nichijou 19

“This is a final rabudo!”

Helvetica Standard is to Nichijou what the Apple Bandai Pippin is to Apple. I find these segments more perplexing, and I was even more perplexed to find out that it has spawned a spin-off manga. Why? Oh why? I much rather have the fortune teller or Annaka spin-off. It’s like spinning off Clara instead of Frasier.

(Just me, or did the opening “Hellvetica Standard” (sic) remind you of Gurren Lagann as well? At least stylistically.)

King from Tekken!? Exhibit number 15,532 why Keiichi Arawi is a rasslin’ fan.

(I saw that Namco is finally doing a Tekken Tag Tournament sequel, which is like ten years overdue. The original TTT is the best of the Tekken franchise, and I still get use out of that PS2 launch title to this day. Just something inherently fun about a four-player brawler.)

(The dango segments are also inexplicable, but at least they are funny in the context that unreasonable demands that backfire is the backbone of any business. Especially in retail.)

“Domestic violence.”

One thing I remember fondly when growing up was having my afternoon TV watching schedule interrupted by a very special episode or a special presentation that usually dealt with either (a) sexual assault (b) statutory rape (c) domestic violence or (d) drugs. With only like four channels to pick from and no interwebs, this was a big deal back then. And those specials usually did a good job into scaring you from talking to strangers… nowadays, no afternoon TV show will touch on these issues. Unless you count that very special episode of Dora the Explorer…

“Ogi star!”

Gonna add this to things not to shout during climax. Best part of the sequence was how Ogi was able to describe and get into Go-Soccer while the other two were utterly clueless. I felt the same way when I watch soccer… wait, we can’t see the clock? Why do they keep passing back and forth? Why is the announcer going crazy when the ball clearly sailed ten meters off target? Why? Why?! WHY!!!

(Go-Soccer is like Calvinball 2.0. Gosh, I miss Calvin and Hobbes. Still feels like a part of my childhood ended when I read that last strip.)

For some reason, I was hoping we got Nano to re-enact this scene from The Simpsons. Still, we all knew the clothes were doomed once Professor got involved… now… how exactly did she become a genius and come up with an amazing Nano-class android plus a scarf that lets animals talk? For Omadoka-sama’s sake, it works on both crows and cats… I can barely get my home network to work in both Windows 7 and OS X.

(Then again, if 15 year old boys can pilot giant walking robots of death, I can believe a seven year old can invent one.)

Mai trolling the zoo animals. I can’t tell if the tigers wanted to look at her dog or if they wanted nomomom her dog. In any case, come on, what zoo lets you bring a dog in? I feel like this is a bigger stretch than how rich, attractive high school girls need to hire “hosts” from a host club for company.

(If I were to believe anime like Utena, Hayate, Ouran, Princess Lover, Negima, and Maria Holic, Tokyo is cramped for space solely because there’s so many huge damn private schools taking up all the available land mass.)

This sequence between Mio and Yuko was just beyond awesome. Loved everything about it. Loved Mio’s torpedo of truth. Loved Yuko’s inspiration talk. Loved the premise. Loved the background music. Loved the pay-off at the end. Loved it. This is why I love Nichijou.

“When rules are involved, I lose control.”

Why does this remind me of Joker’s speech from The Dark Knight, “You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”?

Telling Professor that she isn’t going to get dinner, and then making her favorite dish for dinner… isn’t this bad parenting to the extreme? And, Sakamoto-san, true to his cat-like roots, just doesn’t give a fuck.

“But we can never get this day back again.”

Nano drops the hammer! Nothing hurts quite like the subtle hints of disappointment. Too bad the bad parenting later undoes all of this. Sigh.

And, of course, not to be outdone, Mai’s, Yuko’s, and Mio’s “we don’t give a fuck” face were pretty awesome as well. It’s like they are having a sit-in protest of fate and luck.

Three MVPs…

1. Spaceman Spiff
2. Tracer Bullet
3. Stupendous Man

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if any manga was influenced by Calvin and Hobbes.

  3. I dunno, I like the normal Calvin with his transmogrifier guns.

    Although I do like my detective stories.

  4. There was a lot of rediculous in this episode…which is fine. We sort of knew Mio has trouble in sports from her not being as fast as Yuuko, but I just remembered her little weird roll on the train platfom in the OVA that didn’t make sense at the time. Now it makes sense.
    There is speculation that Sakamoto may have been the science teacher’s cat orignally. Things are getting to the point were one might have to rewatch early episodes to see background people that are actually characters later in the series.

  5. This is way late and out of left field, but realized last night that Niles from Break Blade (watching the 6th part) and Sakamoto-san share a VA. From the time I realized it, I could only imagine Sakamoto piloting the mecha every time he talked, which was hilarious in its own right, but then remembered that we have Professor on the Nichijou side, so its really not that unlikely that at some point, Sakamoto-san will end up doing the same thing.

  6. @Auro he’s voiced by Shiraishi Minoru, who also voices Taniguchi in Suzumiya, and voices himself in Lucky Channel!

  7. I like to think it is a tiger mask reference.

    hes obviously a ‘rasslin fan.

    (possible double post)

  8. I wonder if he knew what he was getting into when he signed on to play Taniguchi? While that didn’t sail him off to sudden fame…mixed with Lucky Channel just a year later?

  9. @ithekro It’s more Lucky Channel (and the consequent Radio Shows) that’s got him where he is now rather than Haruhi. KyoAni seems to like the guy.

  10. It doesn’t seem right that one episode should wield so much awesome. ~Headlight, Taillight~
    This is a few episodes late, but how can you consider this to be an all ages anime? If you watch the second OP closely you can clearly see the Professor chocking the chicken.

    (Just me, or did the opening “Hellvetica Standard” (sic) remind you of Gurren Lagann as well? At least stylistically.)

    *Nods in agreement*

    how exactly did she become a genius and come up with an amazing Nano-class android plus a scarf that lets animals talk?

    The Professor is a professor after all. That’s the only explanation needed. Or to extend your Calvin and Hobbes simile, asking that question is like asking if Hobbes actually comes to life or is just a figment of Calvin’s imagination. The official answer is “fuck you”. Seriously, if it turns out the Professor is yet another unlikely anime MIT graduate I will cry.

  11. Is it just me, or did Sakamoto’s chuckle after Nano took him from the Professor sound evil?

  12. Hellvetica Standard? Dem sunglasses.

  13. Well, the Professor could the Gilligan style Professor. Able to make just about anything…but nothing to get off the island effectively. Or maybe more the Doc Brown type…she hit her head on something and dreamed up Nano…everything else is a offshoot of “Nano-techology”.
    Or they are actually in a parallel universe with Full Metal Panic and the Professor is a “Whispered” for robotics and translation equipment. It is sad we don’t see a Bonta-kun since Lucky Star.

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