nichijou 20


Much like a good mojito, this episode is 90% Mio rage face and 10% mint. I think what I enjoyed the most was that Mio had this coming to her. Come on. Asking Yuko and Mai to help with anything is like Obama asking Republicans for anything– just not going to end well for anyone except Jon Stewart’s snark. Mio was doomed from the start. She should have just done everything herself, but she made the mistake of trusting her friends. Ha. Serves you right. Friends. Who needs those?

(I just want Palpatine to converse wit Mio, “Mio: Your overconfidence is your weakness. Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours.” And he’d be right!)


For anyone else, it means, “Understood” or “Okay.” For Mai, it means, “I just thought of how I’m going to troll you next.” The best is that she’s actively antagonizing Mio, and Mio’s too chicken or distraught to tell her, “Hey, you’re just a terrible friend.” Instead, Mio just opens herself up for more and more trolling.

This scene is strangely similar to a scene I had in Moe of the Dead.

Is it just me, or does the guy in the bottom right corner look a bit like Yuko?

(Yuko’s attempt at drawing still looks better than half the shows this season. *shudder* Kamisama Dolls.)

Not better. The proper way for Yuko to fix her mistake is just to leave that horse head in and add another page with the following dialogue… “He looked like a horse!” “Doesn’t matter. Had sex.” “Couldn’t tell if it was a dude or a girl.” “Doesn’t matter. Had sex. Just say it was a guy.”

I had a melon-flavored bread for breakfast this morning. I got one that had cream filling from the local Nijiya. It was delicious. I have tasted melon-flavored bread from bakeries and grocery stores all around California… I am, you might call, a melon-flavored bread connoisseur. But I have never encountered bread that had an expiration date printed on it directly. However, I have seen melonpan with dates tattooed on them.

“They’ll never find me here!”

I just want to see an epic game of hide and seek between Professor and Dick Chaney. Nonetheless, Professor almost got it right– she has the supplies (strawberry milk and chips), but she is lacking a PFP! Imagine all the visual novel games where the goal is to score all the heroines she could be competing right now!

Why does Yuko seem like she’s getting frostbite whenever she is overmatched? Or possibly upcoming explosive diarrhea? Can we get Kyoto to remake Higurashi just so they can apply these techniques to when K1 is about to either costume raped or stabbed?

(Ah screw it, I rather have Doumu do it just so they can pull out the Bible Black faces instead. I think I prefer those.)

Three MVPs…

1. None. This episode was weak with the Mio trying to finish her doujinshi gag stretched out like a Raki Suta gag.


3. None. Helvetica Standard? You’re my nemesis like common sense is to Zapp Brannigan.

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  1. This was actually a pretty funny episode, though the gags did seem to run longer than they should have. I’m still not exactly clear why they are friends with Mai.

    It occurred to me that I didn’t have any friends like Mai. Then it occurred to me that I might BE the friend like Mai. I feel bad for all the Yuko’s and Mio’s of the world.

  2. If you don’t realize you have the Mai in your group of friends, you probably are the Mai in your group of friends.

  3. Damn you Californians. I can’t even get decent Teriyaki sauce in Kansas, and you guys have melon bread.

  4. I enjoyed Mio’s rant/recreation on the ending of events that day. Mostly because whoever voices Mio has a good range for ranting and even with some reuse of animations, KyoAni can keep a rant interesting with use of colors or other effects.
    Sakamoto-san is either immitating Scooby-do or Fred Flintstone during the game of Hide and Seek.
    The little “Short Thoughts” section actuallly trolled us with Sakamoto-san in the ghost mask and then telling us there was no point to the section.
    Yuuko’s pain is like a Wave Motion Gun.

  5. Sakamoto did Flintstones. That was a pretty clear “yabadabadoo” there. And Mio, oh Mio, I thought you knew your friends well enough not to ask their help. One makes it her job to troll everyone, and the other is the target of all the world’s malice. You have only yourself to blame.

  6. After consideration, I have determined that my group of friends is a ravening pack of Mais with a Yuuko or two thrown in for fodder purposes.

  7. Mio Naganohara: “No, Thank you! dayo!!!”
    Mio Akiyama: “No, Thank you!”

    Oh KyoAni, you…
    Why don’t we have K-ONichijou or Nichi-ON! spin-off already.
    I can’t wait to see Sakamoto meet Gitah or Troll Competition between Mai vs Sawa-chan vs Mugilicious =3=

  8. The epic rant at the end pretty much sums up how I feel about the show, except for the apology.

  9. One of the weaker episodes. Understandably, they can’t all up the ante, perhaps this was one to take it down a notch before the show comes to a close 4 episodes later.
    Nichijou just can’t work like Azumanga. I can see how it can be compared to it, but it can’t work like that. The comedy, the timing is different from Azumanga, but this episode I felt like KyoAni were trying for an Azumanga-esque episode where one story arc encompasses the whole episode with Nano and Hakase for intermission. After 20 episodes, I can’t see Nichijou work like that.

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