kill la kill 4

Dawn of a Miserable Morning


Holy hell, either Trigger ran out of money, ran out of time, or both because the animation in this episode is terrible. Sure, there’s some places where the quality goes back to series norm, but, for the most part, the animation is just bad. Character models just slide rather than being animated, there’s little movement outside of movement, backgrounds are half-assed, the whole shebang. Just jarring considering how awesome the previous episode was done. I hope it is more of a temporary issue than a series long issue.

(Maybe this is why I don’t mind Shaft taking like three recap episodes so far into Monogatari Second Season— I rather have an occasional catch-up opportunity for the animators than having a below average product. That said, maybe Trigger can’t pull that off since they are a new studio whereas Shaft is a big dog. What I want to know is that during Little Witch Academia‘s kickstarter, people asked if the money was going 100% to Little Witch Academia. Trigger said, “Yes.” I wonder if that is still true as how dire KILL la KILL is this episode. Why isn’t there any accounting accountability for kickstart is also beyond my comprehension.)

(I’m just hoping this episode goes down as the bath house episode of Gurren Lagann. They threw that episode in because they were running out of time, and they eventually redid the episode for the BD release. Like a good chuck of that episode was redrawn.)


This episode is, as Fashion Czar described it, “Looney Tunes.” I totally agree with her. It reminded me of like classic Looney Tunes mixed with classic pre-2000 anime. Just fucking nuts. I mean, look at this amazing path to school. There’s a fucking tiger in the middle! And carnival rides with spikes so you know they are evil and extreme. Spikes everywhere!


Trigger also uses the more comical style to draw the characters rather than their more typical style. End result: everyone looks like the old Mako, and the new Mako looks like quality… what the fuck? Did they spend any effort in animating this episode?

(I do like Ryuko’s pajamas. I like how the bunny print is exactly over her boobs, her crotch, and her ass. Strategic bunny is strategic. Though it did bother me that sometimes, the crotch bunny was bigger than the boob bunnies, but other times, they were the same size. I am glad that the episode was a non-stop romp and quite hilarious because it did cover up a lot of the animation deficiencies. But I rather have something poorly drawn and well written than someone nicely drawn but poorly written. *cough* Nagi no Asukura *cough*)


My favorite part of the episode? Nope, not the non-stop comedy. Nope, not awesome Guts scenes. Nope, not comedic series panty shots. It’s this brief moment motherfuckers. Just makes you want to watch the show even more closely for other cameos.


This one was a quickie too. Terminated.


The panty shot comedic series was pretty good too only. I liked how they played “Halleluiah” whenever this occurred. I also like how Maiko purposefully and skillfully abuses her injury to use panty shots to delay the delivering of Matoi’s Kamui. It’s like she’s an evil genius or something.


I like how the other traps are like lava bits, insane loops, tigers, and the such, but this trap? Then there’s the old cheese into a pie into the face. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to fit… anyway, why do kids even care about going to this school? It’s a fascist academy, and most will perish before they even make it to the 1-star housing level. Also, why is Mako’s and Ryuko’s class mostly filled by the time they get there? That many people made it past this obstacle course?


Only anime can give us a breastfeeding MILF talking on a 1980-style military phone to a scene where Mako, Matoi, and Maiko are re-enacting a typical Halo Warthog scenario with an armored schoolbus. This show is nuts. Anything can and should happen. And, of course, spikes. Spikes everywhere! You get a spike! And you get a spike! Everybody gets a spike!


I love Guts. Between him and Apo, it is the Golden Age of Pugs in Anime.




Love Mako’s speeches. I feel like she should be Obama’s new press secretary.


Apparently, the ED is a homage to the ED of Sukeban Deka.


More spikes! I like how the school is like 85% male. I like how there’s a guy randomly crushed by a rock, and no one is helping him. I like the hook and despair on their faces: they look like people who couldn’t score the last $200 50″ TV from Best Buy on Black Friday despite lining up so early they missed Thanksgiving dinner and Halloween.


Wait, the next episode is named, “Trigger”? Three MVPs…

1. Mako’s mom.

2. Breastfeeding mom.

3. Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson.

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  1. I don’t think they ran out of money or time, but simply can’t allow themselves to throw more production values into what’s essentially just a fun little filler episode.
    You got to remember that Trigger is a pretty young studio, and simply doesn’t have the same manpower as some big ones like KyoAni or P.A.Works. But I like the way they handled those limitations so far.

  2. When IS that thin slicing anyways? Will you ever get back to your old minute-by minute style of reviews? Or are you too busy?

  3. Honestly the animation quality in this episode didn’t bother me that much at all. Fit well with the comedic feel of the episode. Glad they did it too before moving on with the main plotline.

  4. Why didn’t they make the trap character a trap character? Or is that just to much corn amidst all the other corn. Lost in the corn?

  5. The “hai”-with a sigh at the end of this episode was golden. I initially disliked all of the steroid/caffeine symptoms this series showed for the former two episodes, but the humor and subtle plot developments from the latter two have converted me.

  6. I feel like for the theme of the episode, the animation was done like this intentionally, at least that’s how it felt for me.

  7. I honestly didn’t care about the animation quality at all. It was glorious.

  8. Me too! Didn’t care any bit about the animation quality. I was too busy laughing. Epic episode to the end

  9. Last scene was epic. The End.

  10. Hey guys, do you remember episode 04 of Gurren Lagann? Thought so.

  11. I like how one of the despairing students is actually a dog.

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