atomic thin slicing the new season, winter 2012 edition v1

New year, new gimmick post.

A traditional thin slicing relies on (a) at least one episode of a series and (b) all of the to series from a new season aired. I wanted a post that’s leaner and more agile… something even thinner. Atomic thin slicing cuts even thinner… as thin as Newt Gingrich’s presidential chances… as thin as a FINFET… as thin as Greece’s chances of economic recovery within a decade… as thin as Rio Rainbow Gate‘s hopes for being blogsuki’s 2011 anime of the year… as thin as Gilgamesh’s changes for bonking Saber… yep, that’s right. Atomic thin slicing is just watching up to the first spoken line… and that’s it.

(If there’s an OP, I skip it.)

(Yes, I am also writing a proper thin slicing and some shows on this list I have indeed watched more of. Some, like Zero no Tsukaima, this is all I’m gonna watch. But for this post, I’m only considering up to the first line.)

(Yes, I am planning a best of 2011 feature… right after I finish that best of 2010 one. I am planning on sometime in 2013.)

#MR IRRELEVANT. Knights of the Area


As relevant as soccer is in America. If Oharuhi-sama wanted soccer to be popular in America, Tim Tebow would have been a striker for the Los Angeles Galaxy instead.

#10. BRAVE 10


Boring. Sleeping samurai is as cliched as pimple-faced anime blogger.

#9. The New Prince of Tennis


One, there’s no conductor with a whistle for the New York subway. Two, if he did this and whiffed any NY transportation worker with a tennis ball, he’s going to have his ass bent over and cuffed by NYPD. Three, the animation looks just as terrible as the original Prince of Tennis TV series. From 2001.

#8. Another


“Have you heard of Misaski?” No. End of story.

#7. Kill Me Baby


早安, Добро утро, お早うございます, 안녕하십니까 , buenos días, góðan daginn, صباح الخير… and this concludes the test if Unicode is properly displaying in your browser.

#6. Rinne no Lagrange


Wow, happy ending. That was a quick and good series.

#5 (TIE). Amagami SS+ plus and Nisemonogatari


Two sequels that thought it would be fun to dump the male protagonist into a situation where the lead haremette has him by the balls. Literally. Again.

#4. Male Nichijou


It’s the stereotypical start of any and every harem anime… except it’s normally the lead haremette’s job to run out late with toast in her mouth and then crashing into the typical male loser lead and then giving him a sneak peak at her special “bento.”

#3. Zero no Tsukaima F


Didn’t even need to watch until dialogue. This said it all. I am glad I skipped out on last season as not much has changed, and I figure not much will change this season. Just going to wait around for my Siesta-centric episodes and call it a series.

#2. Highschool DxD


Awesome line. I fully expect an anime written by virgins, animated by virgins, for virgins. Mitigating factor: I think there’s one episode in season one of Californication starts with David Duchovny asking a well-endowed car saleswoman if he could motorboat her melonpan. And he does. I doubt any of these guys will be as smooth as Fox Mulder.

#1. Bodacious Space Pirates


Sorry, you just can’t top “Time for some piracy!” I will picture this image every time I visit a fansub site. What makes this even better is that the animation is so terrible and the backstory is equally terrible and how the pirates are literal pirates using swords and muskets to win an interstellar war. I can’t tell if it’s going to be in the so bad, it’s good pile or the rubbish pile. Either way, “Time for some piracy!” has stolen my heart.

13 Responses to “atomic thin slicing the new season, winter 2012 edition v1”

  1. >“Time for some piracy!”
    Can we add this to the list of “things not to scream while climaxing” or would it just be “things not to say when seducing someone” ?

  2. “Eight thousand and eight times daily / Sighing until it coughs up blood / The cuckoo”. That’s got to be at least better than “I hope we can all be happy like this forever.”

  3. Just outta curiosity, what sort of electrical eng job do you have? (I’m guessing you’re not a grad student :P)

  4. Haven’t watched all of the new season stuff yet, but wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be. Kill me Baby was unexpectedly good, Nise and Amagami kept up the standards we’d come to expect from them. Also got to see some (short) giant robot wrasslin’ out of Rinne no Lagrange (The suplex immediately made me think of Onizuka, though that may just be hardwired in my brain at this point).

  5. Zero no Tsukaima is so happy it appeared in a top 5 list for the first and last time in its life.

  6. “Just going to wait around for my Siesta-centric episodes and call it a series.”

    Please bring back the “Siesta is love” meme!

  7. Main difference between Tachibana and Arararararagi (sorry, I stuttered) is that Junichi doesn’t know how much he is whipped, while Shurarararagi (I stuttered again!) secretly enjoys being whipped…

    Atatsuji vs Senjougahara, that’s a battle of the deadlier member if the species, if there’s any…

  8. At least it was an atomic thin slicing and not a sub-atomic thin slicing. You look at the title screen, make a comment and move on.

  9. there are a few titles that look promosing this season :D

  10. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have coffee yet and its early for me, but this sarcastic ultra thin slicing isn’t really helpful for picking out the good shows. I can imagine you’re getting tired of anime (like me last season) and only mention the top 10. Perhaps you need to take a break this season from blogging.
    Note: I mean this in a friendly way not a hateful one

  11. @Ginko: He’ll be doing a normal thin-slice post soon enough.

    @dbm: There’s a reason why I’m calling that show Puella Macross.

  12. Why there is no Symphogear?

  13. Anyone else have trouble getting over the fact that Hakuoro is the narrator for Bodacious Space Pirates

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