fate/zero 23

If you enjoy watching Waver cry, this episode is for you.

“You are my King!!!”


The greatest bromance in anime since Simon and Kamina. Will be missed. The whole end where Iskandar desires for Waver to live on is quite formulaic, but it works well. He’s like that one injured spartan in 300 or Ben Affleck in Armageddon. I don’t remember Waver in Fate/Stay Night, but I hope he becomes the history teacher of the high school.

I don’t see why Iskandar is so damn far away whenever he uses Ionioi Hetairoi. Wouldn’t it be better if he could shrink the distance? And shouldn’t he and Waver have been collecting new souls for Ionioi Hetairoi instead of staying up late watching wrestling, drinking Dr. Pepper, and eating kettle corn? Iskandar could have recruited George Patton and the entire US Third Army (greatest army ever, since it was greatest generation ever, and Tom Brokaw is never wrong)… if Zerky can have F-15s and machine guns, Iskandar can have tanks and jeeps. Charging with your horse while your men run behind? I’m not sure about that. Charging in front of a sea of M-4 tanks? Fuck yeah.

(I guess I wanted something more epic like the Rohirrim coming down upon Helm’s Deep.)


A. Emo facial distortion.
B. Impression of an eel.
C. Death metal band.
D. Generic bad guy pose from 90s anime.

The whole Saber vs. Zerky side battle should have been dropped. I know how it’s customary for half-hour shows (sitcoms too) to have an A and a B plot, but if it’s a Very Special Episode, drop the damn B plot. I don’t want to be distracted by the Lancelot “revelation” during Iskandar’s big bow out. It’s like when Game of Thrones decided to only focus on the attack on King’s Landing rather than split the story and follow Daenetanda and Houtarou solve the mystery of her missing dragons as well. And that would give Zerky his own feature episode since he’s been as well-developed as an orange at this point.

Noble Phantasms are such cheap deus ex machina cop outs, and the battles of Noble Phantasms are less interesting than the least interesting Yu-Gi-Oh! battles. At least then there’s the occasional, “Haha, you fell for my trap card!” “But I have a magic card that lets me summon a trap card from my graveyard that restores this monster whose death by your trap card grants me a blowjob from your mom!” I feel like Fate/Zero needed more interesting servant battles… there’s a lot more than can be done than (a) sword and spears fighting (Balsa has better moves than Lancy and Zerky)… maybe hire Arya’s dancing instructor, (b) Protoss warships fighting F-15 fighters, (c) one-sided Noble Phantasm battles that basically exist on for deus ex machina eye candy. It just so happens that Enuma Elish and Enkidu neutralize Iskandar? Would this combination have worked on, oh, Lancy or Zerky?

(The best example of this is if I used a piercing orb / blizzard / venom hydra build to get through all of inferno, but then I switched to a frost nova / wave of force / mirror mimics build just because I can’t beat inferno Rakanoth any other way… then again, I don’t think Gilgy cares that he lost his full stack of Nephalem Valor.)

(And how is it fair that Gilgy and Saber have so many Noble Phantasms, but poor Iskandar only has one? I feel like Iskandar needs another one… “Danger Zone” where Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise spike volleyballs at the target. There. Done.)

That looks like 100 meters between Iskandar and Gilgy. Okay, let’s say it’s actually 200. The fastest humans can run that in less than 20 seconds. How long did the greatest rider in history on a horse take? Over a minute. Sure, he was dodging stuff, but his horse would have gotten him there in less than how long Gilgy had to summon his Gate of Babylon and toss out weapons. Come on. Even fat and drunk Robert Baratheon could have made it to Gilgy in time.

“I was ordered to live on.”

I just wish that the theme song to Titanic started playing at this point. So appropriate. Near, far, where ever you are, my heart with go on~

(I guess licensing that would be almost as expensive as licensing The Beatles for Sakamichi no Apollon…)

Three MVPs…

1. Waver.
2. Iskandar.
3. Bromance.

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  2. Iskander had two. Saber broke the awesome chariot though. Lancer had two also. Hell, I think Assassin got hosed most. All he had was, “I’m an army” which then got it’s ass beat by “I brought an army.”

  3. yea, and Enuma Elish and Enkidu ARE that overpowered, Lancer and Zerky wouldn’t stand a chance if Gilgamesh actually went serious-mode on them, which is the main flaw of those two NP – the user’s pride rarely lets them be used at full power.

  4. I really hope they fix Waver’s ears in the first screenshot there in the BD release. The ears look way too low for the angle.

  5. So why haven’t you changed the name of the blog to bro好き yet?

  6. [Spoiler alert but technically not spoilers either because all this is from side material so trolololno adaptation]

    Close but no. Waver grows up to become El Melloi II, Rin’s magic instructor as well as the man who Chuck Norris’d his way through the Church and the Association to destroy the Grail for good.

  7. I feel like Iskandar needs another one… “Danger Zone” where Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise spike volleyballs at the target. There. Done.

    What would be the point of this? He already has one that can only be used on sand with lots of sweaty shirtless men, and they all run as fast as Tom Cruise.

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