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Happiness is being where you belong. Nothing else strikes this chord as subtly as Nichijou. No one is perfect, but everyone is perfect together. Nano eventually accepts that she might look different than everyone else, but she isn’t different from everyone else. That’s a valuable lesson not many high school kids ever learn. Everyone has their own fears and insecurities, but she discovers that the most valuable friends are those who don’t care about those and only care about her cakii companionship. Poor Sakamoto-san discovers that maybe the grass isn’t greener at the Shinonome Labs, but at least there’s more people around. Yuko, Mai, and Mio develop the strangest circle of friendship since the Azumanga gals, with Mai clearly being the Osaka-class powerbroker. And, of course, Professor, who is true to her feelings and lacks that “grown-up” filter that we develop (sadly) with age. Nichijou delivers its message about friendship extremely well and in both sad and upbeat tones. Cheers, Nichijou, it’s been a fun ride.

But… we have dangling plot threads! How can we have dangling plot threads in a “simple” slice-of-life comedy? Unless… it’s actually more complex than we imagined. Consider:

1. The Principle is Principle Shinonome. Can’t be a coincidence that’s the same surname as Nano and the lab’s namesake. Professor’s surname is unknown… I would assume it to be “Professor” as in Professor Professor.

2. Annaka never met the fortune teller. The ED trolled us!

3. Did Takasaki and Sakurai-sensei ever make it past first base? Is he even in the batter’s box at this point?

4. Does child services ever come for Professor?

Spring has come for Nano! I love how Professor keeps trolling her with the key in the back. Just love how Professor gives Nano hope just to repeatedly crush it– haven’t seen a dynamic quite like this since I waited in line for four hours to watch The Phantom Menace. Damn you George Lucas!

(I do like the key on Nano’s back. Cute is cute. It’s a great accessory, like she used the wall thoughtfully.)

Maybe we should rename Schrödinger’s cat as “Sasahara’s goat” since as long as Mio doesn’t ask or confirm his relationship status, he’s still available to her. High school girl denial at its best.

Just an awesome sequence. One of the many underrated things that make Nichijou, well, Nichijou. And I enjoyed how Yuko managed to help Sasahara and Tachibana get closer… shouldn’t Yuko be helping Mio instead?

But this was just disgusting. Spit rainbow? Ugh. Who does Yuko think she is spitting everywhere? A pro wrestler doing his intro walk? My gosh, I think Keiichi Arawi loves some rasslin’.

“Why is this pumpkin so freakin’ hard?!”

Because you’re getting trolled by nature. Gotta love this sequence as well. Loved all of the rasslin’ moves. Loved how the stick broke. Loved how Yuko takes a short break to ride the slide with the watermelon. Loved how determined Yuko was to defeat the undefeatable watermelon. Loved how Mai went about her ways whistlin’ down that wood.

(You know who Mai reminds me of? Jed from Beverly Hillbillies. They’re always carving some wood. And you could argue Jethro is Yuko.)

I guess this episode gave us a clumsy but good outcome Yuko montage, a how to break a watermelon montage, and a Sakamo– err– Taishou-san getting misfortuned montage. Nichijou knows montages. Nichijou is at its best when it lets its characters do the work. The comedy is character-driven at its best, and it doesn’t rely on bathroom humor or shock scenes… the humor is warm-hearted humor. Very rare to find nowadays.

(Said it before. Say it again. The evolutionary Azumanga Daioh. And random other people are coming to the same conclusion.)

I had no doubt in my mind that cakii would not survive. I had no doubt in my mind that all the replacement cakii would not survive either. This. Is. Nichijou!

Gonna miss you Nichijou. From the EEEEEEEEEEEEH?!s to Sakamoto-san getting abused to Mio’s Chiyo-style hair to Mai’s trolling to Go Soccer to Mai’s trolling to Professor being Professor to Nano’s charms… everything. Well, not you Helvetica Standard. I won’t miss you.

(If I had a mechanical spinning key sticking awkwardly out of my back, it would be gently spinning as I watched each episode of Nichijou. Though I wonder how awful life must be with such a key since it prevents you from sitting anywhere with a seatback. I still don’t understand how Nano sits at her desk at school.)

Three MVPs…

1. Mai.
2. Mio.
3. Yuko.

Cy Young…


Lady Bing…


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  1. Despite my pissing and moaning over the course of 26 episodes and one OVA, I will begrudgingly admit that by the end the New Idiot Trio had grown on me quite a bit (like mold I suppose).

    However, I still think the show would have been greatly improved without the presence of the Professor. She is the embodiment of everything I hate about small children.

  2. Needed moar Annaka :/

    She kind of disappeared…
    I guess they couldn’t really top that Annaka at the shooting booth scene though…so anyway Nichijou was grrrrrrreat!

  3. Nano sits at her desk by turning her chair sideways.

  4. Didn’t everybody sit in their desks sideways? I always sat like that. But that’s because the public school system buys those tables with chairs attached, because they’re afraid we’d steal all the chairs.

    The principal’s scenes were kind of pointless; I coulda done without it. Sakamoto/Taishou’s montage was hilarious though.

  5. The top image (the last image of the show) says to me “screw this, I’m out!”
    But this was a fun show and somehow I think a lot of people got the wrong impression of it early on. Or maybe their sense of humor is different.
    (Nakamura-sensei is incompetant, but in a funny way. She’s also clumbsy. I kind of want to see what happens when Nano goes over to her house voluntarily, as oppose to being captured, drugged, or whatever else she’s tried to do and failed in her pursuit of Nano. I’d like to see what failures she will have even in her own home for keeping Nano. She’s almost as bad at this as Willie Coyote…just that Nano has no clue what she’s up to at all.)

  6. Poor Sakamoto-san/ Taisho!


  7. Sideways chair is the solution:

  8. Gotta say, it was a very Nichijou ending. Definitely gonna miss my weekly dose of Yuko/Mio/Sakamoto getting trolled, Professor/Nano cuteness, and Yuko coming through it all smelling like a rose. Don’t know why, but it was the Janken in this episode that made me go “y’know, I’m gonna miss this”.

    In closing: so long Nichijou and thanks for all the trolls

  9. Time to prepare for Nichijou withdrawl syndrom. We can blame it on Sakamoto-san even through it is probably Mai’s fault.

  10. Ne…
    Jason, how about some Shinonome-lab goods and Sakamoto alarm clock *smirk*

  11. I just found this video and thought you people might appreciate it.

    Nichijou Safety Dance Amv I just cant look away its like two trains on the same track about to crash. Also far more Professor and Nano dancing than is good for my heart.

  12. I love this show…so damn much. Made low sales and am STILL hoping it gets American licensing rescue, if not I’ll just have to import from Australia when MadHouse gets down to it…

    Thanks for reviewing these!

  13. Withdrawl is still setting in. Only more KyoAni and Space Battleship Yamato 2199 can ease the pain.

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