nichijou 10

“Why not try to savor the favor?”


“Invincible aliens are immune to any and all attacks!”

Would have been funnier if she got hit by a Macbook throw by Jeff Goldblum. And why are there so many alien movies all of a sudden? Super 8, Skyline, Battle LA, Cowboys vs. Aliens, Green Lantern, Bridesmaids, Attack the Block, etc? Are aliens 2011’s version of zombies? Can’t we just use clean cut Russian guys with thick accents to be villains again? I miss Drago.

(Which invincible alien race has humanity not fended off? We managed to stop the Incubators, the Zentradi, the Vajra, the ELS, the Covenant, the Dominion, the Angels, the Keron Platoon, the Reapers, the Decepticons, the Sarah Palin, etc?)

So cute. Oh Lord I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in. Oh Lord I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in.

A blushing Nano and a victorious Sakamoto-san are fine too.

(A cat is fine too? The meme has gone full circle.)

“Dear Reddit, IAMA he/she I dunno whose lover took all my money and left to sample the world’s somen and left me to pine for him while trolling innocent schoolgirls. AMA!”

(Best part of this scene was me trying to guess the gender of the somen troll the whole time. No wai! Yes wai! No wai! Yes wai!)

Did Kyoto slip this scene in here just because we’re at the last shuttle launch? And, yeah, as someone who grew up watching shuttle launches, it will be sad that there’s no more left. Also sad to see no more innovation for the sake of innovation… what happened to my moon colonies and lunar amusement parks?! Is Futurama all just a lie?

Mai is an effective troll. I have nothing more to add.

The way Yukko was trying to get into the classroom… yep, we all knew that the classroom was empty. Much like how entropy always increases, Yukko can never win. Just the way the universe works.

(BGM during this scene? Awesome. I feel like Kyoto should hold an orchestral concert sometime… oh wait…)

(Koi no Mikuru Densetsu is actually pretty good. They got the theme down pat at the end.)

I feel bad for Annaka. But… she could just walk away… instead, she lets herself get trolled. Can we get a support group setup between Annaka, Nano, and Yukko for people who are being trolled? (And, yeah, I can’t wait to troll that meeting. Maybe schedule it at the same place and time as an AA meeting.)

Nichijou probably has the best fight scenes of any anime this season. The principal vs. reindeer scene has yet to be topped. And it’s clear that Keiichi Arawi is a rasslin’ fan. I just wish he would slip in a Macho Man Randy Savage homage… OH YEAH!

I eat sushi… like a boss.

Actually, this is exactly how I felt when I saw that the new Gundam Age series looks like Gundam for little kiddies. I am disappointed to say the least. I guess no more awkward bromances that border on OH GEASS NO territory… my gosh, this means we might not get a trainwreck Gundam until 2016… NOOOOOOO!

(2016 is also when the next Haruhi series airs. Assuming, of course, Aya Hirano doesn’t get involved in a sex scandal with Governor Rick Perry between now and then.)

Professor? Ponytail? Someone at Kyoto must have a ponytail fetish. Must. Ponytails have now been a central pilot point of Haruhi Suzumiya, Full Metal Panic, K-On!, and Nichijou… with only Clannad and Kanon failing to embrace the sanctity of the ponytail. Yep, I think Kyoto should go back and remake Clannad where instead of Fuko offering everyone starfish, she gives everyone ponytails. “Dozo! I just made up your hair into a moe ponytail!” Wouldn’t this cause Fuko to go from zero to hero?

That *_* face is awesome. I think she is thinking, “Nano would look good with a sidetail.”

So cute. I was surprised they didn’t do a joke where Professor dumps in too much detergent and causes bubble explosion. Too cliche?

Sakamoto-san shut down Professor so awesomely. Egads, I don’t know what to do with myself seeing Sakamoto-san deliver two great saves this episode.

Three MVPs…

1. Saka
2. moto
3. -san

6 Responses to “nichijou 10”

  1. Aliens! We’re on that part of the loop for movies. I think it goes something like Vampires -> Zombies -> Mutant Insects, Sharks, Piranhas, Snakes, etc. -> Aliens -> Robots, Cyborgs, Androids -> Ghosts -> Back to Vampires.

    Not really clear on the order, but pretty sure those are the major categories. They should loop every few years. I think maybe Witches and Wizards are in there somewhere, too.

    Mai trolling Yuko is awesome; I love how Yuko knows it’s her when the chalkboard brushes are every doorway and the windows are replaced with stained glass. Or that she thought entering through the upper windows would be discreet.

  2. I believe that nyan-cat aliens or female neko-mimi aliens will be the downfall of man. (and ponytails but that’s just me, and Kyon).

    The trolling in this episode was GOD-TIER all the way, with overloads of “EEEEEEEEHHHHHH”s that I can’t get bored of. XD

  3. Orchestral Koi no Mikuru Densetsu was amazing. It could totally be the opening to a big-budget studio film, rather than a no-budget film shot by a bunch of high schoolers.

  4. Orchestral Koi no Mikuru Densetsu sounds like one of those old western epics style movies (How the West Was Won) sort of things. Koi no Minoru Densetsu was epic on another level…a rock level.
    The section with the bad trumpet playing was very familiar.

  5. >2016 is also when the next Haruhi series airs. Assuming, of course, Aya Hirano doesn’t get involved in a sex scandal with Governor Rick Perry between now and then.

    Also assuming that she can still speak at that time (see Wikipedia).

  6. Pony tail of doom! Ahahah I liked this episode <3 Hakase even thou she makes every ones lives a living hell sometimes <3

    The space shuttle scene Ahahahah WHAAT?!

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