kill la kill 6

Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim


Two things about this scene. One, it’s the precise moment when I realized Sanageyama was voiced by Viral (not like Sanageyama had more than two lines thus far). This can only end well since the same arc happened in Gurren Lagann, and the new-and-improved Viral got toasted even faster by Simon as a result. So I doubt the same will happen. Two, belt buckle spikes? That’s how you know how bad-ass you are. Spikes! More spikes! Spikes on all the things! I’m surprised Trigger didn’t put a spike where it really counts: on the penis on the sword.

(The whole middle schooler Satsuki conquering the world one region at a time… wouldn’t you want to play an RPG based around this? She starts off hell-bent on overthrowing the evil Japanese democracy because it is inefficient and corrupt, and as she travels and conquers, she adds more to her party. Gamagoori would be the classic tank with Inumuta and Jakuzure being mages. Like you wouldn’t play this game.)

(Even better? Add light dating elements. Anyone can try to have a romance with Satsuki, but it always ends with her beheading that person.)


I never thought I’d say this only a season after Free!, but Aikuro is on pace to match the number of times Haruka has needlessly exposed his nipples.

(Of course, every time Hosaka exposes his nipples, it is needed. So there is a distinction.)


“NUDIST beeeach~”

Did he just jizz in his pants?! I think it’s interesting that the only time he sparkles is after he strips… in any case, Aikuro stripping in front of Ryuko, Mako defending Ryuko, and Satsuki taking a shower are the three defining “we don’t really need to do any of these, but WHAT THE HELL” repeated scenes of KILL la KILL. Good news! We get two of the three this episode. I am disappointed that Mako didn’t get a chance to give a speech about her best friend, Ryuko.


If there is one thing I have learned about anime: Japan has big showers. I think, in reality, if we combined Araragi’s bathroom with Satsuki’s bathroom, the actual area would encompass half of Japan’s landmass. I guess it’s interesting how Satsuki feels so spent when she barely uses Junketsu while Ryuko doesn’t seem to be tired of Senketsu anymore. Maybe a commentary about how one of them treats their uniform as a person (thus making people think she’s crazy) and how the other treats her uniform as a caged animal.


Two episodes in a row where a beat-up Ryuko is saved by a deus ex machina. Seriously? We need not one but two episodes in a row to smack Ryuko down? Wasn’t the whole point of Tsumugu’s episode knocking her down a bit, and immediately she has big head syndrome again? I hope this isn’t the way the show is going because Trigger can only invent so many ways the bad guys cannot deliver the final blow on Ryuko. Maybe a better ending to this episode instead of Sanageyama just overheating is Mako and Guts come to the rescue. Sanageyama can’t use his other senses because his hearing is overwhelmed with Mako’s screaming, and his smell is overpowered by Guts’ farts. I mean, he is a pug.


The music has been great for another episode in a row. Trigger is running on all cylinders. Their production values have been high


Dat angle. Can like all the teenaged boys get together and sign a Thank You! card to Hiroyuki Imaishi for encouraging so many Yoko and Ryuko cosplayers?


Her pajamas work as a less revealing cosplay idea. In fact, why isn’t Trigger mass-producing these already? I feel like these pjs would sell like hotcakes. Also, I noticed that Senketsu now likes being ironed. He is tsundere for the full starch service. And it’s kinda endearing that Mako’s family still thinks Ryuko is crazy for talking to her clothes… I am looking forward to the supposed Mako-centric next episode.

(Speaking of merchandising, when do you think Ryuko would get her Nendroid? Would you put the over/under at October 2014? When will Trigger announce a KILL la KILL movie? About the same time?)


Ridiculously large bunny toothbrush. It looks like she is eating a stick of cotton candy rather than brushing her teeth.


I enjoyed this scene. Reminded me of whenever Pikachu used agility (?) back in the original Pokemon with Misty and Brock.


I like how the whole theme of Sanageyama’s uniform is bamboo swords. I like how ridiculously Gundam-ized it is. I definitely like how it has a spinning bamboo sword dispenser that puts the swords on the fingers. I also like how there’s now three spikes on the belt buckle symbolizing his three star status. Just a masterpiece of ludicrously fun mecha design. Just a lot to like. It also creates some suspense as to how Ryuko plans to deal with him eventually.


Three MVPs…

1. Nobuyuki Hiyama.

2. Hiroyuki Imaishi.

3. Hiroyuki Sawano.

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  1. And then Viral became Char/Tuxedo Mask.

  2. Our hero survived a beatdown from a stronger opponent, and despite the loss of face and respect, he made a huge sacrifice and bounced back to become stronger and better regarded than ever. What a guy.

  3. Why do I get the feeling that everyone here ends up on the same side?

  4. Blogsuki, I have terrible news: Hachikuji has ceased to exist.

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