russian roulette 1

“So if the person I pick to be my companion turns out to be my sister…”


“They’re so soft and full of cream, just like cream puffs! Shougo-san, you can go ahead and eat my cream puffs~”

Wikipedia describes Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! as such:

Abiding by his father’s will, Shougo was transferred into an academy where many young girls attend. It appears as though his younger sister (separated from him at birth) also attends this academy, and that she is trying to get closer to him without letting him know who she actually is. Problem is, Shougo seems to be popular with the other girls as well! Can Shougo “properly” reunite with his little sister while making a girlfriend at the same time?!

I have a much better description: “Shougo plays Russian Roulette. He has to put his dick into something, and it’s either going to be in crazy, in his little sister, or in both.” At least in Sister Princess, Wataru knew they were his sisters. Here, Shougo is in the dark, and there’s no winners. Only a high probability of a nice boat ending.


Konoe seems to be in the Karen roles, except 100X kinkier. What kind of “nice girl” tries to make out with a guy she just met six hours earlier because he helped carry a bag of trash for her? Only in anime. Correction: only in harem anime.


Or maybe it’s a side effect from getting hit by a truck. Yes, she got hit by a truck. At first, I thought Shougo would save her or whatever, but, nah– he fails (cuz he’s a typical loser male), she gets run over, and then she thanks him for asking if she is okay afterwards. Meanwhile, Shougo is too entranced with her creme puffs to ask if she needs to go to a hospital. And then they go to school. She got hit by a truck, picks herself up, goes to school, and tries to make out with the dude. She’s either crazy, little sister, or both.

(My prediction: all the haremettes are his little sisters. That’s my guess. The old “guess the childhood friend” haremette hasn’t done well since Love Hina.)


In Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it turned out that the question isn’t what the picture showed but who took the picture. Obviously, someone close to the girl would have taken the picture such that that person gave her the photo afterwards. Most likely, she’s some sort of illegitimate bastard child of Shougo’s dad hence why his mom doesn’t say anything and why she was kept away from the funeral. But I feel like he needs to go to his mom and get the info, after all, it’s Russian Roulette at this point. He needs to go up to his mom and go, “Who is she?! Tell me! You can’t handle the Code Red!!!”


Ah, the Kirino choice, if Kirino wasn’t into eroge and was instead just intent on cockblocking her onii-chama all the time. Which is basically 75% of the cast of Sister Princess.

(Most of this show is bland and terrible– the animation and music seem like they’re from the To Love Ru time period– and none of the haremettes rise beyond their stereotypes. The only good thing about this show has been the Hidamari Sketch-like vignette at the end of each episode where the haremttes would just sigh and wish their creme puffs were being eaten.)

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  1. Damn you anyway!!

    You have sold me on this show. Now I’m going to have to watch ((thin-slice)) it. And I have a feeling that I’m going to wind up on the short end of that Andy Carroll for Clint Dempsey and cash considerations deal.

    With out doing much research into it, I’m confident that as a treat creme puffs are better than yaoi sticks….but I’m sure that as a show, the yaoi sticks will beat it to death (pun not intended).

  2. It matters not as incest is wincest.

  3. I think you’re making a mistake here Jason. This is not an imouto show. As Fencedude pointed out, this is a yandere show masquerading as an imouto show. It fits! Well, it’s sitting on the same level of plausible as the “they’re ALL this sisters” route. Gold diggers, all of them!

  4. I like how there’s a lot of upskirt shots of Konoe, but all they show is some sort of pool of nebulous utter darkness. This must be drawn from loser male lead perspective.

  5. Not that you would expect a show like this to have good writing but do you think they have ever heard of DNA testing?

  6. @aFu: I imagine collecting the girls’ DNA without their knowledge would lead to wacky, dragged-out hijinx.

    I have nothing to contribute to this post, as the concept just blows my mind, but I do need to mention something else related to recent posts- unfortunately, the creator of Encyclopedia Brown has passed away.

  7. “My word!” as the great Chelsea FC ex-assistant gaffer Ray Wilkins would say. The lad is definitely thick as a brick.

    Archie Goodwin would have had this figured out in 10 minutes and then on to the next murder.

    I was sort of hoping the end themes for this would be old punk-rock chestnuts ((pun not intended)). I was thinking that “Pretty Vacant” by the Sex Pistols would be the way to go. And based on the preview for ep 2, “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” by X would fit in nicely.

    Damn you Jason!! DAMN you!! =P

  8. I do like when you put the actual name of the show in your review. Please try it sometime,

  9. @Commander keen: Like line 3?

  10. Ah, this is one of THOSE kind of shows. Nope, staying away from this one; even the resulting trainwreck will be boring tripe.




    But that would mean reading the actual review, and not just coming to blogsuki just to leave a pithy comment.

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