nichijou 25

“You never know what will happen. That’s why it’s exciting.”

I was staring at the Shinonome Laboratory sign, and I couldn’t help shake the feeling that I’ve seen it before. Then it dawned on me. How is Shinonome laboratory any different from the Morisato temple?

Brilliant, crazy, genius, childish inventor-child? That’s Skuld and Professor. That’s easy. A bit more difficult is Nano… she is obviously Belldandy– love of tea and conservative clothing. Except no one remembers the “real” Belldandy– the one from the early manga that would erupt in emotions and call Urd things like, “Fat cow” and “Balut” (hehe)… not the Belldandy of today who is Mother Teresa with Scarlett Johannson’s breasts. Nano, like early Belldandy, can get emotional, but they’re both still good at defusing situations around them either by their demeanor or by sheer dumb luck. Plus, both Nano and Belldandy have things attached to their backs.

As for Sakamoto-san… poor Sakamoto-san who gets marginalized and the victim of misfortune… he’s K1 Morisato. All he wants is to be loved and respected and work on his napping, but he gets dragged into Professor’s schemes against his will.

Biscuit #2? Banpei.

Finally, Nakamura is Aoshima. Dude tried all the time to get into Belldandy’s panties, and Nakamura is constantly trying to get into Nano’s. Aoshima and Nakamura– presidents of the anime date rapist club. (Ringo from Penguindrum would be the secretary, since she’s so good at journaling.)

(Can even lump Mio and Yuko as Tamiya and Otaki.)

“Calm down, inner cow girl!”

I wish I knew how to quit you. Mmm… loved everything about this scene except the whole part of Nakamura’s desire to strip down Nano. It’s just creepy. Though I did like Nano thinking Nakamura was making an advance on her (she is!), like Professor being Professor (ladies and gentlemen, our newest member in the _____ being _____ club), Nakamura’s intense Tea Party-level paranoia, Biscuit #2 getting airtime, and…

… poor Sakamoto-san. Pobre gato. Though is it weird of me to see this and thinking, “Hey, that’s a nice jellyfish stuffed animal toy.”

For a girl who is trying to limit her misunderstandings, she is sure creating more. Women = complicated. In typical Nichijou fashion, the following occur: misunderstanding after misunderstand leads to Mio running, dastardly realization at the end, bathroom humor, and sci-fi space battles utilizing giant robots. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Same face I had when I learned that Scarlett Johanssoning (nsfw) is the new planking. It’s all fun and games until hairy asses.

(Though I did enjoy the pug one… where’s the Afterschool Tea Time group shot?! Why hasn’t this been done yet? I feel like is a domain waiting to be registered… mmm…)

This scene was awesome. I give it a 27 out of 10. Mio running? Awesome. Yuko screaming “M- Mio-chan!!!”? Awesome. Yuko able to keep up with Mio all the way? Awesome. The 70s retro effects? Awesome.

Mio challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight? Awesome. (Don’t get sucker punched, Mio!)

Mio taxi service? Awesome. (Especially that dismount. 10/10.)

Running between trains? Awesome. (Don’t do this at home. The wind effect alone would push you down thus killing you.)

This as the only Helvetica Standard reference this epiosde? Awesome. (Also enjoyed Mio and Yuko running through pretty much everything except a gay pride parade or any parade. Gosh, what happened to movies with big hijackable parades in them a la Ferris Bueller?)

“Chan-Mio!”? Awesome.

Aftermath that ties up a loose plot point from a few episodes ago? Awesome. (In only other anime *cough* Gundam *cough* Angel Beats *cough* tied up loose plot points. And please don’t let Hanasaku Iroha fall into that category.)

(Only one episode left… this Sunday is going to be the end of Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha, and the The Great Food Truck race. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. Thank Omadoka-sama that Penguindrum is still continuing.)

“The lives we live from day to day (Nichijou!) may actually be a streak of miracles.”

Best friendship anime since Friendship Anime. Sniff, sniff.

(Wish FRIENDSHIP would appear in balloony rainbow colors a la Mortal Kombat.)

The way he is clueless around women… might as well substitute him with Keima. I feel like Keima and his PFP would fit in well in Nichijou… too bad we can’t trade for Keima. That would be like trading for 2004-2009 Tom Brady.

Still remember when people were saying how behind America was in cell phones because we can’t watch satellite TV on them. How things change. Still, I like how Sasahara and Tachibana are in a green field… I have no clue how you can walk from the middle of Tokyo into a green field. This is anime belief suspension field at its strongest.

(Just like how there’s a forest full of gorillas near SF. Really? Like in Muir Woods? Those aren’t gorillas– they’re just tourists from Germany.)

Such awful costumes. They did not use the wall thoughtfully.

Three MVPs…

1. “Chan-Mio!”
2. “You never know what will happen. That’s why it’s exciting.”
3. “The lives we live from day to day may actually be a streak of miracles.”

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  1. Told you.

  2. Unlike most shows, the animation keeps getting better even with what some call poor sales. If this was about any other studio the project would have either been scrapped, or the animation or art quality would have suffered by now. But not for Nichijou. No, it is over the top and pretty all the time.

  3. Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan!… Chan-Mio!

    Mio challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight? … LOL

    Lol… can’t stop laugh when that scene!

  4. Although Sakamoto is the target of more than his fair share of pranks, anyone else wonder how they managed to get him in the bag and keep him in it? Especially without bodily injury? Or has poor Sakamoto just accepted he’s always going to suffer from Professor’s crazy antics?

  5. Are they actually in Tokyo? I see lots of farm fields about there, I thought theyw ere in some random smaller city myself.

  6. They are wherever the magan author drew them, or wherever KyoAni decides is a good background for them to have…which would normally be somewhere around Kyoto. I’m sure someone has been able to spot specific locations given how realistic KyoAni is with their backgrounds and buildings.

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