nichijou 23

“No fun. That’s no fun at all. Not fun at all.”

*shakes head*

So this is what is wrong with the Japanese education system: teachers getting bribed by cute pictures of other teachers. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

(But it does make Nichijou feel so dated… so walks around with prints anymore? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Makoto to wave his app phone at Takasaki-sensei and offer to bump the high quality photo to him? Or maybe offer up his older sister’s Facebook or Google+ profiles as a bribe instead? Ah, anime, back to the simpler times of the mid-2000s.)

(The picture might be older, but it could be scanned and re-printed, else Makoto just gave up the only copy of his sister’s photo. Gah. Like everything else in the internet age, shit be overanalyzed. #MelKiper)

Poor Sakurai-sensei… getting kicked out of her younger brother’s room as if she were a younger sister. I liked how much they milked the “exploding into a room without warning” and the “getting tossed out of said room” gag without poor Sakurai-sensei running into Makoto doing something, uh, embarrassing. Like listening to Lady Gaga. Or browsing for some saxophone fun.

(The bouncing when she gets kicked out is really cute though.)

She did this on purpose. Such a little kid move.

(Poor Sakamoto-san… he’s the Team Rocket of Nichijou.)

Let’s just say that if I saw a Kyoto Animation Country Fair with Akiko jam-mu, Yoshino jam-mu, Daifuku dancing, Furukawa bakery, funnel cakes, choco coronets, Bonta-kun mascots, and a special live performance by ENOZ and HTT, I would be giddy. Or I’d turn and walk away. Or both. I dunno. But I think I’d tweet about it at least.

(Doesn’t that sound like a perfect country fair? Especially if Button wins Best Pig?)

Yoshino and Mai are the epic trolls of Nichijou. Too bad it’s just not their year. As great as Yoshino is at trolling poor Mio and how great Mai is at trolling everyone, either can top Kyubey, who trolled everyone. Sorry. No matter how great Barkley, Drexler, or Ewing were, all of them were unfortunately enough to encounter Michael Jordan in his prime.

(And come on, there’s no other explanation other than trolling for putting jam-mu in a milk carton. Milk carton? Re-use that? Uh, no thanks. Clean glass milk bottle? Sure. Milk carton? Eww.)

(Also liked how during Mio’s flashback, her most prominent image was of her at the Daifuku Fair. I think the Daifuku Fair cuts deep… it’s like a cult, you might be able to leave, but you won’t leave in one piece.)

I wonder what anime and manga will do that the “hide dirty magazines in room” gag is no longer technologically relevant? Do anyone know of a 16 year old who still has a pr0n magazine stash? Seems so archaic… I think the only people left who buy pr0n magazines are old men who haven’t discovered the interwebtubehighway. (And this is probably why so many pr0n mags are always for sale in airports. I can imagine businessmen as their target audience… since I don’t think they’re going to buy them to read on the plane.) Wouldn’t the 2011 version of this gag be Sakurai-sensei discovering that Tachibana or Annaka have been sexting Makoto?

I like how the Sakurai house has that weird doll thingie that’s also in the classroom and also in the Shinonome house (but it’s been colored the birthed by Professor).

“Let’s do this!”

I feel like I’m watching a sports drama. If only we could get a sports drama done in the same vein as Gurren Lagann. Just a hot-blooded blood bath. And hopefully without some ridiculous premise like how five girls are enough to make a basketball team or not understanding rules of anything. And hopefully giant robots aren’t involved unless it’s Battlebot-related.

Wait, she wanted to date mohawk dude because he has a mohawk? Sigh. Date mohawk dude for mohawk– complain about how he has no personality. Teenaged girls.

Poor Yuko and her life of misfortune. She needs a hug. I think we’ve all had those days… weeks… months… years… it’s like you’re always stuck in second gear… when it hasn’t been your day, your week… your month or even your year… but I’ll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour).

(Anime is like the last bastion of opening and closing songs. Because of how profitable it is to have more commercial time, especially when syndicated, no shows on network TV have opening or closings anymore. So it is refreshing to watch stuff on cable like Game of Thrones and see an actual good opening. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Except maybe stare gruffly and go, “Winter is coming.”)

Best scene of this episode. Mai is not just a troll, she is a troll with a heart of gold. Not only does she not troll Professor, she tries her best (in her roundabout way) to make amends for scaring poor Professor with her dogs. Loved how difficult Professor was to Mai until Mai figured out the key to Professor’s heart. Sharks! And who doesn’t love sharks? Sharks are awesome. Must. Love. Jaws.

(Though I do feel a bit bad for Nano… all of her friends rather play with Professor than her.)

Such a sweet and touching scene. Oh wait, cynical anime watchers only like cynical edgy stuff not good wholesome entertainment. Just because Nichijou lacks in melonpan and delicious thigh meat, it doesn’t lack in heart.

(Can we get Kyoto to do an anime adaptation of Milo and Otis? I would rather watch that than Mashi-Iro Symphony or Yuri Yuri.

Three MVPs…

1. Mai.
2. Takasaki-sensei.
3. Sakurai-sensei.

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  1. Did we just discover the secret ingrediant to Akiko jam-mu? Fermented Fish?
    Or is Yoshino jam-mu not perfected yet, becase it causes total disgust and near death, while Akiko’s seems to cause crying yet not being able to remove one’s mouth from the toast the jammu is on. Or maybe it is just no one wanted to cal Akiko on her jammu while Mio has no reservations about telling Yoshino off.

  2. Sakurai-sensei is sooo cute! >_< Also, Mai is still awesome as the queen of trolling.

    Another great episode of Nichijou. Too bad we only have 3 more episodes to go. :(

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but the OP songs this season are awesome. I just can’t skip past Nichijou’s or Mawaru Penguindrum’s OPs like I would normally.

    Sakurai-sensei is so cute. The bouncing just seals it. Bouncing makes everything better.

  4. this episode just about sums up Yuuko’s life.

  5. Wouldn’t the 2011 equivalent be finding the “hidden” fiile on the house’s networked hard drive? Or “History/Favorates”. Or is that too 2006?

  6. 1: Jason, is it bad that every time I want to visit your blog, I start typing into the URL bar?

    2: Bouncing Sakurai-sensei immediately reminded me of Belldandy getting kicked out of the men’s dorm.

    3: A friend just made me spend my Labor Day weekend marathoning Game of Thones, and now I can’t decide if I should go and read the books, or wait so I don’t spoil myself for the next season.

  7. Poor Sakamoto-san got intimidate by Hakase… LOL

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