a lannister always pays her debts, dr jack style

A Kotobuki always serves Darjeeling tea.

The more and more I learn about the Kotobuki family, the more and more they resemble another famous house… the Lannisters! Both houses are loaded, both houses feature blondes, blondes, and more blondes, and both houses have their sexual deviance. But which house is better? Mmm… let’s ask Dr Jack.

Money Money Money

Which house has the most assets? Well, both the Kotobukis and the Lannisters have immense wealth. The Kotobukis have villas all over the world, and they travel to Europe a lot. The Lannisters have a huge frickin’ castle and army. They also finance the throne. Their unofficial slogan is also, “A Lannister always pays his debts,” which is my fiftieth most used catchphrase this year behind, “Winter is coming”, “Do you want to become a magical girl?”, “Apprivoisé!”, “Fabulous max!”, etc. But the Kotobukis do have an army of meido (at least in my imagination) so that counts for something, and at some point, it is implied Mugi does have a security force (when Ritsu “hits” her). Edge: Lannisters, since they have a larger proportion of total world wealth.

Sexual Deviance

When Sumire reveals that she is not only Mugilicious’ meido, but that Mugilicious punishes her, well, let’s just say that the alarm bells (and imagination) are ringing. Keep in mind that Mugi is into girl on girl action and that her parents apparently met at an all girls college (Maria+Holic anyone?)… there’s definitely stuff going on. Maybe Mugi’s parents are actually twin sisters who had a clone made (Mugi) and a failed clone (Sumire). I dunno. I can only speculate. Or that the Kotobuki’s have an extensive meido training and punishment program. I dunno. I can only speculate on how awesome that would be. What kind of training? What kind of punishments? Are pinky fingers involved? Is hot tea a requirement? Are pickled radishes involved?!? The Lannisters? Well, they inbreed. And that’s about it. If you’re into inbred twits fucking each other, then Lannisters win, but I hate to bring up this episode of The X-Files. (Okay, okay, Tyrion bonks a lot of whores. A lot. Might even have a fewer meido whores in there as well… but he’s the oddball Lannister.) Edge: Kotobukis.


“To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness.” (I’m Ben Fucking Franklin) Mmm… Lanninsters are not humble at all. Tywin, Cersei, and Jamie all delight in using their positions of power to advance their own agenda and to look down at everyone else. Kotobukis… well… Mugi is awesome. She personifies that Ben Fucking Franklin quote. And so has Sumire thus far. Edge: Kotobukis, noblesse oblige, please continue being our keyboarding/drumming messiah.

Of Virginity

Gotta love how Mugi lost her french fry virginity and loved it. Gotta love how Tyrion made a 90210-esque drama about how he lost his virginity. Ah, not quite the same. Unless you mix the stories up. Edge: Tyrion. That’s some fucked up shit.



Mugi and Sumire are an awesome one-two punch of meido. Graceful, clumsy, and sneaky. Plus, both makes awesome teas, and I suspect that some of the cakii that Mugi “bought” were homemade, as per Mugi’s personality and character. Both Mugi and Sumire are also talented at musical instruments. Tywin is a ruthless but able leader. Cersei is kinda useless. Jamie is like Orlandu Cid in combat, if Orlandu Cid enjoys bonking his twin sister. Lancel is useless. Come on. Mugi and Sumire are the best meido combo since Kogarashi and Fubuki. Edge: Kotobukis.

Trial by Champion

Shaggar: “How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin?”
Tyrion: “In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my cock.”

Ritsu: “Do you really want to get hit that badly?”
Mugi: “Yes. I mean, you and Mio-chan look so close whenever she hits you. The same with Yui-chan and Azu-nyan. I’m always left out of the skinship! I really love skinship!”

Mmmm… and this is why they call it “Trial by Champion.”

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  1. On the subject of Sumire, a going theory on certain portions of the interweb *cough*/u/*cough* is that she’s Mugi’s illegitimate half-sister. Which would explain the distinct family resemblance.

    And of course it goes without saying that she serves her master/onee-sama in every way.

  2. Now we’re talking! The only thing better than Mugi in K-On is Mugi with a personal meido to punish, or Mugi’s experiments in skinship with the other girls. That’s what the college years manga is all about, right?

  3. A point, Sumire knows as much about drumming as Yui did about guitars when she joined the club.

  4. Mugi should just kidnap all dem girls and have one hell of a skinship fest.

  5. Hellooooooo Mugi!

  6. Oh wow, i really like that entry. MOAR, please.

  7. The eyebrow Mugi…

  8. Is this based on House Lannister pre-blackwater or post? I’m assuming the former?

  9. Also… “Damn it feels good to be a Kotobuki…”

  10. I love this article. Entries like this is the reason I come to Blog好き.

    “Damn it feels good to be a Kotobuki…”

  11. I’m so glad it’s back. I thought it could have used a “Likelihood to Marry Into” category, but it’s all good.

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