hanasaku iroha 9

“The Longest Day at Kissuiso”

I was disappointed we didn’t get Ko showing up just when Tohru was petting Ohana. Drama! Plot! Excitement! We don’t need any of those things.

(I am hoping a love triangle develops between Tohru, Minko, and Ohana, but I think it’ll end worse than the chicken girl on in True Tears. PA Works still has yet to tell a compelling story.)

(I would be mad if my coworker pulled me out of my friend’s wedding to go back to work. Well… mmm… depends on the wedding I guess. If I’m bored to tears and the food’s bad, yes, yes, please get me out of there. But if the food’s not bad and there’s hawt single bridesmaids… mmm…)

If only we had a website where old school buddies could interact with each other and friend each other online and then scribble things on each other’s pages, or “wall” if you will, telling of weddings, announcements, and other shindigs. Ohana could then easily log into that website with her app phone (might even had a dedicated app, but not an universal tablet app) for such a socially-connected web network. If only such a thing existed. It would be worth at least a few million dollars.

(Seriously, when did watching anime go from futuristic with giant robots and cyberpunk to suddenly so backwards… no social networks, no app phones, and no transwarp conduits. Even more jarring now to watch something like Gundam 00 which has phones organizing rebellions in the Middle East… wait, people used to speak in more than 140 characters at a time? Get out of here. You lie.)

(Flip phones… it’s like the 2000s all over again!)

Rin chokes in the big moments? Carlos Boozer. Minko wants to help but can’t do jack in the big moments? Joakim Noah. Tohru actually steps up in the big moments? Dwayne Wade.

I feel like when he was driving back on his bike, Poison should have been playing in the background… and he should have ripped off his shirt and tie to reveal a T-shirt that just had a star on it.

“Do you mind tasting my fish tempura?”

I’ll taste your tempura, if you know what I mean. Warm, gooey, and fishy.

Gotta feel a bit sorry for Ko… he spends all that time, money, and effort, and it’s all for naught. He just had no plan, and, worse yet, no willpower to go through with it. I’m sure Ohana would have been happy to be surprised by him at the inn, even for a little while. Instead, he heads back without even visiting the inn in glorious Shinji Ikari style. Ohana, give up on this loser. He is the type that will cry at the end when Michael Scott leaves Dunder Mifflin. Err. Sabre. Err. Huawei. Err. Whatever it’s called now.

If a crazy guy with a marker drawn on this tummy entered my room at a hot springs and started dancing when I was eating, I would complain to the management immediately. “I ordered a hawt meido! Meido! Bouncy, bonneted, beautiful meido!”

“What, you can’t even do that? What have you been watching and studying all this time?!”

“Yes… I mean… yes! I can do it! I’ll do it! Please let me.”

“Okay. Ride me like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.”

I kinda wish they showed the crew eating together more. Just seems like a fun scene with some possibilities.

Three MVPs…

1. Ohana.
2. Nako.
3. Minko.

(Yeah, I went chalk this episode.)

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  1. Flip phones still do a decent trade in Japan. I know that might be a little hard to believe, but not everybody goes gaga over smartphones.

  2. Also, people calling it the Twitter/Facebook Revolution are seriously inflating the importance of social media. It helped show the rest of the world what was going on, but on the ground, all revolutions run on bandages, bullets, and willpower.

  3. I find plenty of people that don’t want extras on their phones…they just want a goddamn cel phone. No cameras, no aps, no networking…just a simple basic cel phone….to call people. Nothing else.
    Even in California. Shocking I know, but it is true.

  4. Also, there’s the cost. Not everyone can AFFORD smart phones. Not everyone wants the superfluous extras too, but just something that lets you either text or call the people you WANT to call.

    For example, I’m still using the same phone I had back in 2005.

  5. Did it make you happy to see Yukiatsu pull out his smartphone to look up firework regulations in last week’s Ano Hana?

  6. Is there a pilgrimage map for Hanasaku Iroha like this?

  7. “I was disappointed we didn’t get Ko showing up just when Tohru was petting Ohana.”

    I was more expecting Ko to see the two of them sitting together on the bike at the railroad crossing when he passed by on the train. I guess that even though Ohana is the main character, none of the sub-arcs are actually going to feature her except as the one who shakes off the problems with five minutes to go, leads the big comeback, and hits the big three at the buzzer. Ohana=Dirk Nowitzky?

  8. just re-iterating what others have said, app phones are a smaller market in Japan right now compared to flip phones, so flip phones show up more often in anime.

  9. I wonder how much money Ko-chan spent… he was taking the Shinkanesen, those tickets aren’t cheap! Must have been a $300-500 trip at least round trip.

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