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After seeing this poll about what people wanted for sequels, @cks_anime asked me what would be the wrong anime to have a sequel for. This got me thinking… what don’t I want to see a sequel for? Gave myself a time limit to write this post since I can easily do this all night long…

Totoro. I swear I will go all Sonozaki if Studio Ghibli decides that it’s time to make Totoro II: Electric Boogaloo. Even if the studio is in dire straights and needed quick cash, I would much rather have Goro Miyazaki go out and suck cock in a Walmart parking lot than see a sequel to Totoro. This movie is one of the classics that should stay a classic much like Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, The Little Mer–

Higurashi no Naku Kori ni. This sums up my feelings whenever I heard about yet another Higurashi, Da Capo, Galaxy Angel, Zero no Tsukaima, or Hidamari Sketch sequel.

Gundam Wing. Oh wait, I would love to see a sequel to Gundam Wing. Nevermind. Relena needs to reclaim her Queen of Uselessness Crown from Marina.

Utena. Hard to top an ending where the heroine drives off in a penismobile while evading vaginatanks. Let’s not risk it and try.

Inu Yasha. Do I really need to explain this one?

Amagami SS. Well, they made a sequel… and it has zero of the personality of the original series. Worse yet, zero of the body sucking fetishes. That’s why we tuned in the first place… it’s like Gurren Lagann without any gar…

Escaflowne. Well, they did make the PS1 game about Van going into our world to save Hitomi… and it ended up featuring Escaflowne battling an F-16. I thought the movie remake was the way to go, but the final Guymelef battle went on too long. Is this post a secret way of me venting about old anime that are approaching their 20 year mark? Yes, yes it is.

Azumanga Daioh. I like you just the way you are. We do have two spiritual successors in Nichijou and the genderswapped successor in Danshi Nichijou, since, of course, everything in anime needs a genderswapped version. Except Totoro.

Paranoia Agent. Satoshi Kon, RIP. I still remember the OMGWTFBBQMMM when Paranoia Agent first came out. At first, people didn’t understand. Then they thought they understood. Then they either realized how great the show was, or they went back to watch Gundam Seed.

Ichigo Mashimaro. Don’t really care either way… but… you know how to print money? A version of Ichigo Mashimaro that features the K-On! girls as elementary school students. Fucking. Print. Money.

Clannad After Story. Okay, you can convince me about a follow-up based on Kyou’s or Tomoyo’s arcs (a la Tomoyo After), but After Story is pretty much story complete. Shows like this one and Gurren Lagann and Dennou Coil and Outlaw Star that have a start, middle, and end don’t need sequels. Unless we have a side story about Fuko-chan time traveling to stop CERN from plunging the world into a dystopia.

Cowboy Bebop. I wouldn’t mind a sequel if it had a different cast in the same world, but Jet’s, Spike’s, Faye’s, and Ed’s stories are done. You could convince me that Ein could join another ship and cast a la Worf jumping ship to DS9. In fact, would I watch an anime set in Bebop‘s universe about a bar in an orbiting space station next to a wormhole? Mmm…

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  1. agree. Where’s my full metal panic third somethingoranother?

  2. I already more or less pretend that “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” didn’t happen.

  3. K-ON, unless Mugi gets to score all the heroines or Ui embraces her inner yandere stalker.

  4. >>Higurashi no Naku Kori ni. This sums up my feelings whenever I heard about yet another Higurashi, Da Capo, Galaxy Angel, Zero no Tsukaima, or Hidamari Sketch sequel.

    Let’s be fair – the ZnT sequel was needed to rap up the plot. I’m for any sequel that completes an unfinished anime adaptation of a light novel. Fullmetal Panic could certainly use one.

  5. Hey, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” was good.

  6. Yeah, the Cowboy Bebop movie is similar in a lot of ways to the Trigun movie. It might not have been as good, but it had the same spirit and was decent on it’s own.

  7. Fuko running around time, using her powers of comedy and ineffectiveness to completely change history (for the better?)…and then everyone forgets about her. :(
    Unless Ushio is riding along that is.
    Tomoyo After might be interesting. Kyou After would be a clear slate…no clue what that would be about. Ushio Destiny…Sequal set twelve years in the future, with Ushio involved in harem-like activites in High School. With MILF Nagisa and her snarky husband….plus GMILF Sanae as her forever 17 self. Add in teacher Kyou and you have rediculous harem setting 224. But will it be the guy working the harem? Or is this Ushio’s story.

  8. Print. Money? K-ON in college. With guys, and with more Music. And of course the Ui x Azunyan pairing.

  9. Skylion: e hints of dating and relationships in K-ON will make rage. Best not to animate it.

    I’d like to toss BRS into the pile. I don’t want to imagine how sequelitis will make things worse.

  10. @Haesslich. I may be accused of rabble rousing, but let the rabble be roused. They have to grow up sometime…

  11. K-ON… With guys


  12. Did a double take at the post pic. Went “oh look its Spik-Kotomine Kirei…well played”

  13. I’d love to have a Clannad AS: 20 years after, where some poor chap attempts to court Ushio and meets Okazaki’s metal fists on his way…

  14. K-On already has a continuing manga to work with. Two in fact. Sumire (new first year) has added a bit by giving us insight into Mugi’s lifestyle and seems worthy to be animated and voiced. Azusa is keeping Sawako in check. Ui is starting to be less like a better copy of Yui. Jun wants attention but doesn’t want to do anything that requires work. Okuda….is typing (and maybe stalking).
    The College girls are getting hints of real life, and Yui shows flashes of growing up. The cast there has become larger as the Light Music Club has ten bands. Ms. President is very manipulative. And Akira is Yui’s opposite and equal…even if she doesn’t wanna.

  15. > K-ON… With guys

    Can I interest you in Sakamichi no Apollon?

  16. K-on! with guys?
    No relevant to my interests!!

    K-on! with canon yuri?
    Shut up and take my money!!

  17. How about K-On with more Music, Guys and Canon Yuri.

  18. We can add Minami-ke and Space Battleship Yamato to the list of things getting either a sequel or a remake.
    Minami-ke gets a fourth season at some point (confirmed),
    and Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is just 15 days away (…”there are only 15 days left”…)
    Both have Ono Daisuke. (Hosaka and Kodai (Wildstar for those that grew up on Star Blazers))
    And in the Fate/Stay Night – Fate/Zero grouping…Illya is getting the main character role in her own magical girl anime with Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. Where we get awesome ditzy MILF Irisviel and “older brother” Shirou as parts of the story. As well as the sometimes silly conflict between Rin and Luvia.

  19. How about this for a remake?

    First ten minutes of Space Battleship Yamato 2199
    (Battle at Pluto)

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