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This moment will go down in anime lore next to Kyou and Ryou during the tennis match where Nagisa gets injured and every scene involving Yui not getting enough cakii.

For the most part, most of the characters in Fate/Zero aren’t interesting to me. Saber is just Saber… she’s pouty-faced and angry at Kiritsugu the whole time because they need to retcon the story to Fate/Stay Night so her personality never seems to evolve. Kiritsugu is established as a no-luck bad-ass that gets everyone around him killed– he’s basically the genderswapped version of Gurren Lagann‘s Yoko. Irisviel is a homeless man’s Belldandy. Gilgy and Kirei are like Lulu and Suzuka without as much unintentional comedy. Matou, Archibald, and the rest are pretty much generic villain types. What does that leave? Iskandar and Waver.

Waver is the kid who is always picked up yet has confidence in himself. Iskandar is the perfect role model for him at this stage of his life. It’s a great relationship that isn’t seen much of in anime, let alone an anime that’s not really centered around a big brother/little brother-type of relationship. They also seem like the only master/servant pair who actually care about their partner’s well being. Where Gilgy and Kirei have a functional relationship, Iskandar and Waver actually became friends. Fosr people complaining about all the stereotypical relationships in anime, this is a rare one. Not one as well executed since Simon and Kamina.

This scene was quite nice too. It feels a bit random in the context of this series since Waver’s host family hasn’t been around much this season, but it shows that Waver and Iskandar are pretty decent people when compared to the rest of the cast. Though I feel like the anime should have either gone full force with the host family or cut it out entirely… something Fate/Zero needs to learn from Game of Thrones’ adaptation: either the character is featured in the storyline or not. Decide.

Why does this remind me of the witch doctor’s wall of zombies? I’d love to rune the witch doctor ability so it would instead be wall of Irisviel.

If we need anything else to cement Kirei’s status as “bad guy,” this scene is it. This and the cut scene were Kirei drop kicks a puppy. Though Irisviel baiting him probably meant killing her was a bad idea here. Kirei has basically turned into a more powerful version of Caster’s master… he’s just killing people and dicking with people to get a hard on. There’s no other rhyme or reason to what he’s doing: he’s just doing shit because it turns him on. I’m glad our great villain for Fate/Zero has such faptastic motives. What was Urobuchi’s backup idea? Kirei gets addicted to cocaine and takes everyone out so he can wish for a Tony Montana-sized mountain of cocaine to sniff?

“Once again, I am alone.”

He needs a hug. Where’s Chitanda when you need her?

“I dreamed that I became a cup…”

This was heartbreaking. Gen Urobuchi, you really know how to tug at those heartstrings, don’t you? I guess, on the bright side, Illy isn’t the one who has to deal with worms insid her body.

Three MVPs…

1. Waver.
2. Irisviel.
3. Waver’s fake grandpa.

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  1. You will never have a bro like Iskander. Or a male moeblob like Waver.

  2. So who’s Suzuka?

    Also, Waver fake grandpa? Obi-Wan Kenobi. He should’ve been in the war instead.

  3. P.S. With how things are going, it looks like Rider is meeting his maker next week… Which, incidentally, is the anniversary of Alexander the Great’s death at Babylon from illness. Hmm. And it looks like Gil will be his dance partner. Coincidence? HAH.

  4. ^Kudos to the guys for timing it in that day…maybe it will become like Raoh’s funeral. Only with everyone wearing medieval armor, swords and skirts to honor their King.

  5. In a weird way, I kind of liked Saber better in Fate/Zero so far than in Fate/Stay Night. She’s kind of dull, and pouty, but I think she at least has that going for her as being kind of an idiot idealist who is butting heads with another idealist than, well, a cliche defrosting ice queen haremette.

    Really the general lack of moe in this series (save maybe Illy and Rin) has been the big plus for me for some reason.

  6. I don’t think she’s that different, just Urobuchi’s writing style doesn’t focus on her idealism. But it definitely exists, as is shown by the drinking episode. The thing is, even though her idealism is wrong, that’s really the subject of the Fate arc so there’s nothing Urobuchi can do in Fate/Zero to really resolve it, so he doesn’t dwell on it too much.

  7. I also love the game of thrones, it is sad that the family Stark, is marked by tragedy. I think both series the best of its kind

  8. “Timing” For this show is an understatement. The episode where Natalia is offed happened right before Mother’s Day(Urobuchi celebrated it with fireworks), and from the looks of it ep 24(possibly the finale?) will land on Father’s Day week. Coincidences aplenty, I doubt they end there!

  9. Oh god, think Fate/Zero is starting to give me a choking fetish for older milfs. I haven’t been this hard since Sakura was in the wormpit.

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