(This must be the methods that the Republicans are using to decide on a candidate for 2012. Seriously? Newt? Milt? Sarah?)

Three MVPs…

1. Mosquito-san.
2. Mio’s sister, Yoshino.
2. Yukko’s mom.

16 Responses to “nichijou 9”

  1. Well the marriage announcement was sooo random. It was just an exam– an EXAM!– and not even the finals too.

  2. Subtly?

  3. Can only settle for hard gay scenes in Gundam. No less, srsly.

  4. I seem to recall that the Minami families took sweets seriously as well. A war could start if Chiaki, Haruka, or Kana don’t get their dessert from the special store, and help you if you should eat it without permission.
    Also ask Yui or Mio about strawberries on the top of cakes. Stealing one is nearly a crime to Yui and causes Mio to cry.

  5. This person ate all the strawberries: – which Mio also goes to pieces over.

  6. 4th MVP: the daifuku dude that does the gay dance moves.

    Epic: “dont ruin the image of daifuku”

  7. ” And what bakery only makes 5 or 10 of anything? A fail bakery. Not even the cast of Cakii Boss are this inept at producing cakii.”

    I think Japanese bakeries that produce only set number of something are just artificially creating demand for something, as Japanese people love limited editions. Its making you seem like finer bakery because you have super limited special item, that only few people can have per day.

  8. Gundam from KyoAni? Maybe this could satisfy you (before FMP4): :)

  9. With all the music and band stuff involved, I would think K-On more suited for Macross than Gundam.

  10. @Syoran: Not just Japanese bakeries lately either; a lot of asian bakeries around my area tend to produce items in limited quantities… which in turn creates lines and lines of people rushing to get their bread first

  11. It’s not uncommon in Japan to have shops selling food in limited quantities. Even some noodle shops do it, limiting the number of bowls sold. This might sound counter-productive, but the purpose is to make sure the customers know that the product is as good as could be made and not rushed out. This also ensures that there is no waste, as you would only have exactly the amount of ingredients you would sell for the day.

  12. No flies in California? Clearly you haven’t been hanging around The Mission in SF too often. The street corners of 24th street are infested with those little guys.

  13. The lure of limited editions is this:
    1) Line up.
    2) “Oh shit, they ran out!”
    3) “Well, I’m here already, and they’re decent; might as well buy something.”

  14. Also, the lack of mosquito netting makes this unbelievable.

  15. I’m eating omelet rice as I write this. Thanks for the recommendation, Professor!

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