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The big two are back. In terms of visual novels turned anime, the two reigning kings are Key and 5pb’s science team. Last time they took the field, Key wiped the floor with everyone over 4 years ago with Clannad. Four years ago. Yep, Obama wasn’t even president then. 5pb science team fielded Steins;Gate which pulled off an upset in a very loaded field last year. If things were equal, I would expect a close match this year… but things are not equal. Little Busters downgraded from Kyoto Animation (London Symphony Orchestra) to JC Staff (Midland Fair Blues Band). 5pb upgraded from White Fox to Production IG with Robotics;Notes. It’s interesting to see which of these two powerhouses deliver a more entertaining experience.


This 22 episode show is probably what I’m looking forward to most this season. Kyoto has a proven record, and I have no reason to doubt them for Chu-2. Jojo, Hayate, Hidamari, etc are what they are. Robotics;Notes… I have no idea. It can be fabulously awesome like Steins;Gate or just enjoyable like Chaos;Head. In any case, I am expecting SCIENCE and ADVENTURE. It bodes well that the main female protagonist, Akiho, has some Princess Bubblegum in her.

(I did wonder if this show was going to be like Sword Art Online and have the cast sucked into yet another fantasy video game world.)


Realistic depiction of people using app phones and tablets (PokeCom)? FINALLY. It only took an anime that occurs in 2020 to bring that to life. I like how apps, I like the voice and touch command hybrid model, I like how the game has awkward touch screen controls, and I like how people carry around holsters and fanny packs to hold these huge Samsung Galaxy S 13’s.

(Really, that should be part of their ad campaign– people wearing fanny packs so they can hold huge app phones… “You have a puny 5″ iPhone 8? Well, let me dig out my tri-folding 27″ Galaxy S 13. Just let me open my fanny pack…”)

(And do you think 2020 is enough time for fanny packs to be popular again? Or were they never popular outside of Europe and Asia?)


Generic robot anime with a missing last episode is a popular TV show in 168 countries? Only in anime. I mean, Baywatch barely broke 167 countries, and you expect a (in her prime) Pamela Anderson-less and (only slightly past his prime) Hasselhoff-less anime to beat it? Fantasy. And what are the odds that an anime will have a missing final episode? If Funimation can’t keep shows this season from leaking out early, how can we expect anyone to keep shows secret in 2020?


I like the setting. It’s different from their last two shows, and it features scooters. Lots and lots of scooters. And I just like this scene featuring lounge chairs and a pretty sunset… and all Kaito can do is play Tiny Wings. If Kaito were a bit more perceptive and less addicted to FarmVille, he could be bonking Akiho. Just sayin’.

(This show also gets bonus points because there’s no one moving. Everyone knows everyone from day 1.)


Best. App. Ever.

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  1. No one is moving yet.

    But yeah, seriously agreed on Kai not taking what Aki’s throwing at him.

    >Kai Kai! Lets have sex!

    >If you can beat me at Virtua-On


  2. I just want to point out how we need a nekomimi meido AR app. Like, now.

  3. >Best. App. Ever.

    Called it!

  4. If Kaito were a bit more perceptive and less addicted to FarmVille, he could be bonking Akiho.

    Largest suspension of disbelief required this episode.

  5. >Best. App. Ever.
    Lets get our top people to make it happen

  6. So, does this show require knowledge of the other semicolon shows in order to understand/appreciate it? (i.e. is this more of a Clannad vs. Kanon, or more of a F/SN vs. F/Z?)

  7. >…anime with a missing last episode is a popular TV show in 168 countries?

    It’s animated by SHAFT. Dohohohoho.

  8. They’re holsters, not fanny packs.
    And no, it shouldn’t require any knowledge of the previous anime – there was no significant connection between Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes. That said, the episode did end with that line…

  9. That character looks so much like the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable, I kinda want to watch.

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