nichijou 24

“The Red Bean Paste Bread Prince”

My favorite scene of this episode. So random. Even more so that Sasahara is the pimp of Nichijou… he’s a poor man’s Keima, so I guess it’s to be expected. Though I wonder if the final episodes will feature Mio and Tachibana coming to blows over Sasahara.

“I want her.”

Nakamura-sensei is by far the most, uh, incompatible character in Nichijou. The whole cast is based on wholesome trolling. There’s not really anything wrong with someone trolling a sibling, a classmate, or a friend, but Nakamura just wants to date rape Nano. That just seems incompatible in an anime filled with ankle-length skirts (seriously, outside of this and maybe some of the Furukawa outfits in Clannad, what anime puts nubile high school girls in ankle-length skirts?) and good-nature little kid jokes. Date rape. She wants to roofie Nano.

(Of course, we had attempted date rapes in Penguindrum and Princess Jellyfish this year. I feel like I’m watching the heydays of 90210 and Melrose Place again, only in animated form.)

(Please don’t tell me that the last arc for Usagi Drops is date rape as well. Sigh.)

“I like it! Show me what you got!”

Even the vending machine trolls in Nichijou. A normal vending machine just takes your money… a vending machine here takes both your money and your hopes.

Felt like a Simpson’s scene with the Go-Soccer kid and Annaka in the background not doing anything but there. Annaka, in particular, needs more screen time. Her “Eeeeeeeeeeeh?!”‘s are missed.

What a troll face. Mihoshi might be the cast member (besides Mai) who knows what’s going on… mmm… Sasahara’s two haremettes both have sisters. This is the hard-hitting, insightful analysis that you expect from blog好き.

(Mai wasn’t in this episode. It’s like having xiao long bao without enough ginger strips in the dipping sauce.)

Commendable for Yuko to try to troll Mio in place of Mai. Enjoyed how both escalated things to the point of a nuclear option. I was hoping Yuko would have gone the Ralph Wiggum route with “Nano and Super Nintendo Sasahara were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me.”

My reaction whenever I’m talking to an attractive girl at a party, and she tells me that she has a boyfriend.


Couldn’t stop laughing. Shoujo-mode Nano x Sasahara is pretty great… especially with Mio’s imagination running wild. She would make a great mangaka someday. I enjoyed everything about this scene… from Sasahara’s ridiculous Hosaka-class stripping to Nano’s tsundere pout to their ridiculous conversation topics to the awesome pattern design backgrounds to… I dunno. Everything. I would read a Mio-penned doujinshi about Code Geass.

“Nothing you’d care about!”

Tsundere Nano ain’t bad… what am I saying?!

Even the typeset is trolling… that is not Helvetica! Gaaaaaah!

(You know what weekly show fills me with the most rage right now? The Great Food Truck Race. I’m not kidding. It’s a show that has all the tools to be a great show, but it just executes badly. You have this great concept of food trucks, inter-team conflict, and intra-team conflict, and Food Network overproduces the damn show. The first problem is that they want it to be like any of their other reality shows a la Iron Chef, Chopped, that dessert version of Iron Chef, etc. and feature a challenge involving secret ingredients. If I want to watch that, I would watch Iron Fucking Chef. I want fucking food trucks in The Great Food Truck Race. They need to cut out the cooking challenges and devote more time to the trucks at work. Secondly, they have lame “twists” where the trucks needs to move or serve veggie fare or whatever– this is dumb. It also favors certain trucks, like how a veggie twist pretty much screwed everyone but the veggie truck. Third, they need a metric besides money earned to eliminate a truck. I feel like they need to have secret tasters rate the service and the food and this gets figured in too… at least this allows a catty discussion session a la Project Runaway where someone gets ripped to shreds. Highly enjoyable. Fourth, they need to replace the host. The current one has zero personality, and he stares at his iPhone 4 most of the damn time. I feel like they need an actual food truck as a host instead… mmm…)

Such a little kid move to be jealous of someone who is sick. (I guess if Sakamoto-san had explosive diarrhea, it would be a different story.) Just funny how Professor can be so damn smart yet so damn childish at the same time… mmm… just like people arguing on an internet forum.

Of course, Nano plays Professor perfectly. Nano is like the penultimate mom, except she was manufactured by Professor. What does it say about a person’s psyche when she invents someone to replace her mom? It gets really depressing if you think hard enough about it.

(Again, Professor lives with a robot and a cat. She’s like 8. And no one finds this fishy.)

Nothing more to add except this.

Three MVPs…

1. Justin Verlander
2. Robinson Cano
3. Jacoby Ellsbury

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  1. Sasahara slowly turning into Hosaka has been hilarious. Still, this felt like a somewhat low-key episode.

  2. > Please don’t tell me that the last arc for Usagi Drops is date rape as well.
    I will kill them with fire if this happens.

  3. Meido Mugi where?

    And Jason’s cheating on fire trucks with food trucks.

  4. 1 million yen…!!!

  5. Iconic Iwo Jima image used in a Japanese anime for love flag raising. Interesting.

  6. (Again, Professor lives with a robot and a cat. She’s like 8. And no one finds this fishy.)

    Professor created the first, and found the second. I’m guessing that means that she was living by herself for a while. Or that her caregivers died and had to create Nano…
    (trying to make sense of anime = wtf am i doing)

  7. Two words: “MIO-CHAN!!”

  8. CHAN-MIO! oh wait-

  9. Indeed.

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