hanasaku iroha 10

“Slight Fever.”

(Probably my last episodic post for Hanasaku Iroha. Just not enough sparkling happening, and new shows are coming. New shows! New! New! New!)

Minko likes Tohru. Tohru is starting to like Ohana. Ohana likes Ko. Ko has no backbone. You know exactly where this will lead.

(An awkward final episode that involves Ohana riding off into the sunset with Tohru. Then Minko nice boats both of them after the final credit roll.)

(Tohru reveals that Ohana actually has his heart, thus the two can fall in love and not meet until their next lives. When they’re cats. Nyan cats.)

Just a little (misunderstood) sexual tension? At least a teeny-weeny bit? Come on. :O

(Like how everyone kept turning on and off the TV. One, the TV looked like the 13″ TV/VHS combo set I had in college. Yes, that’s how old I am. Two, I got rid of that like ten years ago. Three, there’s nothing good on afternoon TV anymore. I remember growing up with Saved by the Bell and Charles in Charge… nowadays, what do people have? Judge Joe Brown? This is probably why Netflix and Hulu are so damn popular. Though I kinda understand Nako… sometimes, I like having a TV on just for background noise. Even if it is Judge Joe Brown.)

I think it’s sweet how everyone at Kissuiso likes and wants to take care of Ohana. If she were a bitch like her mom, no one would give a damn. So everyone stopping by with food and delights only re-affirms that boys are like snips and snails and puppy dog tails and girls are sugar and spice and everything nice anime boys are like Shinji Ikari and anime girls are like Ohana.

(Also hilarious? Jiroumaru’s attempt at erotica. Seriously, I’ve read better erotica on Twitter. Now I understand the fail in “failed writer.” Stick to writing about hawt teenaged girls sparkling kthxbye.)

Half this episode was close-ups of Ohana’s blushing face. It is a sweet episode with the way everyone (especially Nako) taking care of her, but Ohana just has that zombie stare for most of the episode. And she doesn’t properly rest or take medicine.

“Once you get better, we need to think of a plan to get rid of the bat!”

(For some weird reason, I misunderstood this dialogue. Like “bat” wasn’t a furry animal but some sort of freaky sex toy euphemism.)

“Energetic young waitresses make everything taste better.”

Yes. Yes, they do.

“You touch your fish too much. You need to minimize it.”

Oh wait. I might have gotten one word incorrect in that quote…. whatever. Important thing is, if you’re a nubile teenaged girl learning how to cook with an older man, don’t touch your fish too much.

My favorite scene of this episode. So awesome. Highly enjoy the look on Devil Wears Prada Anime Edition’s face and Tomoe rolling up her sleeves. But, most of all, I enjoyed the backpedaling. Wow, the backpedaling. Haven’t seen backpedaling like that since McCain in 2008.

Was hoping Nako and Minko would find some serious sexting with Ko on Ohana’s phone. That would have been great. Even better? Sexting with Tohru, and Minko finding out.

Three MVPs…

1. Nako’s pudding-like thingie.
2. Tohru’s porridge.
3. Minko’s strawberries. Organic?

6 Responses to “hanasaku iroha 10”

  1. Jason, you are only covering two shows this season and you are already dropping this one? :(
    I was already disappointed that you didn’t blog TWGOK II.
    Well, I suppose you have your reasons.

  2. I can’t blame you, the sparkling quotient has definitely dropped off. From a quick look none of next seasons shows really grab me.

  3. Totally called it:
    “Besides, who says we have to have a 90210 situation? I’m thinking… A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

  4. Yeah… this show’s pretty lame right now. Where’s Ohana’s greatness that hook me up the first few episodes? More important, where’s the SPARKLE? Better off writing your annual ‘best of the year 2010’ Jason. Oh wait, I forgot, there’s no shows sparkling enough last year, lol.

  5. Do you which show still sparkles? That’s right, Steins;gate! More especially Okarin, he’s is still the number 1 to shine.

  6. Yeah, best of 2010 would be great… but can you really fill 10 slots?
    1. Haruhi movie
    2. Eva 2.0 movie
    3. Time of Eve movie…

    So it was a great year for movies, but OreImo is the only series I can think of that stood out (though I’d put bets on Jason crowning Madoka).
    I’d give Amagami’s Miya Best Imouto, Angel Beats Best Trainwreck (and it was all going so well to start off with), and TWGOK Biggest Disappointment.

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