fate/zero 2

“You are not worthy to gaze upon me.”

Iskander and Waver should have been pouring over Google Maps instead of stealing books. Oh wait, this takes place before the iPhone… wow, that’s a weird world to think of. No Google Maps. No GPS. No Foursquare check-ins. (Saber has checked into Pedicure Palace at 18th and Mission.) I think because Fate/zero looks like something that occurs today, I get confused and think everyone should have an app phone. No mage would be caught dead without a Holy Grail War app. And Facebook.

(If I saw Iskander and Waver walking down the street, I would assume Waver is the bottom for Iskander’s top. It’s just how they dress that gives me this impression… and, yeah, Waver should definitely use a command spell if that time comes.)

Would have been awesome if Iskander summoned a pink Cadillac with fluffy dice. Sigh. Chance, missed.


They needed a bat shit insane villain to kick things off. I get the feeling Caster will be the sacrificial lamb for the other nobler servants to display their firepower. Still, as evil as Caster and his pal might be, they’re still not in the same class as Kyubey.

What’s with Caster’s eyes? He looks like a character from Gundam Age.

Looks so happy. The only thing that could make this scene more endearing is if they had a cute shiba inu with a scarf following them around. Also, are they in Japan yet? Don’t think they are… why not just stay out of everyone’s way and have everyone else kill each other first? Then swoop in for the win? Also, since I see Emiya and his assistant toting guns in the OP, why not hire a bunch of bodyguards and a private army? Sure, Saber and friends might be powerful, but I doubt even she can stand up to an attack helicopter attack. This is also something I didn’t understand about Harry Potter… they established via the Centurions that the wizards can be harmed with arrows… why not break out some M1A1s and Apaches to complement the stone statues and 14 year old wizardlings?

(I feel like to make the Holy Grail War fair, it should go to who kills the most other masters. And factor in things like damage done and other servants bonked.)

“Do you promise not to cheat anymore?”

Adorable! She’s being a tsundere at an 10th grade level already.

Assassin’s dance through the force fields reminded me of Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars. Nothing should remind me of Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars. Looked just a lot more like dancing than actual drama… you know, the drama of someone attempting to backstab his friend and ally in the second episode… for no apparent reason… there should be some drama and tension. Obviously, too much time spent on Waver this episode and not enough on Kirei. And if Tousaka-papa didn’t plan for this betrayal, he deserves to die. Like all the Jedi in episode 3.

(Needs more drama. Maybe Ufotable need to get TNT to help them. They know drama.)


I wonder how much time and money Ufotable spent animating the milk mixing into the tea. “We need more llfelike milk! Screw adding detail to Saber’s hair– we need better drawn milk and tea! The scene where Irisviel mixes her tea, it must be perfect!”

I think I know why Emiya is apprehensive about having summoned Saber… yes, Saber is an awesome servant, and Arthuria version has melonpan, but if Emiya has to, uh, power up Saber later, and his foster son does it in the Fifth Holy Grail War… she would have bonked both father and (foster) son. I’m not sure if I’m rooting for Emiya 2 to get sloppy seconds or not… just feels even more 90210-ish at that point. Oh who am I kidding? I love me some train wreck.

(I am so rooting for Saber and Irisviel to make this website.)


1. Waver needs his command spells if Iskander tries to butt sechs him.

2. Kirei understands that in the Holy Grail War, one day you’re in, the next, you’re out.

3. There’s a frickin’ wiki dedicated to nothing but anime bath scenes. And they have no entry for “Minami-ke” or “Fate/zero“. Yet.

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  1. Actually, from what little I remember of the LNs, Emiya’s *already* cheating on some level by having an assistant, since Grail battles are supposed to be just Master and Servant against their opposite number. Why he can’t do more than that is (I think) also because of that, as throwing armies of mooks or military firepower is pretty blatant (and would need explaining, as the Grail war is supposed to be only among magic-users and the Church, hence hush-hush) AND Ilya’s family can’t afford it.

  2. And for the record, Saber most definitely could take out an attack helicopter.

  3. RE:Helicopter vs Saber

    Servants are pretty much immune to non-conceptual attacks, like each other. You could land a nuke on Saber, and she’d shrug it off. I can find the source, if you want, but that’s pretty much how it is.

  4. wait… Shirou and Saber “bonked”?

  5. Quote: Assassin’s dance through the force fields reminded me of Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars

    Actually, its a reference to the Ocean’s Twelve Laser Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyzLHFkdv6E

  6. I doubt that Waver could resist Iskander even if he tried to use the command spells.

    Assassins dance was beautiful. Why can’t all Assassins dance like him?

    Ilya, Caster, Uryuu, and Waer are so moe. Can’t wait to see them all be even more adorable.

  7. >>3. There’s a frickin’ wiki dedicated to nothing but anime bath scenes.
    >>And they have no entry for “Minami-ke” or “Fate/zero“. Yet.
    They don’t even have Bakemonogatari episode 2… I give it 7/10 for amusement value, 2/10 for execution.

  8. I think Type Moon misunderstood the word Archer. Not even WoW has sword slinging “archers”.

  9. Not to spoil anything of the next episode, but I’ll just say there really wasn’t supposed to be any drama with Kirei sending an Assassin at Tokiomi. Ufotable has not cut any corners at all yet from the original, and everything in the books were very carefully executed.

  10. Well, I haven’t read the original, but I certainly had more of a feeling that things went as planned for Kirei. He knew what servant Tohsaka summoned after all, so there is no reason to expect him to be surprised at the “fight”‘s outcome.

  11. @0_0

    Fate Stay/Night anime was adapted from was an eroge visual novel, so Shirou pretty much ‘bonked’ everybody… female….except Caster…and minor female characters.

    …So yeah.

    Am I forgetting something? … nah.

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