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So Sexy She Might Pass Out


Kill la Kill just plugs along full throttle. I’m loving this show. Gurren Lagann styling aside, there’s a lot of plot similarities with Utena. Considering none of the staff worked on Utena, I wonder if it is a coincidence or a homage to anime of yesteryear. And, yeah, I guess an anime from 1997 is yesteryear. Damn, I feel old. Anyway, Aikuro? He’s very much like Akio and the rest of the male members of Utena‘s student council. Always in a state of wanting either to kill her, help her, or bone her. The fact that Trigger went full purple for Aikuro’s fanservice scenes just highlights how similar it is to Akio’s purple fanservice scenes. Second, the whole premise of a lone girl up against a student council? I mean, this is the plot of Utena. Fighting up the pyramid until she gets the final boss president? Again, Utena. Lastly, the poor friend Mako is like Anthy– poor damsel in distress fodder for each episode.


Oh gosh, the ponytails~


Just when I thought I couldn’t like this show anymore, they toss in a pug. In a hoodie. Awesome. Guts still has a way to go before he’s as awesome as Apo though.

(I saw Gravity recently, and I can’t help but think of a scenario where there’s a pug trapped alone in an escape capsule floating out in space. That would be the most helpless thing in the world, only maybe bested by Congress. The pug would move around the capsule by farting. These are the things I think about when I’m not wondering, “Mmm, was Potemayo JC Staff’s greatest work?”)

(And why are they eating the trash miso soup and trash croquettes when there’s a bucket of drumsticks behind them? Or is this scene a commentary that KFC is even below Broodmother trash tier.)


Serving up some fanservice. I like the little touches like how all the guys in the stands are pervs with cell phone cameras, because that’s exactly how it is. No question the nearby LTE cells will be flooded by people desperately trying to upload images to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus (HAHAHAHAHAHA).


So she slits her wrists to activate Senketsu? If you take that imagery as any of the over-the-top commentary on segregated society, fanservice, violence, rape, and The Stanford Prison Experiment, it fits the nature of the show. Though I’m just glad that Senketsu isn’t powered by the blood of her period. That would be too weird.

(Does this make Senketsu a vampire? How much fucking vampires are there going to be in anime? Is vampires to anime what zombies are to video games or vampires to young teen romance novels?)


In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.


Why that could be anyone! Including the little girl from Galilei Donna, the dude who sicced the titans on humanity, or Hakase. I like how Senketsu remembered everything about the dude except the name. “He owns a mouse and has a cane, but I don’t recall his name.” If Ryuko’s dad did make Senketsu, wouldn’t he have sown some sort of designer label into it? And what about care instructions? Is Senketsu dry clean only? Launder only with like colors? No chlorine bleach? Who designs clothing powered by blood and not provide a cleaning solution?


Over-the-top tennis match is over-the-top. Just the way I like them. I like how everything is made more extreme via spikes or barbed wire, since we know spikes and barbed wire makes everything more extreme, but Ryuko has to use a standard tennis racket from the sale bin at Big 5 Sporting Goods. And I cannot wait for the following clubs to attack Ryuko: the light music club, the classics club, the go home club, the friendship club, the tea club, the swim team, and the yoga club. I hope the tea club has a kettle with spikes along with cute cakes and cookies wrapped in barbed wire.


“She may have lost the match, but she won my friendship!”

I really enjoy Mako and her family. They are non-stop comic relief, and they remind us of what is really important: friendship. Not this school uniform battle royale, revenge, or peaceful school life– it’s friendship.


“I wanted to teach you a few things about your body.”

Why does every scene involving a nakkid girl in anime have to be rapey? Why is it never like peaceful Christian imagery where she’s nakkid because she’s pure as white fluffy sheep… sheep that was probably raped by cousin Billy… nevermind. I have no point.


Daiso poor: when you are using dishes, bowls, silverware, and cups from Daiso, and you are not a college student or an unpaid intern working for Foxconn. It’s a step down from Ikea entry level when you are using Ikea silverware and plates, but also eat at Ikea. That’s not a bad thing– those meatballs and garlic bread are delicious– and free coffee? I’m sold. Then there’s Crate and Barrel prep, when you receive a catalog from Crate and Barrel every other week, but you’re too poor to afford it, so you drown out your sorrows with a delicious tarta mandel from Ikea. Why am I bringing it up? The Mankanshoku’s are Daiso poor.


Looks more like my old school’s lacrosse uniform than a tennis uniform. You knew that the match could go love-40 to Ryuko victory. You knew that she would have to devise some sort of scissor racket. You knew that the tennis girl had zero chance of winning. Yet OMFGBBQWTFICQNPR it was awesome. That’s just the hallmark of solid entertainment. Kill la Kill is just a fun show. It just keeps constantly shouting into your ear, your eye socket, and your brain, “ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET?”



Three MVPS.

1. Guts. I love pugs.

2. Tennis girl ponytails. If I started my own evil army to take over Hokkaido, I would definitely fill it up with ponytail-sporting tennis girls. My navy would be the cast of Free!. And my air force would consist of flying fish mecha.

3. Aikuro.

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  1. What letter grade do these ponytails get?

  2. What happened to Otori 3 and 4?

  3. I’ll get back to Monogatari after thin slicing, I think. There’s 37 shows this season.

  4. I am excited for both Thin Slicing and Monogatari. Keep up the good work.

  5. No rush, Jason. There are two more recap episodes to go for Monogatari, so plenty of time to catch up on that front.

  6. Am I going crazy or is Mako’s mom Nia’s VA? Maybe I’m just getting too many Gainax vibes here.

  7. I’ll never be satisfied by Wimbledon again.
    @blankchan: She is, I caught that as well. Did you also recognise that the 3 star head of the sports clubs is Viral?

  8. Glad I’m not the only one see uncanny ressemblances with Utena :D

  9. @Neriya yep, funny enough the marching band girl is also Haruko from FLCL

  10. You forgot the rhythmic gymnastics club. We definitely should be waiting for their attack with bated breath. Or maybe some other kind of breath.

  11. I bit the bullet and watched this just today. I did not expect this much fun! Nor did I know that the scenes you pictured were between 0.1 and 1.0 seconds long! (Just like every scene…)

  12. The way I see this show it has multiple influences. Panty and Stockings, Gurren Lagann, I even see some Kill me Baby in there (sidekick). All shows that I loved, simply because they were fun.
    I hope they can keep it up, its been an enjoyable ride so far.

    I dont think anyone has been “kill”ed yet tho…

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